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Olga Nitcheva and Borislav Milev

. Soil Moisture for the Territory of Bulgaria, calculated by the CLM Model. Bulgarian Journal of Meteorology and Hydrology. 17 (2012), No. 5 , 34-39. [7] N itcheva , O., V. K azandjiev . Observed and Modelled Soil Moisture in Bulgaria, Satellite Soil Moisture Validation & Application Workshop (no. 2854785), Italy, 1-3 July 2013,\textunderscoredocs/7–.pdf?sfvrsn=0 . [8] N itcheva , O., B. M ilev , L. H rischev . Management of Natural Hazards. Water Affairs Journal , 1-2 (2016), 9-13. [9

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Andrzej Brandyk, Adam Kiczko, Grzegorz Majewski, Małgorzata Kleniewska and Marcin Krukowski

REFERENCES Allen, R.G., Pereira, L.S., Raes, D., Smith, M., 1998. Crop evapotranspiration-Guidelines for computing crop water requirements. FAO Irrigation and drainage, paper 56. FAO, Rome, 300(9): D05109. Archer, G.E.B., Saltelli, A., Sobol, I.M., 1997. Sensitivity measures, ANOVA-like techniques and the use of bootstrap. J. Stat. Comput. Sim., 58, 2, 99–120. Arya, L.M., Richter, J.C., Paris, J.F., 1983. Estimating profile water storage from surface zone soil moisture measurements under bare field conditions. Water Resources Research, 19, 2

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Radomir Obroślak and Oleksandr Dorozhynskyy

REFERENCES A nctil F., M athieu R., P arent L.E., V iau A.A., S bih M., H essami M. 2002. Geostatistics of near-surface moisture in bare cultivated organic soils. Journal of Hydrology. Vol. 260 p. 30–37. B ardossy A., L ehmann W. 1998. Spatial distribution of soil moisture in a small catchment. P. 1. Geostatistical analysis. Journal of Hydrology. Vol. 206 p. 1–15. B orowiec J., U rban D. 1985. Problemy pomelioracyjnego zagospodarowania torfowisk o trudnych do uregulowania stosunkach wodnych na przykładzie doliny rzeki Ciemięgi [The

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Wen-Zhi Zeng, Guo-Qing Lei, Hong-Ya Zhang, Ming-Hai Hong, Chi Xu, Jing-Wei Wu and Jie-Sheng Huang

. [8] Veihmeyer FJ, Hendrickson AH. The moisture equivalent as a measure of the field capacity of soils. Soil Sci. 1931;32(3):181-194. DOI: 10.1097/00010694-193109000-00003. [9] Shepherd KD, Walsh MG. Development of reflectance spectral libraries for characterization of soil properties. Soil Sci Soc Am J. 2002;66(3):988-998. DOI: DOI: 10.2136/sssaj2002.9880. [10] Nanni MR, Demattê JAM. Spectral reflectance methodology in comparison to traditional soil analysis. Soil Sci Soc Am J. 2006;70:393-407. DOI: 10.2136/sssaj2003.0285. [11] Tucker CJ, Pinzon

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Rogier P.O. Schulte, Iolanda Simo, Rachel E. Creamer and Nicholas M. Holden

scientific justification for the common biophysical criteria” (ed: Van Orshoven, Terres & Tóth). JRC Scientific and Technical Reports. European Commission. Kerebel, A. and Holden, N.M. 2013. Allocation of grass fields to Hybrid Soil Moisture Deficit model drainage classes using visual indicators. Soil and Tillage Research 127 : 45-59. Kerebel, A., Cassidy, R., Jordan, P. and Holden, N.M. 2013. Soil Moisture Deficit as a predictor of the trend in soil water status of grass fields. Soil Use and Management 29 : 419-431. Lalor, S.T.J. and Schulte, R

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Bogusław Usowicz, Wojciech Marczewski, Jerzy B. Usowicz, Mateusz I. Lukowski and Jerzy Lipiec

References Al Bitar A., Leroux D., Kerr Y.H., Merlin O., Richaume P., Sahoo A., and Wood E.F., 2012 . Evaluation of SMOS Soil moisture products over continental U.S. using the SCAN/ SNOTEL network. IEEE T. Geosci. Remote, 50, 1572-1586. Bircher S., Balling J.E., Skou N., and Kerr Y., 2012 . Validation of SMOS brightness temperatures during the HOBE Airborne Campaign, Western Denmark. IEEE T. Geosci. Remote, 50, 1468-1482. Bland J.M. and Altman D.G., 1986 . Statistical method for assessing agreement between two methods of clinical measurement. The Lancet

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Yolanda Canton, Emilio Rodríguez-Caballero, Sergio Contreras, Luis Villagarcia, Xiao-Yan Li, Alberto Solé-Benet and Francisco Domingo

References Albertson, J.D., Montaldo, N., 2003. Temporal dynamics of soil moisture variability: 1. Theoretical basis. Water Resour. Res., 39, 10: SWC21-SWC214. Benoit, G., Comeau, A., 2005. A sustainable future for the Mediterranean: the Blue Plan’s environment and development outlook. Earthscan, London. Blake, G.R., Hartge, K.H., 1986. Bulk Density. In: Klute, A. (Ed.): Methods of Soil Analysis, Part I. Physical and Mineralogical Methods. Agronomy Monograph no. 9 (2nd ed.), American Society of Agronomy, Madison

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Yongwei Liu, Wen Wang and Yiming Hu

REFERENCES Abbaspour, K., Johnson, C., Van Genuchten, M.T., 2004. Estimating uncertain flow and transport parameters using a sequential uncertainty fitting procedure. Vadose Zone Journal, 3, 4, 1340–1352. Aksoy, A., Zhang, F., Nielsen-Gammon, J.W., 2006. Ensemble-based simultaneous state and parameter estimation in a two-dimensional sea-breeze model. Monthly Weather Review, 134, 10, 2951–2970. Alvarez-Garreton, C., Ryu, D., Western, A., Crow, W.T., Robertson, D.E., 2014. The impacts of assimilating satellite soil moisture into a rainfall

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Wei Shao, Ye Su and Jakub Langhammer

spruce stand. J. Hydrol. Hydromech., 62, 277-284. Dusek, J., Gerke, H.H., Vogel, T., 2008. Surface boundary conditions in 2D dual-permeability modeling of tile drain bromide leaching. Vadose Zone J., 7, 1287-1301. DOI: 10.2136/vzj2007.0175. Eltahir, E., Bras, R., 1993. A description of rainfall interception over large areas. J. Clim., 6, 6, 1002-1008. Eltahir, E.A.B., 1998. A soil moisture-rainfall feedback mechanism: 1. Theory and observations. Water Resour. Res., 34, 4, 765-776. DOI:10.1029/97WR03499

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Abdulvahed Khaledi Darvishan, Kazimierz Banasik, Seyed Hamidreza Sadeghi, Leila Gholami and Leszek Hejduk

response of semiarid catchments: A simulation approach. J. Hydrol., 284, 114-130. Darboux F., Davy P.H., Gascuel-Odoux C., and Huang C., 2001. Evolution of soil surface roughness and flowpath connectivity in overland flow experiments. Catena, 46, 125-139. Defersha M.B. and Mellese A.M., 2012. Effect of rainfall intensity, slope and antecedent moisture content on sediment concentration and sediment enrichment ratio. Catena, 90, 47-52. Defersha M.B., Quraishi S., and Mellese A.M., 2011. The effect of slope steepness and