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Frances Krsinich

presented at the 14 th meeting of the Ottawa Group, Tokyo. 20–22 May, 2015. Available at: (accessed April 2016). de Haan, J. and H. van der Grient. 2011. “Eliminating Chain Drift in Price Indexes Based on Scanner Data.” Journal of Econometrics 161: 36–46. Doi: . de Haan, J. and R. Hendriks. 2013. “Online Data, Fixed Effects and the Construction of High-Frequency Price Indexes.” Paper presented at the 2013 Economic Measurement Group, Sydney

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Michael Webster and Rory C. Tarnow-Mordi

.M. 2008. Price and Quantity Index Numbers: Models for Measuring Aggregate Change and Difference . New York: Cambridge University Press. Doi: . Caves, D.W., L.R. Christensen, and W.E. Diewert. 1982. “Multilateral Comparisons of Output, Input, and Productivity Using Superlative Index Numbers.” The Economic Journal 92(365): 73–86. Doi: . Chessa, A. 2015. “Towards a Generic Price Index Method for Scanner Data in the Dutch CPI.” Paper presented at the 14th meeting of the Ottawa Group

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Janina Zaczek-Peplinska and Maria Kowalska

). Error Propagation in Directly Georeferenced Terrestrial Laser Scanner Point Clouds for Cultural Heritage Recording. Proc. of FIG Working Week, Athens, Greece, May: 22-27. Milan, D. (2009). Terrestrial laser scan-derived topographic and roughness data for hydraulic modelling of gravel-bed rivers. Chapter 9 in Laser Scanning for the Environmental Sciences (Eds. G. L. Heritage and A.R.G. Large).Wiley-Blackwell.pages: 133-146. Mleczko, M., Mróz, M. and Sawicki, P. (2012). Podstawy teoretyczne i przegląd metod oraz algorytmów korekcji

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Joanna A. Pawłowicz and Elżbieta Szafranko

rejestracji nieprawidłowości występujących w konstrukcjach budowlanych, Logistykanauka 5/2014 Published at:, (2014), 1240-1246. 5. Pawłowicz J. A., 3D modelling of historic buildings using data from laser scanner measurements, Journal of International Scientific Publications: Materials, Methods and Technologies Volume 8, Published at:, (2014), 340-345. 6. Szafranko E., Pawłowicz J. A. , Możliwości wykorzystania technologii skaningu laserowego 3D w zarządzaniu obiektami

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Janina Zaczek-Peplinska and Katarzyna Osińska-Skotak

single image of Intensity for the assessment of using measurement data for such kind of analysis, selection and description of reference sample areas defining various conditions of concrete surface; statistical analysis (analysis of the distribution of intensity values for selected reference samples) aimed at defining the degree of reference fields similarity. The final stage involved analysis using a maximum likelihood supervised classification method integrating data such as the results of concrete surface measurements performed by scanners of various technical

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Cătălina Cristea and Andreea Florina Jocea

5. REFERENCES Anselin, L., Getis A. (1993). Spatial statistical analysis and geographic information systems. In Fischer, M.M. and Nijkamp, P. (Eds) Geographic Information Systems, Spatial Modelling, and Policy Evaluation, pp. 35–49. Berlin: Springer-Verlag. Aschoff, T., Spiecker, H., 2004. Algorithms for the automatic detection of trees in laser scanner data. In: International Archives of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences 36, pp. 71–74. Badea, D., Jocea, A. F., Negrilă A., Coşarcă, C., 2009. 3D City modelling by

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Tauri Arumäe and Mait Lang

Department of Agriculture Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station. Næsset, E. 1997a. Determination of mean tree height of forest stands using airborne laser scanner data. - ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing, 52, 49-56. Næsset, E. 1997b. Estimating Timber Volume of Forest Stands Using Airborne Laser Scanner Data. - Remote Sensing of Environment, 61, 246-253. Næsset, E., Økland, T. 2002. Estimating tree height and tree crown properties using airborne scanning laser in a boreal nature reserve. - Remote

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S.Z. Islami Rad, R. Gholipour Peyvandi and M.K. Sadeghi

References [1] Merheb C, Petegnief Y, Talbot N. Full modeling of the MOSAIC animal PET system based on the GATE Monte Carlo simulation code. Phys Med Biol. 2007;52(3):563-576. [2] Merheb C, Nicol S, Petegnief Y et al. Assessment of the Mosaic animal PET system response using list-mode data for validation of Gate Mote Carlo modeling. Nucl Inst Meth A. 2006;569(2):220-224. [3] Rannou FR, Kohli V, Prout DL, et al. Investigation of OPET performance using GATE, a Geant4-based simulation software. IEEE Trans Nucl Sci. 2004;51(5):2713-2717. [4

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Wojciech Krzemień, Mateusz Bała, Tomasz Bednarski, Piotr Białas, Eryk Czerwiński, Aleksander Gajos, Marek Gorgol, Bożena Jasińska, Daria Kamińska, Łukasz Kapłon, Grzegorz Korcyl, Paweł Kowalski, Tomasz Kozik, Ewelina Kubicz, Szymon Niedźwiecki, Marek Pałka, Lech Raczyński, Zbigniew Rudy, Oleksandr Rundel, Neha Gupta Sharma, Michał Silarski, Artur Słomski, Karol Stola, Adam Strzelecki, Damian Trybek, Anna Wieczorek, Wojciech Wiślicki, Marcin Zieliński, Bożena Zgardzińska and Paweł Moskal

., Kaminska, D., Kapłon, Ł., Kochanowski, A., Korcyl, G., Kowal, J., Kowalski, P., Kozik, T., Kubicz, E., Moskal, P., Niedźwiecki, Sz., Pałka, M., Raczyński, L., Rudy, Z., Salabura, P., Sharma, N. G., Silarski, M., Słomski, A., Smyrski, J., Strzelecki, A., Wieczorek, A., Wiślicki, W., Zieliński, M., & Zon, N. (2015). Analysis framework for the J-PET scanner. Acta Phys. Pol. A , 127 (5), 1491–1494. DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.127.1491. [arXiv:1503.00465]. 18. Brun, R., & Rademakers, F. (1997). ROOT – An object oriented data analysis framework. Nucl. Instrum. Methods

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Gábor Brolly, Géza Király and Kornél Czimber

References ASCHOFF, T. - SPIECKER, H. (2004): Algorithms for the automatic detection of trees in laser scanner data. In: Proceedings of the ISPRS working group VIII/2, "Laser-Scanners for forest and Landscape assessment". Freiburg, Germany. 3-6 October 2004. 71-75. BIENERT, A. - SCHELLER, S. - KEANE, E. - MOHAN, F. - NUGENT, C. (2007): Tree detection and diameter estimations by analysis of forest terrestrial laserscanner point clouds. International Archives of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences 36