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Vanya S. Popova, Svetla O. Blajeva, Margarita L. Alexandrova, Tsvetan H. Lukanov, Silvia Y. Naneva and Nikolay T. Tzvetkov


Chronic lymphocytic leukemia is one of the most common types of leukemia in adults. It belongs to the group of indolent lymphoproliferative disorders and has a slow clinical course. Approximately 50% of newly diagnosed patients do not require treatment for years. A better understanding of the pathophysiology of the disease has led to the development of models for assessment of the risk.

Our study aimed to evaluate the prognostic significance of the serum marker beta-2 microglobulin (82M) and the flow cytometric marker CD49d in patients with early-stage of B-chronic lymphocytic leukemia (B-CLL) as well as look for a correlation between CD 49d and the early stages of the disease. For this purpose, analysis of 30 untreated patients with known and newly diagnosed B-CLL was carried out. The following methods were used: documentary, flow cytometric analysis of peripheral blood, Rai staging system and chi-square test of independence (Fisher’s Exact Test). The results from our study showed that a small number of patients in the early stage of the disease have high levels of CD49d expression and beta-2 microglobulins. In eight of 29 patients, the flow cytometric marker was higher than 30%, and in ten out of 29 patients, the B2M was above the reference range. No significant correlation between the two markers in early stage B-CLL patients was found.

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Tawatchai Apidechkul

into six main groups: Lahu, Akha, Lisu, Karen, Mao, and Yao. In 2013, there were almost a million living in the northern region of Thailand and distributing over 7 provinces, with most concentrated in Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, and Mae Hong Son provinces [ 11 ]. The Lahu are the second most populous group (tribe) among hill tribes of Thailand who live in remote mountainous areas. Lahu have their own culture. Their language has been identified as being a Burmese-Lolo branch of Tibeto-Burmese languages [ 11 ]. In 2014, there were approximately 711,500 Lahu people in

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Sunita Singh and Praveen Kumar Rai

Data using Post-classification Enhancement. Remote Sensing 1, 3, 330-344. Matinfar H.R., Sarmadian F., Alavi Panah S.K., and Heck R.J., (2007). Comparisons of Object-Oriented and Pixel-Based Classification of Land Use/Land Cover Types Based on Lansadsat7, Etm+ Spectral Bands (Case Study: Arid Region of Iran)”, American-Eurasian J. Agric. & Environ. Sci ., vol 2 (4), p.p. 448-456, 2007. ISSN 1818-6769, 2007 Mishra, V.N., Rai, P.K., Mohan, K. (2014). Prediction of land use changes based on land change modeler (LCM) using remote sensing: a case study of

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Georgiana E. Grigore, Angela Dascalescu, Mihaela Zlei, Iuliu C. Ivanov, Catalin Danaila, Tudor Petreus and Eugen Carasevici


Background/aim: T lymphocytes are important players of the immune response. B-CLL is characterized by several immune defects. Our study aims to characterize the distinct maturational and functional T/NK cell subsets within B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia disease Rai stages. Patients and methods: Peripheral blood mononuclear cells from 43 patients enrolled in the study (16 females and 27 males, aged 68±10, 8 Rai 0, 22 Rai 1/2 and 13 Rai 3/4) were analyzed by multiparameter flow cytometry. Distinct subsets within the CD4+ (naive, central memory, effector/peripheral memory, regulatory-Tregs, follicular-TFH, CXCR3+ and/or CCR4+), CD8+ (naive+memory, effector, senescent) and NK (CD57+ and/or CD94+) were identified and compared between disease Rai stages. Results: Total numbers of T lymphocytes increase with disease stage. Both CD4+ and CD8+ T cells are elevated in absolute counts. The majority of CD4+ T cells are antigen-experienced, with increased Tregs, TFH and CXCR3+ (Th1-associated profile) T cell counts. The CD8+ T cells expansion is due mostly to the senescent CD57+ subset. No significant difference within NK subsets was observed among different disease stages. Conclusions: B-CLL behaviour seems to be associated with increased numbers of TFH and Tregs. The therapeutic modulation of T cell response in B-CLL patients may play an important role in the disease behaviour and may be a key event compensating for the immunodeficiency occurring mostly in advanced stages of the disease.

