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Jacek Białek

9. References Allen, R.G.D. 1975. Index Numbers in Theory and Practice . London: Macmillan Press. Balk, B.M. 1995. “Axiomatic Price Index Theory: A Survey.” International Statistical Review 63: 69–93. Doi: . Białek, J. 2012. “Proposition of the general formula for price indices.” Communications in Statistics: Theory and Methods 41(5): 943–952. Doi: . Boskin, M.J., E.R. Dulberger, R.J. Gordon, Z. Griliches, and D. Jorgenson. 1996. Toward a More Accurate

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Małgorzata Renigier-Biłozor and Radosław Wiśniewski

. Journal of Property Tax Assessment &Administration , 1 (2), 5-15 Calhoun, C.A. (2003). Property Valuation Models and House Price Indexes for The Provinces of Thailand: 1992-2000. Housing Finance International , 17. Curry, B., Morgan, P. & Silver, M. (2002). Neural networks and nonlinear statistical methods: An application to the modelling of pricequality relationships. Computers & Operations Research , 29. d’Amato, M. (2007). Comparing Rough Set Theory with Multiple Regression Analysis as Automated Valuation

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Polish Journal of Sport and Tourism

The Journal of Jozef Pilsudski University of Physial Education in Warsaw, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport in Biala Podlaska

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Ning Huang, Waruna Wimalaratne and Brent Pollard

(Ottawa group) in Wellington, New Zealand. ILO / IMF / OECD / IMECE / Eurostat / World Bank. 2004. Consumer Price Index Manual: Theory and Practice . Geneva: ILO. Ivancic, Lorraine, W. Erwin Diewert, and Kevin J. Fox. 2011. “Scanner Data, Time Aggregation and Construction of Price Indexes.” Journal of Econometrics 161(1): 24–35. Johansen, Ingvild, and Ragnhild Nygaard. 2011. Dealing with bias in the Norwegian superlative price index of food and non-alcoholic beverages . Paper presented at the 12th Meeting of the International Working Group on Price

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Atilla Cifter and Alper Ozun

Regression", Biometrica , 75, 335-446 Pollin, R. (1991). "Two Theories of Money Supply Endogeneity: Some Empirical Evidence." Journal of Post Keynesian Economics , 13(3), ss.366-396. Seyrek, I., Duman, M., ve Sarikaya, M. (2004), "Parasal Aktarim Mekanizmasi ve Para Politikasi Araci: Türkiye'de Aktarim Mekanizmasi", C.Ü. Iktisadi Idari Bilimler Dergisi, Cilt 5, Sayi 1 (in Turkish) Shanmugam, B., M. Nair, and O. W. Li (2003). "The Endogenous Money Hypothesis: Empirical Evidence from Malaysia

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Oksana Kuryj-Wysocka and Radosław Wiśniewski

References BEŁEJ, M., KULESZA, S., (2013), Modeling the Real Estate Prices in Olsztyn under Instability Conditions , Folia Oeconomica Stetinensia, Volume 11, Issue 1, Pages 61-72, ISSN (Online) 1898-0198, ISSN (Print) 1730-4237, DOI: 10.2478/v10031-012-0008-7. BULAN L., MAYER CH., SOMERVILLE T., 2009, Irreversible investment, real options, and competition: Evidence from real estate development , Journal of Urban Economics, vol. 65, issue 3, p. 237-251. GARBARSKI L., 1997, Wybór rynku docelowego przez

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Justyna Tanaś

References BOURASSA, S.C., HOESLI, M., SUN, J., 2006, A Simple Alternative House Price Index Method , Journal of Housing Economics, vol. 15, s. 80-97. CASE, B., WACHTER, S., 2005, Residential Real Estate Price Indices as Financial Soundness Indicators: Methodological Issues , BIS Paper, no 21, s. 197-211. GAWRON, H., 2012, Wpływ cech fizycznych działek na ceny gruntów budowlanych w aglomeracji miejskiej (na przykładzie aglomeracji poznańskiej ), in: ŹRÓBEK, S., (red.), Studia i materiały Towarzystwa

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Tomi Deutsch

). Johnson, P. 2015. UK Consumer Price Statistics: A Review. London: UK Statistics Authority. Available at: (accessed September 22, 2015). Kurz, C. and J. Hoffmann. 2004. A Rental-Equivalence Index for Owner-Occupied Housing in West Germany, 1985 to 1998. Vancouver: SSHRC International Conference on Index Number Theory and the Measurement of Prices and Productivity. Available at: https

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Rudi Seljak, Lea Bregar, Sanda Colić and Maja Dozet

), Zagreb. 3. Croatian Bureau of Statistics (2015). Methodological Notes on SPPI Production. Project Technical Assistance of Business Statistics and Upgrading of Data Collection System. Deliverable for project activity 1.2.2 (carried out by GOPA Consultants), Zagreb. 4. Croatian Bureau of Statistics (2017). Statistics in Line. Gross Domestic Product, Quarterly Gross Value Added, constant prices of previous year. 5. Diewert, W. E., Nakamura, A. O. (1993). Essays in Index Number Theory. Vol. I. Elsevier Science Publishers B.V. 6. European

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Iwona Dittmann

-detal.html, 7.08. 2012 php/promocja/z-cena-czy-bez-ceny-oto-jest-pytanie 25.01.2010,1,4692,0,pl,-zaproponuj-swoja-cene-nowy-pomysl-deweloperow-na-przyciagnieciekupujacych.html YAVAŞ A., YANG S., 1995, The Strategic Role of Listing Price in Marketing Real Estate: Theory and Evidence , Real Estate Economics, vol. 23, issue 3