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K.V. Prasad, P. Mallikarjun and H. Vaidya

, vol.13, pp.419-432. [13] Özişik M.N. (1987): Interaction of radiation with convection . – In: Hand book of Single-Phase Convective Heat Transfer (Kakaç, S.; Shah, R.K.; Aung W., Eds.). Wiley, New York, pp.19.1-19.3. [14] Zhou J.K. (1986): Differential transform and its applications for electrical circuits . – Wuhan, Huarjung University Press. [15] Arikoglu A. and Ozkol I. (2010): Vibration analysis of composite sandwich beams with viscoelastic core by using differential transform method . – Composite Structures, vol.92, pp.3031–3039. [16

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P. Obara and W. Gilewski

). [18] B. Nayak, S.K., Dwivedy, and K.S.R.K. Murth, “Dynamic stability of magnetorheological elastome based adaptive sandwich beam with conductive skinsusing FEM and the harmonic balanc method”, International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 77, 205–216 (2013). [19] E. Magnucka-Blandzi, “Dynamic stability and static stress state of a sandwich beam with a metal foam core using three modified Timoshenko hypotheses”, Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures 18, 147–158 (2011). [20] S.C. Mohanty, R.R. Dash, and T. Rout, “Static and dynamic stability

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Abdelkrim El Mouatasim, Rachid Ellaia and Eduardo de Cursi

, SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization 28 (4): 841-850. El Mouatasim, A. and Al-Hossain, A. (2009). Reduced gradient method for minimax estimation of a bounded Poisson mean, Journal of Statistics: Advances in Theory and Applications 2 (2): 183-197. El Mouatasim, A., Ellaia, R. and Souza de Cursi, J. (2006). Random perturbation of variable metric method for unconstrained nonsmooth nonconvex optimization, International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science 16 (4): 463

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Agnieszka Wójtowicz

References ASTM D63805:2008. Standard test method for tensile properties of plastics . ASTM D882:2010. Standard test method for tensile properties of thin plastic sheeting. Brennan, J., Day, B. (2006). Packaging. In: Food Processing Handbook . Ed. J. Brennan, WILEYVCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim, Germany, 291-350. Butler T.I., Morris B.A. (2013). PE-based multilayer film structures. In: Plastic Films in Food Packaging. Materials. Technology and Applications. Ed. Ebnesajjad S., Plastics Design Library, Elsevier Inc., Oxford, UK

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Alaattin Esen and Orkun Tasbozan

and wave equations by modified homotopy perturbation method, Phys. Lett. A 370 (2007), 388-396. [11] Kilbas A.A., Srivastava H.M., Trujillo J.J., Theory and applications of fractional differential equations, Elsevier, Amsterdam, 2006. [12] Logan D.L., A first course in the finite element method, Fourth edition, Thomson, Toronto 2007. [13] Machado J.A.T., Silva M.F., Barbosa R.S., Jesus I.S., Reis C.M., Marcos M.G., Galhano A.F., Some applications of fractional calculus in engineering, Math. Probl. Eng. 2010, Article ID

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Yebegaeshet T. Zerihun

References Abramowitz, M., Stegun, I.A., 1972. Handbook of Mathematical Functions with Formulas, Graphs and Mathematical Tables. 10th edition, Wiley, New York, NY. Anh, T.N., Hosoda, T., 2007. Depth-averaged model of openchannel flows over an arbitrary 3-D surface and its applications to analysis of water surface profile. J. Hydr. Engrg., 133, 4, 350-360. Berger, R.C., Carey, G.F., 1998. Free-surface flow over curved surfaces-Part I: Perturbation analysis. Int. J. Numer. Meth. Fluids, 28, 2, 191

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A. Posłuszny, A. Myśliwiec, E. Saulicz, G. Mikołajowski, P. Linek, M. Saulicz and Myśliwiec Andrzej

instruction and predictability of the perturbation. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 1993; 74: 391-399. 16. Lee Y, Gong W, Jeon J. Correlations between Forward Head Posture, Range of Motion of Cervicospinal Area, Resting State, and Concentrations of the Brain. J Phys Ther Sci 2011; 23: 481. 17. Lewit K. Terapia manualna w rehabilitacji chorób narządu ruchu (red Stodolny J). Wydawnictwo ZL Natura, Kielce 2001. 18. Levoska S, Keinanen-Kiukaanniemi S, Hamalainen 0, Jamsa T, Vanharanta H. Reliability ofa simple method of measuring isometric

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Itumeleng Setilo, Oluwaseyi Michael Oderinde and Freek Cp du Plessis

, Rosenwald J. Handbook of Radiotherapy Physics: Theory and Practice. Taylor and Francis group, 2007. [18] ISP. Gafchromic EBT2 Self-developing film for radiotherapy dosimetry. 1361 Alps Road Wayne, New Jersey, USA, 2009. [19] Aland T, Kairn T, Kenny J. Evaluation of a Gafchromic EBT2 film dosimetry system for radiotherapy quality assurance. Australas Phys Eng Sci Med. 2011;34(2):251-260. [20] Chetty IJ, Charland PM. Investigation of Kodak Extended Dose Range (EDR) Film for Megavoltage Photon Beam Dosimetry. Phys Med Biol. 2002;47(20):3629-3641. [21

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J. Alejandro Butanda, Carlos Málaga and Ramón G. Plaza

mechanism seems to suppress the branching of the colony when the chemotactic signal toward nutrient is stronger. For that purpose, we make some approximations, which include the derivation of an effective scalar equation for the bacterial density (thanks to the balanced production of bacteria and consumption of nutrient), and the approximation of a smooth envelope front by a locally planar traveling front (cf. [ 7 ]). We employ energy estimates at the level of the resulting spectral equations which show that the front is spectrally stable under transversal perturbations

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Tahar Dahame, Bachir Bentria, Houda Faraoun, Ali Benghia and A.H. Reshak

investigated compound and found a birefringence of the order of 0.04. Furthermore, they measured the second order NLO coefficients and found d 31 = 36 pm/V and d 36 = 28 pmV. On the other hand, in 1993, Bolcatto et al. [ 11 ] used tight-binding method to calculate the electronic structures of the MPS 4 (M = B, Al, Ga, and In) thiophosphate family. In 2000, Lavrentyev et al. [ 12 ], investigated both experimentally and theoretically X-ray absorption near edge structure (XANES) of K-absorption spectra of P and S atoms in InPS 4 and in 2003 they focused their research on