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Wacław Zyzak

; 1960. [7] Hetzer W. Environment, tourism, culture. 1965. Links July, 1-3. [8] Butler RW. Alternative tourism: pious hope or Trojan horse? J Travel Res. 1990;28(3):40-45. DOI: 10.1177/004728759002800310. [9] Müller H. Tourismus und Ökologie. München: Oldenburg Verlag; 2007. [10] Butowski L. Sustainable Tourism - A Model Approach. In: Kasimoglu M, editor. Visions for Global Tourism Industry - Creating and Sustaining Competitive Strategies. Rijeka: In Tech; 2012:3-20. [11] Our Common Future. Report of the World Commission on Environment and

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Mirosław Mika

REFERENCES A melung B., V iner D., 2006, Mediterranean tourism. Exploring the future with the tourism climatic index, Journal of Sustainable Tourism , 14(4), pp. 349-366. B arr S., S haw G., C oles T., P rillwitz J., 2010, A holiday is a holiday. Practicing sustainability, home and away, Journal of Transport Geography , 18, pp. 474-481. B ecken S., 2007, Tourists' perception of international air travel's impact on the global climate and potential climate change policies, Journal of Transport Geography , 15(4), pp. 351-368. B

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Tanja Sirk

behavior”. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 18(2), pp. 157-174, doi: 10.1080/09669580903464232 FRIEDMAN, M. (1970), “The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase its Profits”. The New York Times Magazine, available at: <> [accessed 14 October 2013] GEERTS, W. (2014), “Environmental certification schemes: Hotel managers’ views and perceptions”. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 39, pp. 87-96, doi: 10.1016/j.ijhm.2014.02.007 GLOGOVŠEK, J. (2008), Osnove

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Ross K. Dowling

societies. Paper presented at the Third Asia Pacific Geoparks Network Symposium, For the Innovation of the APGN. Jeju Island, South Korea, 7-13 September. Ghani, K. A., Leman, M. S., & Komoo, I. (2013). Sustainable tourism and geoparks. Paper presented at the Third Asia Pacific Geoparks Network Symposium, For the Innovation of the APGN. Jeju Island, South Korea, 7-13 September. Gordon, J. E. (2012). Rediscovering a sense of wonder: Geoheritage, geotourism and cultural landscape experiences. Geoheritage, 4, 65-77. DOI: 10.1007/s12371

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Nikola Cuculeski, Ilijana Petrovska and Vasko Cuculeski

References [1] Anon, (1985). AMA Board Approves New Marketing Definition. Marketing Educator, Spring, p. 1. [2] Badulescu, A., Badulescu, D., Bac, D. & Sipos-Gug, S. (2014). Attitudes and intentions of Business Master Students towards Sustainable tourism and entrepreneurship. Amfiteatru Economic. Vol. XVI. Special No.8. November 2014, pp. 1110-1124 [3] Bartelmus, P. (1989). Environment and Development. London: Allen and Unwin. [4] Belz and Peattie’s (2009). Sustainability marketing, a global perspective. Chichester: Wiley [5] Berry

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Mato Bartoluci, Zvjezdana Hendija and Mateja Petračić

tourism development in Eastern Croatia”. Acta Turistica Nova , Vol. 7, No. 2, pp. 199-216 BARTOLUCI, M., HENDIJA, Z., PETRAČIĆ, M. (2015), “Possibilities of sustainable development of rural toruism in continental Croatia”. Acta Turistica , Vol. 27 (2), pp. 191-219 BARTOLUCI, M., KESAR, O., HENDIJA, Z. (2014), “Critical Analysis of Economic Sustainability of Tourism Development in Continental Croatia”. 7 th International Conference “An Enterprise Odyssey: Leadership, Innovation and Development for Responsible Economy”, Galetić, L., Spremić, M., Šimurina, J

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Silvana Cassar and Salvo Creaco

References Alonso, A. D. & Liu, Y. (2012), “Old wine region, new concept and sustainable development: winery entrepreneurs’ perceived benefits from wine tourism on Spain’s Canary Islands,’ Journal of Sustainable Tourism, vol. 20, no. 7, pp. 991-1009. Alvarez, M. D. (2014), ‘Sustainability issues: Tourism as an instrument for development,’ in E. Fayos-Solà, M. D. Alvarez & C. Cooper (eds.) Tourism as an Instrument for Development: A Theoretical and Practical Study, Bingley: Emerald

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Pavlo Ružić and Damir Demonja

References Administrative Department of Tourism of Istria County, 2012. Tourism in Istria in numbers. Poreč. ARLEM, 2013. The report on sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean (Izvješće o održivom turizmu na Mediteranu). Brussels. Blue & Green Tomorrow, 2014. Sustainable tourism. 3rd edition. January 2014. Buckley, R., 2000. Neat Trends: current issues in nature, eco- and adventure tourism. International Journal of Tourism Research, 2(6), 437-444. Byrd, E., 2007. Stakeholders in

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Marta Lisiak, Klaudia Borowiak and Ewelina Muńko

References ABDOLLAHZADEH G., SHARIFZADEH A. 2014. Rural residents’ perceptions toward tourism development: a study from Iran. International Journal of Tourism Research. No. 16 p. 126-136. CHUDY-HYSKA D. 2006. Ocena wybranych uwarunkowań rozwoju funkcji turystycznej obszaru [The evaluation of chosen conditions of development of tourism function of an area]. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich PAN. No. 2/1 p. 129-141. CIZLER J. 2013. Opportunities of sustainable development of rural areas in Serbia

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Debajit Datta and Suranjana Banerji

%20Kenya.pdf, DoA: 12.11.2011. Barke, M. and Towner, J. , 2003: Learning from experience? Progress towards a sustainable future for tourism in the Central and Eastern Andalucian Littoral. In: Journal of Sustainable Tourism , Vol. 11 (2), pp. 162-180. DOI: Barna, C., Epure, M. and Vasilescu, R. , 2011: Ecotour-ism - conservation of the natural and cultural heritage. In: Review of Applied Socio-Economic Research , Vol. 1 (1), Pro Global Science Association, pp. 87-96., DoA: 19