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Liu Zhiliang and Zhang Jinlong

References 1. Tilokavichai, V., P. Sophatsathit. An Organization-Wide Analysis of ERPand Information Systems Interrelationship for Logistics Support. - Journal of System and Management Sciences, Vol. 1, 2011. 2. Kettinger, W. J., C. C. Lee. Perceived Service Quality and User Satisfaction with the Information Services Function. - Decision Sciences, Vol. 25, 1995, 737-765. 3. Jia, R., B. H. Reich. IT Service Climate - An Essential Managerial Tool to Improve Client Satisfaction with IT Service Quality

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Kamila Kowalik and Dorota Klimecka-Tatar

Reference G ulc , A. 2017. Models and methods of Measuring the Quality of Logistic Service, Procedia Engineering, 182, 255-264, DOI: 10.1016/j.proeng.2017.03.187. J ohnson , R.L., T siros , M., L ancioni , R.A. 1995. Measuring service quality: a system approach, Journal of Services Marketing, 9(5), 6-19. K lementova , J., Z avadsky , J., Z avadska , Z. 2015. The Measurement and Evaluation of the Service Quality through Customers ‘Satisfaction, Procedia Economics and Finance, 26, 126-130. K owalik , K., K limecka -T atar , D. 2017

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Aleksandra Gulc

competitive advantage in the market for courier services ]. Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego, 766 , 167-179. Dyczkowska, J. (2011). Klient na rynku usług TSL. Zeszyty Naukowe Wydziału Nauk Ekonomicznych Politechniki Koszalińskiej , 15 , 119-134. Frąś, J. (2014). Wybrane instrumenty pomiaru jakości usług logistycznych. Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego nr 803 . Finanse, Rynki Finansowe, Ubezpieczenia , 66 , 297-317. Gulc, A. (2016). Models and methods of measuring logistic service quality . 7-th EPPM Conference. Bialystok, 2016

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E. Lipenbergs, Vj. Bobrovs and G. Ivanovs

universal service and users’ rights relating to electronic communications networks and services (Universal Service Directive). 5. The European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT) Electronic Communications Committee (ECC) Report 195 Minimum Set of Quality of Service Parameters and Measurement Methods for Retail Internet Access Services, 2013. 6. The European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT) Electronic Communications Committee (ECC) Recommendation (15)03: Provision of Comparable Information on

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Sanjay Soni and Krishna Govender

References Aaker, D. (2009). Managing Brand Equity . New York: Simon and Schuster. Abouchedid, K. and Nasser, R. (2002). Assuring quality service in higher education: registration and advising attitudes in a private university in Lebanon. Quality Assurance in Education : 198–206, Aggarwal Sharma, A., Rao, V.R. and Popli, S. (2013). Measuring consumer-based brand equity for Indian business schools. Journal of Marketing for Higher Education , 23 (2): 175–203,

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Aleksandra Radziszewska

Marketing, 23(2), pp. 153-175. Chiu, C., Chang, C., Cheng, H. and Fang, Y.H. (2009). Determinants of customer repurchase intention in online shopping. Online Information Review, 33, pp. 761-784. Davidavičienė, V. and Tolvaišas, J. (2011). Measuring quality of ecommerce web sites: case of Lithuania. Economics and Management, 16, pp. 723-729. Fassnacht, M. and Koese, I. (2006). Quality of electronic services: Conceptualizing and testing a hierarchical model. Journal of Service Research, 9(1), pp. 19-37. Hong, I

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Majid Esmaeilpour, Zahra Mohamadi and Azade Rajabi

. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science , Vol. 28, No. 1, pp. 37-128. Caruana, A., Money, A. and Berthon, P. (2000). Service quality and satisfaction- the moderating role of value. European Journal of Marketing, Vol. 34, No. 112, pp. 1338-1352. Chen, S. (2001). Strategic Management of e-Business , John Wiley and Sons, Chichester Englewood Cliffs, NJ. Chang, L., & Chieng, M. (2006). Building consumer-brand relationship. Psychology & Marketing , Vol. 23, No. 11, pp. 927-59. Dabholkar, P., Thorpe, D., & Rentz, J. (1996). A measure of service

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Damian Pilarz and Sebastian Kot

Studies, 9 (2), 2016, 90-102. Harsono, S., Widyantoro, H., Prawitowati, T., Rahmat, B. The development of service quality model as a criterion in selecting the banks in Indonesia . Polish Journal of Management Studies, 15 (2), 2017, 82-92. Karcz, J., Ślusarczyk, B., Improvements in the quality of courier delivery . International Journal for Quality Research, 10 (2), 2016, 355-372. Kljucnikov, A., Belás, J., Kozubíková, L., & Paseková, P. The entrepreneurial perception of SME business environment quality in the Czech Republic . Journal of

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Vesna Babic-Hodovic, Maja Arslanagic-Kalajdzic and Amina Imsirpasic

Lindestad, B. 1998. Customer loyalty and complex services: The impact of corporate image on quality, customer satisfaction and loyalty for customers with varying degrees of service expertise. International Journal of Service Industry Management 9 (1): 7-23. Angell, R. J., Heffernan, T. W. and Megicks, P. 2008. Service quality in postgraduate education. Quality Assurance in Education 16 (3): 236-254. Arokiasamy, A. R. A. and Abdullah, A. G. 2013. Service quality and customer satisfaction in the cellular telecommunication service provider in Malaysia

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Lomendra Vencataya, Sharmila Pudaruth, Roubina TD Juwaheer, Ganess Dirpal and Nabeelah Meh Zabeen Sumodhee

7. References Al-Hawari, M., Ward, T., (2006), The Effect of Automated Service Quality on Australian Banks’ Financial Performance and the Mediating Role of Customer Satisfaction, Marketing Intelligence and Planning, Vol. 24, no. 2, pp. 127-147. Angur, M. G., Nataraajan, R., Jahera, J. S., (1999), Service quality in the banking industry : An assessment in a developing economy . International Journal of Bank Marketing, Vol. 19, no.3, 1116-1123. Arasli, H, TuranKatrircioglu, S., Mehtap-Smadi, S., (2005). A comparison of service quality in the