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Experimental study on mechanical behavior of natural hybrid composites filled with ground nut shell ash

humans. Plant fibers are mostly polysaccharide based fibers; polysaccharide is the major component while manufacturing this fiber. Plant fibers are obtained from stem, leaves, bast, seeds, and fruits. Banana, jute, kenaf, flax, palm are some examples of plant fibers. Animal fibers are mostly super molecule based fibers; they’re obtained from wool or hair of animals [ 2 ]. Alpaca are silk are some examples of animal fibers. Plant fibers have a higher mechanical behavior than animal fibers except for silk fiber; silk fiber has higher strength, however, the value of the

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Using 3D Scanning Techniques in Orthopedic Systems Modeling

and S. Purohit, One – stage long-stem total knee arthroplasty for arthritic knees with stress fractures, Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery 2013; Vol. 21 No. 2, pp.199-203 [9] T. Tóth, J. Živčák, A Comparison of the Outputs of 3D Scanners, Procedia Engineering, Volume 69, 2014, pp. 393-401 [10] Şt. Cristea, A

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