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56, 471-477. [in Polish] 26. Grzegorczyk J., Kwolek A., Bazarnik K., Szeliga E., Wolan A. (2007). Quality of life of nursing home residents and senior mature students. Przegląd Medyczny Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego 3, 225-233. [in Polish] 27. Marchewka A., Jungiewicz M. (2008). Physical activity in early years of life versus quality of life in old age. Gerontologia Polska 16, 127-130. [in Polish] 28. Guszkowska M. (2012). The relation between physical activity, mood and life satisfaction in the case of women in their late adulthood. In J. Nowocień, K. Zuchora (eds

third age ( Gilleard & Higgs 2011 ). Media infrastructures for agency in practice and interpretation The mediated construction of social reality is a process intertwined with other aspects of social change ( Couldry & Hepp 2017 ). Concerning empirical research on how people live with media in late modern later life, this invites sensitising approaches that look into sub-processes related to media development ( Jensen 2013 , Ekström et al. 2016 , Krotz 2014 ) as, for example, the multiplication of platforms enabling agency across contexts. Later life is

more than females (p < 0.001). Most of the students were living in rented apartments with other friends (students) (25.4%) or on university campuses (25.4%). About 60% of participants were unmarried and over one third (35.9%) were involved in relationships. Statistical analyses showed that there were no differences in alcohol consumption depending on the living situation ( Table 1 ). On the other hand, marital status influenced the amount of alcohol intake. Religion appears to be a reason to decrease the alcohol intake. Table 1. The alcohol intake depending on

philosophical thinking can be captured in the theoretical development? Through our approach we want to correlate within the field of study of the theatre anthropology the practical aspect of the theatre school as Odin Theatre is currently performing, with Basarab Nicolesco’s transdisciplinary thinking, and especially the principle of hidden third party and the philosophy of opposites, reasoned by the great Romanian thinker. The purpose of this interdisciplinary article is to cultivate the theatrical anthropology as a living science, applied

Kazakhstan who self-identify themselves as ethnic Russians were chosen ( Creswell 2014 ). Overall, 1244 answers were collected during the research between November 2015 and July 2016. The survey was conducted in colleges and universities, as well as in government agencies and commercial companies in Almaty City, Akmola, and Northern Kazakhstan regions. In all, 57.5% of the respondents were young people between 18 and 25 years, while 15% of them were between 26 and 35 years and another 15% were between 36 and 50 years; only 12% were elders with age 51–65 years. A total of

field of clinical psychiatry. In the future, these could help us in the distinction of the diseases in some peculiar cases and even in optimizing the treatment in a much more successful way. Keywords: quantitative electroencephalography; power spectrum; schizophrenia; bipolar disorder; clinical scales. Defended: January 20, 2012. Mentor: Prof. Dr. Antoni Novotni. Slavica Arsova Hadzi-Angelkovska. Quality of life in patients with schizophrenia [PhD Thesis]. Skopje, Republic of Macedonia: University Psychiatry Clinic, Faculty of Medicine, Ss Cyril

genetic instinct," since there is no such thing as "a people without speech". In contrast, there is nothing genetic about languages. They are the product of the evolution of a culture and a landmark of "identity and social recognition" (Lestienne 6-7). Analysed from another perspective, speech is a special gift that humanity has received since the dawn of its existence on earth and may be perceived as a miracle. Children learn to talk without a teacher. At the age of three, the toddler, who barely used to babble, becomes a genuine dialogue partner, it tells and

1 Introduction Anxiety and depression are very common negative emotional experiences, prevalent in contemporary college students. Long-term anxiety and depression can lead to physical and mental damage, a decline in academic performance, quality of life, interpersonal tension, and other issues in college students. Nursing students, an important part of college students, must not only abide burdensome theoretical learning but also experience clinical practice. The clinical environment may cause them to experience stress and anxiety, and the initial clinical

identified groups of correlates of physical activity: a) demographic and biological factors, b) psychological, cognitive and emotional factors, c) attributes of behaviour and skills, d) social and cultural factors, e) environmental factors and f) characteristics of movement activity ( 30 , 31 , 32 ). Monitoring the determinants of physical activity of university students through the monitoring of the influence of obligatory passing of hours of movement activities in the subject of Health Education, as independent variables, together with health-related indicators

research project on the impact of SOC on quality-of-life and a self-perceived health in patients with MS at the Department of Neurology of the University Clinical Centre Maribor (UCCM), Slovenia, in the period of March to December 2013 ( 20 ). 2.1 Observed Population All members of the MS patient population, followed-up at the UCCM, which met the inclusion criteria similar to criteria in other MS quality-of-life studies (i.e. MS diagnosis established according to the McDonald’s criteria ( 21 ), age 18+ years, without MS exacerbation in the last month prior to the