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Pavel Vlasák, Zdeněk Chára, Václav Matoušek, Jiří Konfršt and Mikoláš Kesely

Sedimentation of Solids Particles, Prague, Czech Republic. Krupicka, J., Matousek, V., 2014. Gamma-ray-based measurement of concentration distribution in pipe flow of settling slurry: vertical profiles and tomographic maps. J. Hydrology and Hydromechanics, 62, 2,126–132. Matousek, V., 1996. Internal structure of slurry flow in inclined pipe. Experiments and mechanistic modelling, Proc. HYDROTRANSPORT 13, BHRG, Cranfield, UK, 1996, 187–210. Matousek, V., 1997. Flow Mechanism of Sand-Water Mixtures in Pipelines. PhD Thesis. Delft University Press, Delft

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Jan Krupička and Václav Matoušek

.P.N., Long, T.M., Randall, E.W., Wilkinson, A.J., 2008. Determining concentration and velocity profiles of non-Newtonian settling slurries using electrical resistance tomography. J. S. Afr. Inst. Min. Metall., 108, 10, 583-590.

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Arnold M. Talmon

-34. Kaushal, D.R., Sato, K., Toyota, T., Funatsu, K., Tomita, Y., 2005. Effect of particle size distribution on pressure drop and concentration profile in pipeline flow of highly concentrated slurry. Int. J. Multiphase Flow, 31, 7, 809-823. Krupička, J., Matoušek, V., 2010. Modeling of settling-slurry around deposition-limit velocity. In: Proc. Hydrotransport 18, 22-24 September, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, pp. 143-154. Matoušek, V., 2004. Dredge pumps and slurry transport. Lecture notes OE4625, Delft University of Technology

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Sape A. Miedema and Robert C. Ramsdell

slurry flow modelling in pipeline. National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, India. Miedema, S.A., 2012a. Constructing the Shields Curve: Part A Fundamentals of the Sliding, Rolling and Lifting Mechanisms for the Entrainment of Particles. Journal of Dredging Engineering, 12., 1–49. Miedema, S.A., 2012b. Constructing the Shields Curve: Part B Sensitivity Analysis, Exposure & Protrusion Levels, Settling Velocity, Shear Stress & Friction Miedema, S.A., 2014 Velocity, Erosion Flux and Laminar Main Flow. Journal of Dredging Engineering, 12, 50

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Václav Matoušek and Jan Krupička

References CAMENEN B., BAYRAM A., LARSON M., 2006: Equivalent roughness height for plane bed under steady flow. J. Hydraul. Eng. , 132, 11, 1146-1158. MATOUŠEK V., 2002: Pressure drops and flow patterns in sand-mixture pipes. Experim. Therm. Fluid Sci. , 26, 693-702. MATOUŠEK V., 2005: Research developments in pipeline transport of settling slurries. Powder Tech. , 156, 1, 43-51. MATOUŠEK V., 2007a: Interaction of slurry pipe flow with a stationary bed

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František Dzianik

. VAN DEVENTER, B. B. G., USHER, S. P., KUMAR, A., RUDMAN, M., SCALES, P. J.: Aggregate densification and batch settling. Chemical Engineering Journal, 171, 2011, pp. 141-151. YOSHIOKA, N., HOTTA, Y., TANAKA, S., NAITO, S., TSUGAMI, S.: Continuous thickening of homogeneous flocculated slurries. Kagaku Kogaku (J. Soc. Chem. Eng., Japan), 21, 1957, pp. 66-74.

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Manoj Kumar Gopaliya and D.R. Kaushal

.G., Shook, C.A., 1994. Concentration Distributions of sand slurries in horizontal pipe flow. Particulate Science and Technology: An International Journal, 12, 1, 45-69. Gillies, R.G., Hill, K.B., Mckibben, M.J., Shook, C.A., 1999. Solids transport by laminar Newtonian flows. Powder Technology, 104, 269-277. Gillies, R.G., Shook, C.A., 2000. Modeling high concentration settling slurry flows. The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 78, 709-716. Gopaliya, M.K., Kaushal, D.R., 2015. Analysis of effect of particle size on

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Pavel Vlasak, Bohus Kysela and Zdenek Chara

References DURAND R., 1951: Transport hydraulique de graviers et galets en conduite. La Houille Blanche, No. Special B (1951), 609-619. DURAND R., CONDOLIOS E., 1952: Hydraulic transport of Coal. in Proceedings of National Coal Board. Pap. IV, 39-55, London, U. K. GILLIES R. G., SHOOK C. A., 2000: Modeling high concentration settling slurry flows. Can. J. Chem. Engng, Vol. 78 , 709-716. GILLIES R. G., SHOOK C. A., WILSON K. C., 1991: An improved two layer

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Pavel Vlasak, Zdenek Chara and Jiri Konfrst

., 2014. Gamma-ray-based measurement of concentration distribution in pipe flow of settling slurry: vertical profiles and tomographic maps. J. Hydrol. Hydromech., 62, 2, 126–132. Lukerchenko, N., Chara, Z., Vlasak, P., 2006. 2D numerical model of particle-bed collision in fluid-particle flows over bed. J. Hydraulic Research, 44, 1, 70–78. Lukerchenko, N., Piatsevich, S., Chara, Z., Vlasak, P., 2009. 3D numerical model of a spherical particle saltation in channel with rough fixed bed. J. Hydrol. Hydromech., 57, 2, 100–112. Maciejewski, W., Oxenford, J

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Marketa Petrova and Jiri Mls

References Coe, H.S., Clevenger, G.H., 1916. Methods for determining the capacity of slime-settling Tanks. AIME Trans., 55, 356-384. Kynch, G.J., 1952. A Theory of Sedimentation. Transactions of the Faraday Society, 48, 166-176. Landman, K.A., White, L.R., Buscall, R., 1988. The continuous flow gravity thickeners: steady state behaviour. AIChE, 34, 239-252. Mls, J., 1995. Determination of Hydromechanical Characteristics of a Suspension. In: Wrobel, L.C., Šarler, B., Brebbia, C.A., (Eds