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Genetic analysis of microsatellite markers for salt stress in two contrasting maize parental lines and their RIL population

References Banisetti, K., Agrawal, P. K., Gupta, H. S., Kumar, A., Bhatt, J. C., 2012: Identifi cation of candidate gene based SSR markers for lysine and tryptophan metabolic pathways in maize. Plant Breeding 131, 20-27. Besserer, A., Burnotte, E., Bienert, G. P., Chevalier, A. S., Errachid, A., Grefen, C., Blatt, M. R., 2012: Selective regulation of maize plasma membrane aquaporin traffi cking and activity by the Snare SYP121. Plant Cell 24, 3463-3481. Bilgen, M., Karaca, M., Onus, A. N., Ince, A. G., 2004: A

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Study of the genetic diversity of Korean, Chinese and Japanese landraces of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) using microsatellites

fingerprinting and mapping of soybean. Methods in Molec. Cell Biol. 5: 49-61. Dawson I. K., Chalmers K. J., Waugh R. & Powell W. 1993. Detection and analysis of genetic variation in Hordeum sponteneum populations from Israel using RAPD markers. Molec. Ecol. 2: 151-159. Dice L. R. 1945. Measures of the amount of ecologic association between species. Ecol. 26: 297-302. Diwan N. & Cregan P. B. 1997. Automated sizing of fluorescent labeled simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers to assay genetic variation

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Discordance Between Geographical Distribution and Genetic Relationship Among Populations of Japanese Red Pine in Korea Revealed by Analysis of I-SSR Markers

): Pine, Pine Forest. Seoul, Korea (in Korean). GODWIN, I. D., AITKEN, E. A. B. and SMITH, L.W. (1997): Application of inter simple sequence repeat (ISSR) markers to plant genetics, Electrophoresis 18: 1524-1528. HAMRICK, J. L., GODT, M. J.W. and SHERMAN-BROYLES, S. L. (1992): Factors influencing levels of genetic diversity in woody plant species. New Forests 6: 95-124. HONG, Y.-P., HIPKINS, V. D. and STRAUSS, S. H. (1993): Chloroplast DNA diversity among trees, populations and species in the California closed-cone pines

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Genetic structure of populations of several endangered and endemic Dianthus species revealed by microsatellite markers

–1496. Varshney, R. K., Graner, A., Sorrells, M. E., 2005: Genic microsatellite markers in plants: features and applications. Trends in Biotechnolology 23, 48–55. Young, A. G., Hill, J. H., Murray, B. G., Peakall, R., 2002: Breeding system, genetic diversity and clonal structure in the subalpine forb Rutidosis leiolepis F. Muell. (Asteraceae). Biological Conservation 106, 71–78. Zietkiewicz, E., Rafalski, A., Labuda, D., 1994: Genome fingerprinting by simple sequence repeat (SSR)-anchored polymerase chain reaction amplification. Genomics 20, 176–183.

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Identification of hypothetical duplicate accessions of plums (Prunus domestica L.) within the slovene plant gene bank collection using molecular markers

, Aros D, Meneses C, Narvaez C, Infante R. Genetic relationships in apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.) using SSR markers and their implications for breeding. J. Food Agric. Environ. 2008;6(3&4):378-382. 7. Doyle JJ, Doyle JL. A rapid DNA isolation procedure for small quantities of fresh leaf tissue. Phytochem. Bull. 1987;19(1):11-15. 8. Gross BL, Volk GM, Richards CM, Forsline PL, Fazio G, Chao CT. Identification of “duplicate” accessions within the USDA-ARS National Plant Germplasm System Malus collection. J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 2012

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SSR Markers for Analysing South American Nothofagus Species

): Comparative mapping between Quercus and Castanea using simplesequence repeats (SSRs), Theor. Appl. Genet. 108 (3): 558-566. BRONDANI, R. P. V., C. BRONDANI, R. TARCHINI and D. GRATTAPAGLIA (1998): Development, characterization and mapping of microsatellite markers in Eucalyptus grandis and E. urophylla. Theor. Appl. Genet. 97: 816-827. BUTCHER, P. A., S. DECROOCQ, Y. GRAY and G. F. MORAN (2000): Development, inheritance and cross-species amplification of microsatellite markers from Acacia mangium. Theor. Appl. Genet. 101: 1282

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Development and characterization of 28 polymorphic EST-SSR markers for Cunninghamia lanceolata (Taxodiaceae) based on transcriptome sequences

(2006): GENALEX 6: Genetic analysis in Excel. Population genetic software for teaching and research. Molecular Ecology Notes 6: 288-295. QI, M. (2008): Genetic diversity of wide cross population of Cunninghamia lanceolata and platycladu orientalis. Bulletin of botanical research 28: 299-303. SARMAH, R., J. SAHU, B. DEHURY, K. SARMA, S. SAHOO, M. SAHU, M. BAROOAH, P. SEN and M. K. MODI (2012): ESMP: A high-throughput computational pipeline for mining SSR markers from ESTs. Bioinformation 8: 206-208. RAYMOND, M. and F

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Development of microsatellite markers for the critically endangered conifer Glyptostrobus pensilis (Cupressaceae) using transcriptome data

sequence tags and the development of EST-SSR markers for a conifer, Cryptomeria japonica. BMC Genomics 13:1-16. Wu ZY (2011) Study on Conservation Biology and Restoration Technique of the Relict Plant Glyptostrobus pensilis [Ph.D.thesis]. Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Fujian Province, China. Wang GT, Wang ZF, Wang RJ, Liang D, Jiang GB (2019) Development of microsatellite markers for a monotypic and globally endangered species, Glyptostrobus pensilis (Cupressaceae). Applications in Plant Sciences 7: e

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Development of simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers and genetic diversity analysis in blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon) clones in china

Butcher P, Moran G (2000) Genetic linkage mapping in Acacia mangium. 2. Development of an integrated map from two outbred pedigrees using RFLP and microsatellite loci. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 101:594-605 Available at Cowan R, Maslin B (2001) Acacia cyclops. Flora of Australia 11: 138 p Fan L, Zhang M-Y, Liu Q-Z, Li L-T, Song Y, Wang L-F, Zhang S-L, Wu J (2013) Transferability of Newly Developed Pear SSR Markers to Other Rosaceae Species. Plant Molecular Biology Reporter 31: 1271-1282 Available at https

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Genetic Diversity Among Some Rice Genotypes with Different Drought Tolerance based on SSR Markers

- Construction of a genetic linkage map in man using restriction fragment length polymorphism. Am. J. Hum. Genet., 32: 314-331. Brondani C., Borba T.C.O., Rangel P.H.N., Brondani R.P.V., 2006 - Determination of genetic variability of traditional varieties of Brazilian rice using microsatellite markers. Gen. Mol. Biol., 29(4): 676-684. Chakravarthi B.K., Naravaneni R., 2006 - SSR marker based DNA fingerprinting and diversity study in rice ( Oryza sativa. L). Afr. J. Biotechnol., 5(9): 684-688. Chandra S., Babu R.C., Boopathi N.M., Gomez S.M., Yogameenakshi

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