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Joshua Williams and Sharlene D. Newman

unit Charles-Luce, J., & Luce, P. A. (1995). An examination of similarity neighbourhoods in young children’s receptive vocabularies. Journal of Child Language , 22 , 727-735. Chen, Q., & Mirman, D. (2012). Competition and cooperation among similar representations: toward a unified account of facilitative and inhibitory effects of lexical neighbors. Psychological review , 119 (2), 417. De Cara, B., & Goswami, U. (2003). Phonological neighbourhood density effects in a rhyme awareness task in five-year-old children. Journal of Child Language , 30

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Nils Hans, Heike Hanhörster, Jan Polívka and Sabine Beißwenger

Göttingen 183 – 199 = Soziale Welt: Sonderband 2 Buck, N. (2001): Identifying Neighbourhood Effects on Social Exclusion. In: Urban Studies 38, 12, 2251-2275. 10.1080/00420980120087153 Buck N. 2001 Identifying Neighbourhood Effects on Social Exclusion Urban Studies 38 12 2251 2275 10.1080/00420980120087153 Butler, T.; Robson, G. (2003): London calling. The middle-classes and the re-making of inner London. Oxford. Butler T. Robson G. 2003 London calling. The middle-classes and the re-making of inner London Oxford Castells, M. (1996

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Katarzyna Olbińska

, Property-Value Impacts of an Environmental Disamenity: The Case of Landfills , Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, Vol. 22, No. 2/3, pp. 185-202. JIM C. Y., CHEN W. Y., 2007, Consumption preferences and environmental externalities: A hedonic analysis of the housing market in Guangzhou , Geoforum, No. 38, pp. 414–431. JIM C. Y., CHEN W. Y., 2010, External effects of neighbourhood parks and landscape elements on high-rise residential value , Land Use Policy, No. 27, pp. 662–670. KAUFMAN D. A., CLOUTIER N. R., 2006, The Impact of Small Brownfields

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Tolulope Osayomi and Maryanne A. Orhiere

-40. Glazier R.H., Creatore M.I., Weyman, J.T., Fazli, G; Matheson, F.I., and Gozdyra, P., 2014: Density, destinations or Both? A Comparison of measures of Walkability in Relation to Transportation Behaviors, obesity and Diabetes in Toronto, Canada. In: PLoS ONE, Vol. 9(1), pp. 1-9. DOI: Hanibuchi, T., Kondo, K., Nakaya, T., Nakade, M., Ojima, T., Hirai, H. and Kawachi, I., 2011: Neighborhood food environment and body mass index among Japanese older adults: results from the Aichi Gerontological Evaluation Study

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Nicholas Karachalis and Alex Deffner

. & Pratt A.C., 2005. Cultural industries and cultural policy. International Journal of Cultural Policy, 11 (1): 1-13. Iveson K., 2010. Graffiti , street art and the city: Introduction. City, 14 (1-2): 25-32. Karachalis N., 2007. Culture and local development: The role of cultural quarters and tourist areas in the contemporary city . PhD thesis, Panteion University of Athens, Athens (in Greek). Karachalis N., 2011. The regeneration of inner city neighbourhoods and the role of cultural industries: The case of Psiri in

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Gerald Mollenhorst and Veronique Schutjens

neighborhood situations: a comparison of local entrepreneurs and (un)employed residents’, Journal of Economic and Social Geography TESG , 105 (3), pp. 349–357. SLEUTJES, B. (2012), ‘Neighbourhood effects on firm success and strategy’, PhD dissertation, Utrecht: Utrecht University. SLEUTJES, B. and SCHUTJENS, V. (2013), ‘Anchoring of firms in the neighbourhood: Does local social and physical order affect local firms’ investment strategies?’ European Planning Studies 21: 1256–1275. SLEUTJES, B., VAN OORT, F. and SCHUTJENS, V. (2012a), ‘A place for area

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Jana Spilková

References: BLACK, J. L., MACINKO, J. (2008): Neighborhoods and obesity. Nutrition Reviews, 66: 2–20. BOOTH, K. M., PINKSTON, M. M., POSTON, W. S. C. (2005): Obesity and the built environment. Journal of the American Dietetic Association, 105: 110–117 BROWNSON, R. C., HOEHNER, C. M., DAY, K., FORSYTH, A., SALLIS, J. F. (2009): Measuring the built environment for physical activity: state of the science. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 36: S99–S123. COLE, T. J., BELIZZI, M. C., FLEGAL, K. M., DIETZ, W. H. (2000): Establishing a

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Mihai-Bogdan Iovu and Maria Roth

neighborhoods. American Behavioral Scientist 35 (3): 238-257. Coulton, Claudia J., David S. Crampton, Molly Irwin, James C. Spilsbury and Jill E. Korbin. 2007. How neighbourhoods influence child maltreatment: A review of the literature and alternative pathways. Child Abuse and Neglect 31 (11-12): 1117-1142. Deccio, Gary, William C. Horner and Dee Wilson. 1994. High-risk neighborhoods and high-risk families: Replication research related to the human ecology of child maltreatment. Journal of Social Service Research 18 (3-4): 123

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Maria Wyczałkowska and Bożena Janda-Dębek

Environmental Psychology, 19 , 331‒352. Bonaiuto, M., Fornara, F. & Bonnes, M. (2003). Indexes of Perceived Residential Environment Quality and Neighbourhood Attachment in Urban Environments: a Conformation Study on the City of Rome, Landscape and Urban Planning, 65 , 41‒52. Bonaiuto, M., Bonnes, M. & Fornara, F. (2010). Cross-Validation of Abbreviated Perceived Residential Environment Quality (PREQ) and Neighborhood Attachment (NA) Indicators. Environment and Behavior, 42 , 171‒196. Cladeira, T. (1996). Fortified Enclaves: The New Urban Segregation. In

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Jacek Kotus, Tomasz Sowada, Michał Rzeszewski and Patrycja Mańkowska

. Anguelovski I., 2013. From environmental trauma to safe haven: Place attachment and place remaking in three marginalized neighborhoods of Barcelona, Boston, and Havana. City and Community 12(3): 211–237. Block P., 2009. Community: The structure of belonging . Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Oakland. Clark J., Kearns A., Cleland C., 2016. Spatial scale, time and process in mega-events: The complexity of host community perspectives on neighbourhood change. Cities 53: 87–97. Davies N., 1981. God’s playground. A history of Poland. 1795 to the present . Vol