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Alien taxa of the tribe Senecioneae (Asteraceae) in Italy: a nomenclatural synopsis

. Jeffrey, C. 1986: The Senecioneae in East Tropical Africa: Notes on Compositae: IV. Kew Bull. 41(4): 873-943. Lamarck, M. 1786: Encyclopèdie Methodique. Botanique 2. Paris: Panckcoucke, 774 pp. Lamarck, M. 1796: Tableau Encyclopèdique et Methodique. Botanique 2(2). Paris: Panckcoucke, without pagination. Lemaire, C. 1844a: Delairea, as synanthereas genus novum spectans. Ann. Sci. Naturelles; Bot., sér. 3, 1: 380-381. Lemaire, C. 1844b: L’Horticulteur universel 5 [06 march 1844]. Paris: Chez H. Cousin

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Molecular study on Senecio fontanicola (S. doria group, Asteraceae) and its conservation status

, J., Álvarez, I., Aedo, C. & Pelser, P. B. 2013: A phylogenetic analysis and new delimitation of Senecio sect. Crociseris (Compositae: Senecioneae), with evidence of intergeneric hybridization. Taxon 62(1): 127–140. Calvo, J., Vitek, E. & Aedo, C. 2014: (2295) Proposal to conserve the name Senecio doria (Compositae) with a conserved type. Taxon 63(3): 685–686. CBOL Plant Working Group. 2009: A DNA barcode for land plants. PNAS, 106: 295–299. Conti, F., Abbate, G., Alessandrini, A. & Blasi, C. 2005: An annotated Check-list of the Italian

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Morphometry and Distribution of Senecio Nemorensis agg. Species (Asteraceae) in Poland

References Chater A. O. & Walters S. M. 1976. Senecio L. In: T. G. Tutin, V. H. Heywood, N. A. Burges & D. H. Valentine (eds), Flora Europaea. 4: 91-205. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Greuter W. 2003. The Euro+Med treatment Senecioneae and the minor Compositae tribes - generic concepts and required new names, with an addendum to Cardueae. Willdenowia 33(2): 245-250. Grulich V. 2004. Senecio L. In: J. Štěpánková & B. Slavík (eds), Květena České Republiky. 7: 250-280. Academia, Praha

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Embryological features, pollen and seed viability of Arnica montana (Asteraceae) – a threatened endemic species in Europe

-1787. Maguire, B., 1943: A monograph of the genus Arnica (Senecioneae, Compositae). Brittonia 4, 386-510. Nordenstam, B., 1977: Senecioneae and Liabeae - systematic review. In: Heywood, V. H., Harborne, J. B., Turner, B. L. (eds.), The biology and chemistry of the Compositae, 2,.799-830. Academic Press, London. Noyes, R. D., 2007: Apomixis in the Asteraceae: diamonds in the rough. Functional Plant Science and Biotechnology 1, 207-222. Oberdorfer, E., 1994: Pflanzensoziologische Exkursionsflora. 7 Aufl . Verlag Eugen Ulmer

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Presence of Senecio sylvaticus L. (Asteraceae) in Turkey

References Boissier E. 1875. Flora Orientalis, vol. 3, pp: 383-414. Budak Ü., Hamzaoğlu E. & Aksoy A. 2007. A New Record for the Flora of Turkey, Tephroseris cladobotrhys (Ledeb.) Griseb. & Schenk (Senecioneae, Asteraceae). Turkish Journal of Botany 31: 265-268. Budak Ü. 2012. Senecio. In: A. Güner, S. Aslan, T. Ekim, M. Vural & T. Babaç (eds.). A Checklist of the Flora of Turkey (Vascular Plants), pp. 199-201. Nezahat Gökyiğit Botanik Bahçesi ve Flora Araştırmaları Derneği Yayını, İstanbul

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A botanical and pharmacological description of petasites species

and their n-oxides. J. Path. Bact., 78, 483, 1959. 11. Cherniawsky D.M., Bayer R.J.: Systematics of North American Petasites (Asteraceae: Senecioneae). I. Morphometric analyses. Can. J. Bot., 76, 23, 1998. 12. Cherniawsky D.M., Bayer R.J.: Systematics of North American Petasites (Asteraceae: Senecioneae). III. A taxonomic revision. Can. J. Bot., 76, 2061, 1998. 13. Debrunner B., Meier B.: Petasites hybridus: a tool for interdisciplinary research in phytotherapy. Pharm. Acta. Helv., 72(6), 359, 1998. 14

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A New Species of the Genus Tephritis (Diptera, Tephritidae) from Iran

Namin, S. 2015 a. Rediscovery of Tephritis kogardtauica (Diptera, Tephritidae). Vestnik Z oologii , 49 (2), 119–124. Korneyev, S. V., Khaghaninia, S., Mohamadzade Namin, S., Zarghani, E. 2015 b. Palearctic species of the genus Tephritis (Diptera, Tephritidae) associated with plants of the tribe Senecioneae (Asteraceae). Zootaxa , 4007 (2), 207–216. Korneyev, S. V., Korneyev, V. A. 2019. Revision of the Old World species of the genus Tephritis (Diptera, Tephritidae) with a pair of isolated apical spots. Zootaxa, Monograph, 4584 (1), 1

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Anatomical and micromorphological properties of some Tanacetum L. (Asteraceae) taxa from Turkey and their systematic implications

-Dieyeh, Z. H. M., 2009: Essential oil content and heavy metals composition of Thymus vulgaris cultivated in various climatic regions of Jordan. International Journal of Agricultural Biology 11, 59–63. Adedeji, O., 2004:Leaf epidermal studies of the species of Emilia Cass. ( Senecioneae, Asteraceae ) in Nigeria. Botanica Lithuanica 10, 121–133. Akcin, T. A., Akcin, A., 2010: Morphological and anatomical characteristics and taxonomical significance of achene micromorphology of endemic Achillea phrygia Boiss& Bal. and A. gypsicola Hub-Mor. (Asteraceae) in

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Distribution Of Two Invasive Goldenrod Species Solidago Canadensis And S. Gigantea In Lithuania

üsewell S., G essner M.O., V enterink H.O., 2010: Invasion of Solidago gigantea in contrasting experimental plant communities: effects on soil microbes, nutrients and plant–soil feedbacks. – Journal of Ecology, 98: 1379–1388. S chmid B., B azzaz F.A., 1987: Clonal integration and population structure in perennials: effects of severing rhizome connections. – Ecology, 68(6): 2016–2022. S emple J.C., C ook R.E., 2006: Solidago . – In: Flora North America Editorial Committee (eds), Flora of North America, 20. Asteraceae, 2. Astereae and Senecioneae

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Phytochemical, pharmacological and clinical studies of petasites hybridus (l.) P. Gaertn., B. Mey. & Scherb. A review /

its abilities to colonise initial habitats. Prace Nauk UŚ w Katowicach 2011; 2886:1-233. 9. Cherniawsky DM, Bayer RJ. Systematics of North American Petasites (Asteraceae: Senecioneae). I. Morphometric analyses. Can J Bot 1998; 76:23-36. 10. Cherniawsky DM, Bayer RJ. Systematics of North American Petasites (Asteraceae: Senecioneae). III. A taxonomic revision. Can J Bot 1998; 76:2061-75. 11. Kwaśniewska J. Podbiał (Tussilago L.) a lepiężnik (Petasites Mill.). Ziel Biul Inf 1958; 10(1):11. 12. Brune K

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