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Old and New Criteria for the Governance of Political and Economic Structures on the Basis of the Bible and the Quran

. ARROYO, C. G.–STERNBERG, R. J. 1993. Against All Odds: a View of the Gifted Disadvantaged. In: Wallace, B.–Adams, H. B. (eds), Worldwide Perspectives on the Gifted Disadvantaged . Bicester, UK: AB Academic Publishers. 29–43. ASAD, M. 1980. The Message of the Qur’an . Gibraltar: Dar al-Andalus. BALALA, M.-H. 2011. Islamic Finance and Law. Theory and Practice in a Globalized World . New York: Palgrave Macmillan. BEN-DOR, G.–PEDAHZUR, A. 2008. Az iszlám fundamentalizmus egyedisége és a nemzetközi terrorizmus negyedik hulláma. In: Krizmanits J. (ed

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Beyond Assimilation and Integration: The Shift to ‘National’ and ‘Transnational’ Inclusion

References AREND-STÓTH, J.-VAN DE VIJVER, F. 2003. Multiculturalism and Acculturation: Views of Dutch and Turkish-Dutch. European Journal of Social Psychology 33(2): 249-266. BASCH, L.-GLICK SCHILLER, N.-SZANTON BLANC, C. 2008. Transnational Projects: A New Perspective and Theoretical Premises. In: Khagram, S.-Levitt, P. (eds), The Transnational Studies Reader: Intersections & Innovations. New York: Routledge, pp. 261-272. Berry, J. 1980. Acculturation as Varieties of Adaptation. In: Padilla, A. (ed

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State Traditions and Language Regimes: A Historical Institutionalism Approach to Language Policy

Press. BROWN, Michael E.-GANGULY, Sumit (eds). 2003. Fighting Words: Language Policy and Ethnic Relations in Asia. Cambridge: MIT Press. CARDINAL, Linda. 2010. Language Policy-Making and Planning in Quebec and in Canada. In: Rudy Jarrett, Stephan Gervais, Christopher Kirkey (eds), Quebec Questions. Quebec Studies for the Twenty First Century. 186-203. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 2015. State Tradition and Language Regime in Canada. In: Linda Cardinal, Selma K. Sonntag (eds), State Traditions and Language Regimes. 29-43. Montreal

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