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Balwant Rai, Jasdeep Kaur and R. Jain

;49:345. Rai B, Kharb S, Jain R, Anand SC. Salivary vitamins E and C in oral cancer. Redox Rep. 2007;12(3):163-4. Rai B, Jain R, Anand S C, Kharb S. 8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine levels: Periodontitis in smoker and non-smoker: a pilot study. J Pak Dent Assoc. 2006;15(2):89-90. Rai B, Simmi Kharb, Anand S C. Effect of scaling and root planning on salivary 8- hydroxydeoxyguanosine levels : periodontitis. J Pak Dent Assoc. 2007;16(4):189-91. Rai B, Kharb S, Jain R, Anand SC. Salivary Lipid Peroxidation

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Praveen Kumar Rai, Prafull Singh, Varun Narayan Mishra, Anisha Singh, Bhartendu Sajan and Arjun Pratap Shahi

, Bulletin of the Geological Society of America, 56, pp-275-370. Howard, A. D. (1967). Drainage analysis in geologic interpretation: a summation . AAPG Bull 51:2246–2259. Javed, A., Khanday, M. Y. and Rais, S., (2011). Watershed prioritization using morphometric and Land Use/Land Cover Parameters: A Remote Sensing and GIS Based Approach . Journal of Geological Society of India . 78: 63. . Javed, A., Khanday, M. Y. and Ahmed, R., (2009). Prioritization of Sub-Watersheds Based on Morphometric and Land Use

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Mousa Mohammadi, Piyush Rai and Suprakash Gupta

& Fuels, 343-347. Mena R., Zio E., Kristjanpoller F., Arata A., 2013. Availability based simulation and optimization modeling framework for open-pit mine truck allocation under dynamic constraints . IJMST 23 , 1, 113-119. Mirabediny H., 1998. A dragline simulation model for strip mine design and development . Ph.D. diss., University of Wollongong, Australia. Misra G.B., 1979. Surface Mining . Dhanbad publishers, Dhanbad, India. Misra G.B., 2006. Surface Mining . Geominetech Publisher, Bhubaneswar, India. Mohammadi M., Rai P., 2015

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Amrit Rai, Josphine Jenifer and Ravi Theaj Prakash Upputuri

nanoparticles. Biotechnol Mol Biol Nanomed. 2013; 1: 1-6. Mocan L. Drug delivery applications of gold nanoparticles Biotechnol Mol Biol Nanomed. 2013 1 1 6 24 Jawahara N, Surendraa E, Krishna KR. A review on carbon nanotubes: a novel drug carrier for targeting to cancer cells. J Pharm Sci Res. 2015; 7:141-54. Jawahara N Surendraa E Krishna KR. A review on carbon nanotubes: a novel drug carrier for targeting to cancer cells J Pharm Sci Res. 2015 7 141 54 25 Kushwaha SKS, Ghoshal S, Rai AK, Singh S. Carbon nanotubes as a novel drug delivery system for anticancer therapy: a

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Ahmed Barakat, Mohamed El Baghdadi, Redouane Meddah, Jamila Rais, Samir Nadem and Mustapha Afdali

. Desalination. Vol. 260. Iss. 1-3 p. 264-275. BARAKAT A., EL BAGHDADI M., RAIS J., NADEM S. 2012. Assessment of heavy metal in surface sediments of Day River at Beni-MellalRegion, Morocco. Research Journal of Environmental and Earth Sciences. Vol. 4. Iss. 08 p. 797-806. BAYRAM A., ONSOY H., BULUT V.N., AKINCI G. 2012. Influences of urban wastewaters on the stream water quality: a case study from Gumushane Province, Turkey. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. DOI 10.1007/ s10661-012-2632-y. BELLUCCI L.G., EL MOUMNI B

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Rasha Hamdy Hamed

Introduction Papillary thyroid cancer (PTC) is the most common histology of thyroid cancer.[ 1 , 2 ] Nowadays, PTC represents about 70–85% of thyroid carcinomas. [3] Patients with PTC have an excellent prognosis with appropriate surgical resection, with or without postoperative radioactive iodine therapy (RAI). [4] In the past, almost every patient with a diagnosis of PTC has received postoperative RAI. Currently, the selection of patient for postoperative RAI depends on the risk-group. The risk indicators depend on some indicators obtained at surgery