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Ricardo Ferraz and António Portugal Duarte

:// 11. Krouse, S. (2012). Investing in ‘PIIGS’: Portugal . Retrieved from’PIIGS’portugal?ea9c8a2de0ee111045601ab04d673622 12. Reinhart, C., & Rogoff, K. (2010). Growth in a time of debt. American Economic Review , 100 (2), 573–578. 13. Roubini, N., & Mihm, S. (2011). Can Europe be saved? Retrieved from

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Isabel Babo and Célia Taborda Silva

References Babo, I. (2015). Espectadores e Públicos Activos, Lisboa: Editora Nova Vega. Babo, I. e Silva, C.T. (2015). Public Sphere and Collective Action. the Portuguese Movement of the ‘15th September’, Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences. Vol.6, nº 6 S5, dezembro 2015, 425-433. Cardon, D. (2011). La démocratie internet. Paris: Seuil. Cardon, D. e Granjon, F. (2013). Médactivistes. Paris: Sciences Po, Les Presses. Castells, M. (2009). Comunicación y poder, Alianza Editorial

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V. Valadas, P. Vieira, S. Oliveira and M. Mota

., Boyle, S., Vieira, P., Kakouli-Duarte, T., Mota, M. (2007): First report of an entomopathogenic nematode from continental Portugal. Helminthologia, 44: 226–229 [11] White, G. F. (1929): A method for obtaining infective nematode larvae from cultures. Science, 66: 302–303

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C. Cruz, C. Barbosa and A. Saraiva

off Portugal. J. Appl. Ichthyol., 18: 14–23 [6] Cattan, P. E., Carvajal, J. (1984): A study of the migration of larval Anisakis simplex (Nematoda: Ascaridida) in the Chilean hake, Merluccius gayi (Guichenot). J. Fish Biol., 24: 649–654 [7] Cruz, C., Vaz, A., Saraiva, A. (2005): Larval anisakids from horse mackerel in Portugal. Helminthologia, 42: 3–7 [8] Fernández, M., Aznar, F. J

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., Aguiar A.M.F., Carvalho P., Jardim R., Melo I., Oliveira P., Sérgio C., Serrano A.R.M. & Vieira P. (eds): Listagem dos fungos, flora e fauna terrestres dos arquipélagos da Madeira e Selvagens. A list of the terrestrial fungi, flora and fauna of Madeira and Selvagens archipelagos. 440 pp. Direcção Regional do Ambiente da Madeira and Universidade dos Açores, Funchal and Angra do Heroísmo, 440 pp. (in Portuguese and English). Eiroa E. & Báez M. (2002): Limoniidae, pp. 54-57. In Car les-Tolrá M. (ed.): Catálogo de los Diptera de España, Portugal y Andorra

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Maria Manuela Mendes, Olga Magano and Pedro Candeias

REFERENCES Alto-Comissário para a Imigração e Diálogo Intercultural (ACIDI) (2013). Estratégia Nacional para a Integração dos Ciganos . Lisbon: Secretary of State of the Deputy Minister and Parliamentary Affairs / ACIDI. Bastos, J. G. P. (2007). Sintrenses Ciganos: uma Abordagem Estrutural-dinâmica. Sintra: Câmara Municipal de Sintra, Divisão de Saúde e Acção Social. Bastos, J. P. (ed.) (2012). Portugueses ciganos e ciganofobia em Portugal . Lisboa: Edições Colibri. Bjerkan, L., and Huitfeldt, A. (2004). Roma Minorities in the Czech

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Maria Adelaide Pedrosa Silva Duarte and Marta Cristina Nunes Simões

transformation and aggregate productivity in portugal. Portuguese Economic Journal, 6 (1), pp. 23-46. Durlauf, S., P.A. Johnson and J. Temple. 2005. Growth econometrics. In: P. Aghion and S. Durlauf, eds. Handbook of economic growth. Amsterdam: North-Holland, Chapter 8, pp. 555-677. Dutt, A.K. and K.Y. Lee. 1993. The service sector and economic growth: Some cross-section evidence. International Review of Applied Economics, 7 (3), pp. 311-29. Echevarria, C. 1997. Changes in sectoral composition associated with economic growth

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Susana Costa e Silva and Lucénio Saraiva

REFERENCES Activa. (2012) Os portugueses vistos pelos sites estrangeiros. August 30: 12. Agis, D. et al. (2010) Vestindo o future: Microtendências para as indústrias têxtil, vestuário e moda até 2020. Porto. Ahmed, S. A. and A. d′Astous. (1995) “Comparison of country of origin effects on household and organizational buyers′ product perceptions.” European Journal of Marketing 29(3): 35-51. Ansoff, I. (1957) Strategies for diversifications. Harvard Business Review. 35 (5): 113-124 Arriscado P., Conde R., Galante B. 2003. “The “Made in

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V. Valadas, S. Boyle, P. Vieira, T. Kakouli-Duarte and M. Mota


In continental Portugal no information is available concerning the occurrence of entomopathogenic nematodes. During a survey in several different habitats from the southern regions of the country, several isolates where identified as Steinernema feltiae. This represents the first report of an entomopathogenic nematode genus for continental Portugal.

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Ricardo Almendra, Paula Santana, Elisabete Freire and João Vasconcelos

References Alcorn, K., Gerrard, J., Macbeth, D. and Steele, M., 2013. Seasonal variation in health care-associated bloodstream infection: increase in the incidence of gram-negative bacteremia in nonhospitalized patients during summer. In: American Journal of Infection Control, Volume 41, Issue 12, pp. 1205-1208. DOI: Almendra, R., Santana, P., Vasconcelos, J. and Freire, E., 2015. Seasonal mortality patterns due to diseases of the circulatory system in Portugal. In: Geography