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Leszek Orlikowski, Magdalena Ptaszek, Aleksandra Trzewik and Teresa Orlikowska

References Benson D. M., Jones R. K. 1980. Etiology of rhododendron dieback caused by four species of Phytophthora . Plant Dis. 64: 687-689. Caroselli N. E., Tucker C. M. 1949. Pit canker on elm. Phytopathology 39: 481-488. Hall G., Dobson S., Nicholls C. 1992. First record of Phytophthora inflata in the United Kingdom. Plant Pathol. 41 (1): 95-97. Hoitink H. A. J., C. C. Powell. 1990. Fighting Phytophthora: A guide to combating Phytophthora root rot

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Mineaki Aizawa, Chisa Nakayama and Tatsuhiro Ohkubo

References Chung MY, Nason JD, Chung MG (2004) Spatial genetic structure in populations of the terrestrial orchid Cephalanthera longibracteata (Orchidaceae). Amer J Bot 91:52–57. Available at Cross JR (1981) The establishment of Rhododendron ponticum in the Killarney oakwoods, S.W. Ireland. J Ecol 69:807–824. Available at Delmas CEL, Lhuillier E, Pornon A, Escaravage N (2011) Isolation and characterization of microsatellite loci in Rhododendron ferrugineum (Ericaceae) using

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Pinar Goc Rasgele and Meral Kekecoglu

, Rome, 2009. 10. Gunduz A, Bostan H, Turedi S, Nuhoglu I, Patan T. Wild flowers and mad honey. Wilderness Environ Med 2007; 18:69-71. 11. Avci M. Ormangülleri (Rhododendron L.) ve Türkiye’deki Doğal Yayilişlari. Istanbul Üniversitesi Edebiyat Fakültesi Coğrafya Bölümü Coğrafya Dergisi 2004; 12:13-29. 12. Oztasan N, Altinkaynak K, Akcay F, Gocer F, Dane S. Effects of Mad Honey on Blood Glucose and lipid levels in rats with strptozocin-induced diabetes. Turk J Vet Anim Sci 2005; 29:1093-1096. 13. Silici S

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Dace Megre, Kristine Dokane and Uldis Kondratovics

References Aghmir A, Kevers C, Hausmann JF, and Gaspar T. 1991. Peroxidases, compartimentation cellulaire et enracinement in vitro de pousses de Rhododendron catawbiense Michaux cv. album. Archives Internationales de Physiologie et de Biochimie 99: 9. Ahkami AH, Lischewski S, Haensch KT, Porfirova S, Hofmann J, Rolletschek H, Melzer M, Franken P, Hause B, Druege U, and Hajirezaei MR. 2009. Molecular physiology of adventitious root formation in Petunia hybrida cuttings: involvement of wound response and

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Peter Ferus, Peter Hoťka and Jana Konôpková

References A lkurdi , M.I.S., S upuka , J., 2016. Study of Mediterranean woody plants for hardiness in Central Europe conditions . Praha: Powerprint. 94 p. A nisko , T., L indstrom , O.M., 1996. Seasonal changes in cold hardiness of Rhododendron L. ‘Catawbiense Boursault’ grown under continuous and periodic water stress. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science , 121 (2): 301–306. A ntonelli , A.L., B yther , R.S., M aleike , R.R, C ollman , S.J., 2006. How to identify rhododendron and azalea problems . Extension bulletin

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Michał Koniarski and Bożena Matysiak

References Acevedo-Opazo C., Ortega-Farias S., Fuentes S. 2010. Effects of grapevine ( Vitis vinifera L.) water status on water consumption, vegetative growth and grape quality: An irrigation scheduling application to achieve regulated deficit irrigation. Agr. Water. Manage. 97: 956-964. Cameron R.W.F., Harrison-Murray R.S., Scott M.A. 1999. The use of controlled water stress to manipulate growth of container-grown Rhododendron cv. ‘Hoppy’. J. Hortic. Sci. Biotech. 74: 161-169. Cameron R

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Aleksandra Trzewik, Katarzyna J. Nowak and Teresa Orlikowska

monitoring of Phytophthora infestans and Phytophthora citricola in their respective host plants. Journal of Phytopathology 147 (7-8): 409-416. Caprar M., Cantor M., Sicora O., Copaci C., Sicora C. 2014. Optimization of DNA isolation from four species of Rhododendron from Europe. Journal of Horticulture, Forestry and Biotechnology 18 (1): 117-122. Csaikl U.M., Bastian H., Brettschneider R., Gauch S., Meir A., Schauerte M., Scholz F., Sperisen C., Vornam B., Ziegenhager B. 1998. Comparative analysis of different DNA extraction protocols: A

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Rihards Kondratovičs and Uldis Kondratovičs

References Anonymous (2004). International Rhododendron Register and Checklist. Royal Horticultural Society, London. 1544 pp. Berg J., Heft L. (1991). Rhododendron und immergrüne Laubgehölze. 3. Aufl., Eugen Ulmer, Stuttgart. 272 S. Chamberlain, D. F. (1982). A Revision of Rhododendron II. Subgenus Hymenanthes. Notes from the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. 39 (2), 209-486. Chamberlain, D., Hyam, R., Argent, G., Fairweather, G., Walter, K. S. (1996). The Genus Rhododendron, Its Classification and

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Anna Jesionek, Adam Kokotkiewicz, Paulina Wlodarska, Natalia Filipowicz, Adam Bogdan, Renata Ochocka, Aleksandra Szreniawa-Sztajnert, Bozena Zabiegala, Adam Bucinski and Maria Luczkiewicz

Abbreviations: AR – Anderson’s Rhododendron (medium) DMRT – Duncan’s multiple range test FW – fresh weight GC/MS – gas chromatography-mass spectrometry Gi – growth index IAA – indole-3-acetic acid IBA – indole-3-butyric acid 2iP – 2-isopentenyladenine NAA – 1-naphthaleneacetic acid PGR – plant growth regulator RAPD – Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA SH – Schenk and Hildebrandt (medium) TDZ – thidiazuron WP – Woody Plant (medium) ½WP – half-strength Woody Plant (medium) REFERENCES A nderson WC. 1978. Tissue culture

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Bożena Matysiak

, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture 34: 51-60. Matysiak B., Bielenin M. 2005. Effect of nutrient solution composition on growth, flowering, nutrient status and cold hardiness of Rhododendron yakushimanum grown on ebb-and-flow benches. European Journal of Horticultural Science 70: 35-42. Merhaut D.J., Blythe E.K., Newman J.P., Albano J.P. 2006. Nutrient release from controlled-release fertilizers in acid substrate in a greenhouse environment: I. Leachate electrical conductivity, pH, and nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium concentrations. HortScience 41