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Maureen Maloney and Alma McCarthy

Introduction Pension coverage refers to the percentage of people in employment contributing to an occupational or personal pension scheme. The last major initiative to increase pension coverage in Ireland occurred following the enactment of the Pension (Amendment) Act 2002 that introduced Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA). The legislation required all employers who did not offer a pension as a benefit to organise access to a PRSA for their employees. Policy makers were particularly interested in small employers because reports dating back to 1995

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Michał Chmielecki and Marcin Lisowski

Paul Greenberg CRM at the speed of light - Social CRM strategy, IV edition Mc Graw Hill, 2010 Sułkowski, Ł.,The problems of epistemology of corporate culture, Journal of Intercultural Management, Vol. 1, No. 1, April 2009, 01.06.2013 21.01.2013 30.07.2012 /2013

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Kofi Ampadu Boateng and Petra Hlaváčková

: Broadview Press. Weiner M. (2006): Unleashing the power of PR: A contrarian’s guide to marketing and communication. John Wiley & Sons. Yann A. (2012): About Public Relations. Public Relations Society of America, PRSA. [online]. Available at: . (Accessed on October, 14).

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Václav Stříteský, Adriana Stránská and Peter Drábik

Commercialia Bratislavensia, 4 (16), 590. Wright, D., & Hinson, M. (2008). How Blogs and Social Media are Changing Public Relations and the Way it is Practiced. Public Relations Journal, 2 (2). Retrieved January 27, 2015, from . Young, A. (2010). Brand media strategy . New York: St. Martin’s Press LLC. Zenithoptomeida (2014). Počet tabletů a smartphonů se má do 2015 zdvojnásobit . Retrieved February 6, 2015, from http

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Petra Morschheuser and Joern Redler

. Corporate Communications, 6(1), 24-30. 28. Gray, E.R. (1986). Managing the Corporate Image. Westport: Quorum. 29. Gray, E.R.; Balmer, J.M.R. (1998). Managing corporate image and corporate reputation, Long Range Planning, 31(5), 695-702. 30. Grochla, E. (1972). Unternehmensorganisation, Neue Ansätze und Konzeptionen. Reinbek: Rowohlt Verlag. 31. Grunig, J.E.; Hung, C.F. (2002). The effect of relationships on reputation and reputation on relationships: A cognitive, behavioural study. Paper presented at the PRSA

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N.S. Awadalla, M.A. Hanna, M.N. Ismail, I.A. Hassan and M.A. Elkhamisy

given by Hanna and Awadalla [ 11 ]. Fig. 3 The best match between the synthetic light curves and the observed light curves of binary IK Boo. The rectangle shows a hump like distortion in all the LCs. 3 Light curve analysis The observed light curves of IK Boo indicate typical short period (7 h . 27) W UMa eclipsing binary with narrow minima and broad maxima. To find the geometrical and physical parameters for the system, we proceed to solve the light curves simultaneously using the software PHOEBE (Prša and Zwitter [ 19 ]). First, we have to

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Das Internet in Deutschland

Regionale Strukturen und Wachstumsmuster — das Beispiel der „.de-Domains”

Christian Langhagen-Rohrbach

:// (14.2.2002) Parr, J.B. (1973): Growth poles, Regional Development, and Central Theory. In: PRSA, Vol. XXXI 10.1007/BF01943249 Parr, J.B. (1973): Growth poles, Regional Development, and Central Theory. In: PRSA, Vol. XXXI Rauh, J.: Institut für Länderkunde. Deiters, J.; Gräf, P.; Löffler, G.: Standorte und Teilnetze privater Telefonanbieter und Citycarrier. Verkehr und Kommunikation. 2001. Heidelberg, Berlin, Spektrum. 54–55 Rauh J. Institut für Länderkunde Deiters J. Gräf P. Löffler G. Standorte und Teilnetze privater Telefonanbieter