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Galanthus elwesii Hook (Amaryllidaceae) in the flora of Kosovo

.), Negrean, G. 2009: Cartea rosie a plantelor vasculare din Romania. ISBN-13: 978-9732717059. 630 p. Duca, R. (ed.)., Chirică, R., Toderaş, I., Teleuţă, A., Munteanu, V. & Dediu, I. 2015: The Red Book of the Republic of Moldova. Chișinău, R. of Moldova. 492 p. Hashani, Z., Maxhuni, Q. & Shuka, L. 2014: Distribution of plant species of The Koritniku and Brody Mts, based on substrate preference. BSHN (UT) 18: 25–37. Hashani, Z., Rakaj, M. & Shuka, L. 2015: New and neglected plant taxa between north-eastern border of Albania and adjacent parts in Kosovo

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