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Rosa Dorta-Vásquez, Oscar Valbuena and Domenico Pavone-Maniscalco

References 1. Martínez Y, Rivero C. Efecto del uso de lodo papelero sobre el contenido de N, P, K en dos suelos de importancia en la Cuenca del Lago de Valencia. Rev Tec Fac Ing Univ 2007; 30: 63-70. 2. Ochoa J. Feasibility of recycling pulp and paper mill sludge in the paper and board industries. Resour Conserv Recy 2008; 52(7): 965-972. 3. Shin C, Lee J, Lee J, Park S. Enzyme production of Trichoderma reesei Rut C-30 on various lignocellulosic substrates. Appl Biochem Micro 2000; 84-86: 237-245. 4. Lee S, Koo Y, Lin J. Production of

Open access

Inese Sable, Uldis Grinfelds, Laura Vikele, Linda Rozenberga, Dagnija Lazdina, Martins Zeps and Aris Jansons

References Abolina, E., Volk, T.A., Lazdina, D. 2015. GIS based agricultural land availability assessment for the establishment of short rotation woody crops in Latvia. – Biomass and Bioenergy, 72, 263–272. Ai, J., Tschirner, U. 2010. Fiber length and pulping characteristics of switchgrass, alfalfa stems, hybrid poplar and willow biomasses. – Bioresource Technology, 101(1), 215–221. Bārdule, A., Lazdiņa, D., Bārdulis, A., Lazdiņš, A., Vīksna A. 2012. Utilization of wood ash, sewage sludge and digestate in short rotation bioenergy plantation in