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Oleksii Redchenko, Jiří Košnar and Jan Gloser

References Alstrup V. and Olech M. 1993. Lichenicolous fungi from Spitsbergen. Polish Polar Research 14: 33-42. Andreev M. P., Bredkina L. I., Golubkova N. S., Dobrish A. A., Kotlov Yu.V., Makarova I. I., Urbanavichene I. N. and Urbanavichus G. P. 2003. Opredelitel' lishainikov Rossii (Handbook of the lichens of Russia, 8). Nauka, St. Petersburg: 277 pp. (in Russian) Calvelo S., and Liberatore S. 2002. Catálogo de los Líquenes de la Argentina. Kurtziana 29: 7

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Rajmund Przybylak, Marek Kejna and Andrzej Araźny

References Araźny A., 1999, Warunki meteorologiczne na Równinie Kaffiöyra (NW Spitsbergen) w okresie 20.07-2.09.1998, (Meteorological conditions in the Kaffiöyra Plain (NW Spitsbergen) during the period 20.07-02.09.1998 , Problemy Klimatologii Polarnej, 9, Gdynia, 103-116. Araźny A., 2002, Warunki meteorologiczne na Równinie Kaffiöyra (NW Spitsbergen) w okresie 21 VII - 01 IX 1997 r., (Meteorological conditions in the Kaffiöyra Plain - (NW Spitsbergen - during the period 21.07-1.09.1997) , Problemy

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Andrzej Araźny, Krzysztof Migała, Sebastian Sikora and Tomasz Budzik

References Araźny A. 1999. Differentiation of air temperature in the summer season 1998 on the Waldemar Glacier and on the Kaffiøyra Plain (Spitsbergen). In: J. Repelewska-Pękalowa (ed.) Polish Polar Studies , 26 th International Polar Symposium, Lublin: 25-35. Araźny A. 2003. Variability of cooling power of the air in Hornsund (SW Spitsbergen) in the period 1979-2000. Acta Universitatis Wratislaviensis 2542, Studia Geograficzne 75: 447-461. Araźny A. 2006. Variability of

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Ewa Bednorz and Leszek Kolendowicz

. Topoclimatic conditions in the Hornsund area (SW Spitsbergen) during the ablation season 2005. Polish Polar Research 29: 73-91. Moritz R. E., Bitz C. M. and Steig E. J. 2002. Dynamics of recent climate change in the Arctic. Science 297: 1497-1502. Niedźwiedź T. 2003. Contemporary variability of the air circulation, temperature and precipitation in Spitsbergen. Problemy Klimatologii Polarnej 13: 79-92 (in Polish). Niedźwiedź T. 2006. The main features of circulation over Spitsbergen. Problemy

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Krzysztof Birkenmajer, Krzysztof Krajewski, Zoltán Pécskay and Marek Lorenc

-329. Birkenmajer K. 1986. Tertiary tectonic deformation of Lower Cretaceous dolerite dykes in a Precambrian terrane, south-west Spitsbergen. Studia Geologica Polonica 89: 33-46. Birkenmajer K. 1990. Geology of the Hornsund area, Spitsbergen. Geological map 1:75,000, with explanations. Polish Academy of Sciences, Committee on Polar Research and Silesian University: 42 pp. (+ map). Birkenmajer K. 2004. Caledonian basement in NW Wedel Jarlsberg Land south of Bellsund, Spitsbergen. Polish Polar Research 25 (4): 3

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Monika Stawska

stability and organization. American Naturalist 111: 1119-1144. Cooper E.J, Alsos I.G., Hagen D., Smith F.M., Coulson S.J., Hodkinson I.D., 2004. Plant recruitment in the High Arctic: Seed bank and seedling emergence on Svalbard. Journal of Vegetation Science 15: 115-224. Dallmann W.K., Piepjohn K., Blomeier D., 2004. Geological map of Billefjorden, central Spitsbergen, Svalbard, with geological excursion guide. Norsk Polarinstitutt Temakart 36. Tromsø: Norwegian Polar Institute Elvebakk A., 1999. Bioclimate delimitation and

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Krzysztof Michalski, Krzysztof Nejbert, Justyna Domańska−Siuda and Geoffrey Manby

References BECKER M., DE VILLIERS J. and BRADSHAW D. 2010. The mineralogy and crystallography of pyrrhotite from selected nickel and PGE ore deposits. Economic Geology 105: 1025–1037. BERGH S.G. and ANDRESEN A. 1990. Structural development of the Tertiary fold−and−thrust belt in east Oscar II Land, Spitsbergen. Polar Research 8: 17–236. BERGH S.G., BRAATHEN A. and ANDRESEN A. 1997. Interaction of basement−involved and thinskinned tectonism in the Tertiary fold−thrust belt of central Spitsbergen, Svalbard. American Association of Petroleum Geologists

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Marek Kejna, Rajmund Przybylak and Andrzej Araźny

References ARAŹNY A., 2012, Ground temperature, [in:] Przybylak R., Araźny A., Kejna M. (eds.), Topoclimatic diverisity in Forlandsundet region (NW Spitsbergen) in global warming conditions, Oficyna Wydaw. “Turpress”, Toruń, 77-88. ARNOLD N. and REES G., 2009, Effects of digital elevation model spatial resolution on distributed calculations of solar radiation loading on a High Arctic glacier, J. Glaciol., 55, 194, 973-984. BARANOWSKI S., 1977, The subpolar glaciers of Spitsbergen seen against the climate

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Andrzej Araźny, Rajmund Przybylak and Marek Kejna

References ARAŹNY A., 1999, Warunki meteorologiczne na Równinie Kaffiöyra (NW Spitsbergen) w okresie 20.07 – 2.09.1998. Problemy Klimatologii Polarnej, 9: 103–116. ARAŹNY A., 2001, Zróżnicowanie termiki gruntu na Równinie Kaffiöyra (NW Spitsbergen) w lecie 1997 i 1998 w porównaniu z okresem 1975–98. Problemy Klimatologii Polarnej, 11: 81–92. ARAŹNY A., 2002, Warunki meteorologiczne na Równinie Kaffiöyra (NW Spitsbergen) w okresie 21 VII – 1 IX 1997. Problemy Klimatologii Polarnej, 10: 73–92. ARAŹNY A., 2012, Ground temperature. [in

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Izabela szuman and Leszek Kasprzak

Earth Sciences 16: 1341-1361. Gibas J., Rachlewicz G. & Szczuciński W., 2005. Application of DC resistivity sounding and geomorphological surveys in studiem of modern Arctic glacier marginal zones, Petuniabukta, Spitsbergen. Polish Polar Research 26: 239-258. Glasser N. F., Hambrey M. J., Crawford K., Bennett M. R. & Huddart D., 1998. The structural glaciology of Kongsvegen, Svalbard, and its role in landform genesis. Journal of Glaciology 44: 136-148. Graham D. J., Bennett M. R