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The Crati River Basin: geomorphological and stratigraphical data for the Plio–Quaternary evolution of northern Calabria, South Apennines, Italy

., Fabbri A., Rossi S. & Sartori R. 1982: Geological structure and evolution of the marine areas adjacent to the Calabrian Arc. Earth Evolution Science 3, 207–221. Barone M., Dominici R., Muto F. & Critelli S. 2008: Detrital modes in a late Miocene wedge-top basin, northeastern Calabria, Italy: compositional record of wedge-top partitioning. J. Sed. Res. 78, 693–711 Bonardi G., Cavazza W., Perrone V. & Rossi R. 2001: Calabria-Peloritani Terrane and Northern Ionian Sea. In: Vai G.B. & Martini I.P. (Eds.): Anatomy of an Orogen: The Apennines and Adjacent

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The Festuco-Brometea Grasslands on Sandstone and Marl-Clay-Sandstone Substrata in Tuscany (Northern-Central Italy)

. & Assini, S. 2013: Montane grasslands in the northern Apennine: syntaxonomy, syncorology and synecology. Hacquetia (in press). Becker, T., Schmiege, C., Bergmeier, E., Dengler, J. & Nowak, B. 2012: Nutrient-poor grasslands on siliceous soil in the lower Aar valley (Middle Hesse, Germany) - Neglected vegetation types in the intersection range of four classes.Tuexenia 32: 281−318. Biondi, E., Allegrezza, M., Guitian, J. & Taffetani, F. 1988: La vegetazione dei calanchi di Sasso Simone e Simoncello (Appennino toscomarchigiano

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Long-term geomorphological evolution in the Abruzzo area, Central Italy: twenty years of research

References Amato V., Aucelli P.P.C., Cesarano M., Jicha B., Lebreton V., Orain R., Pappone G., Petrosino P. & Russo Ermolli E. 2014: Quaternary evolution of the largest intermontane basin of the Molise Apennine (central-southern Italy). Special Issue: Intermontane Basins: Quaternary morphoevolution of Central-Southern Italy. In: Aucelli P.P.C., Della Seta M., Giano S.I. & Schiattarella M. (Eds.): Rendiconti Lincei — Scienze Fisiche e Naturali 25, 2, 197–216. APAT 2006a: Geological Map of Italy, scale 1:50,000, Sheet 359 “L’Aquila”. APAT Servizio

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Foraminifera from the Norian–Rhaetian reef carbonates of the Taurus Mountains (Saklıkent, Turkey)

Geol. Acad. Sci. Hungarica 24, 2–4, 389–394. Bérczi-Makk A. 1996a: Foraminifera of the Triassic formation of Alsó Hill (Northern Hungary). Part 3: Foraminifer assemblage of the basinal facies. Acta Geol. Hungarica 39, 4, 413–459. Bérczi-Makk A. 1996b: Foraminifera of the Triassic formations of Alsó Hill (Northern Hungary). Part 2: Foraminifer assemblage of the Wetterstein Limestone Formation. Acta Geol. Hungarica 39, 3, 223–309. Bernecker M. 1996: Upper Triassic Reefs of the Oman Mountains: Data from the South Tethyan Margin. Facies 34, 41

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Biometrics Variation and Directional Preferences of Immature Robins (Erithacus rubecula) Caught in Northern Italy during Autumn Migration in 2005

, Milano. Scebba S., Olivieri del Castillo M. 1983. Wintering and migration of Robin in Italy: analysis of recaptures. Atti III Conv. Ital. Orn.: 105-106. Schubert M., Fedrigo A., Massa R. 1986. Timing and pattern of the post-breeding migration of some species of passerines through Lombardy, Northern Italy. Ring. & Migr.   7 : 15-22. Svensson L. 1992. Identification Guide to the European Passerines. Svensson, Stockholm. Ściborska M., Busse P. 2004. Intra

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Directional Preferences of the Robin (Erithacus rubecula) and the Blackcap (Sylvia atricapilla) During Autumn Migration at Arosio (N Italy) in 2005

Orientation of Blackcaps (Sylvia atricapilla): Population-specific Shifts of Direction during the Autumn. Ethology   82 : 307-315. Huttunen M.J. 2004. Orientation and migratory activity of Song Trushes (Turdus philomelos) in northern Italy: cage and release experiments under overcast conditions. Ring   26 , 1: 23-39. Kramer G. 1949. Uber richtungstendenzen bei der nähtlichem Zugunruhe gekäftiger Vögel. In: Ornithologie als Biologische Wissenschaft. Heidelberg. Mokwa K. 2004. Migration

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Pliocene –Pleistocene geomorphological evolution of the Adriatic side of Central Italy

characterization of the Quaternary intermontane basins in the Umbria-Marche Apennines (Italy). Rend. Fis. Acc. Lincei 25, Suppl. 2, 111–128. Bally A.W., Burbi L., Cooper C. & Ghelardoni P. 1986: Balanced sections and seismic reflections profiles across the Central Apennines. Mem. Soc. Geol. Ital. 35, 257–310. Bartolini C. 1980: About some summital surfaces of the northern Apennine. Geogr. Fis. Dinam. Quat . 3, 42–60 (in Italian). Bernini M., Clerici A., Papani G., & Sgavetti M. 1977: Analysis of the plane-altimetric distribution of western Emilian Apennine

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New morphostratigraphic and chronological constraints for the Quaternary paleosurfaces of the Molise Apennine (southern Italy)

., Rosskopf C.M. & Russo Ermolli E. 2010: Quaternary evolution of the Molise Apennine (southern Italy): new constraints from the Sessano intra-mountain basin. Geomorphology , submitted. Antonucci A., De Corso S., Di Luzio E., Lenci F., Sansonne P., Scrocca D. & Tozzi M. 2000: The Montagnola di Frosolone and the northern Matese massif: new data on the Molise geology. Boll. Soc. Geol. Ital. 119, 637-654 (in Italian). Ascione A. & Cinque A. 1999: Tectonics and erosion in the long term relief history of the Southern

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Geomorphological, mineralogical, and geochemical evidence of Pleistocene weathering conditions in the southern Italian Apennines

References Amato A. & Cinque A. 1999: Erosional landsurfaces of Campano-Lucano Apennines (S. Italy): genesis, evolution and tectonic implications. Tectonophysics 315, 251-267. Barnhisel R.I. & Bertsch P.M. 1989: Chlorites and hydroxy-interlayered vermiculite and smectite. In: Dixon J.B. & Weed S.B. (Eds.): Minerals in soils environments. Soil Sci. Soc. Amer. , Madison, WI, 2 nd edn., 729-788. Bhattacharyya T., Pal D.K. & Deshpande S.B. 2006: Genesis and transformation of

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Long-term landscape evolution of the Molise sector of the central-southern Apennines, Italy

References Amato A. & Cinque A. 1999: Erosional landsurfaces of the Campano-Lucano Apennines: genesis, evolution and tectonic implications. Tectonophysics 315, 251–267. Amato V., Aucelli P.P.C., Cesarano M., Pappone G., Rosskopf C.M. & Russo Ermolli E. 2011: The Sessano intramontane basin: new multi-proxy data for the Quaternary evolution of the Molise sector of the Central-Southern Apennines (Italy). Geomorphology 128, 15–31. Amato V., Aucelli P.P.C., Russo Ermolli E., Rosskopf C.M., Cesarano M. & Pappone G. 2012: Quaternary morpho

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