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Studies of Changing Societies
The Journal of Olga Guzhva
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How Does Place Matter to Highly Skilled Migrants?
Work/non-work experiences of international physicians in Norway and Sweden

. 2, pp. 145-163, DOI:10.1111/glob.12109. Berbyuk Lindström, N 2008, Intercultural communication in health care: non-Swedish physicians in Sweden , Gothenburg University, Gothenburg. Berbyuk, N, Allwood, J & Edebäck, C 2005, ‘Being a non-Swedish physician in Sweden: a comparison of the views on work related communication of non-Swedish physicians and Swedish health care personnel’, Journal of Intercultural Communication , vol. 1, no. 8, pp. 191-207. Brücker, H, Bertoli, S, Facchini, G, Mayda, AM & Peri, G 2012, ‘Global trends in highly skilled

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Best friend’s and family members’ smoking habits and parental divorce during childhood are associated with smoking in adulthood


AIMS - Smoking initiation during childhood or adolescence is strongly associated with friends’ smoking. Likewise, adverse living conditions increase the likelihood of future deviant behaviour. We examine whether smoking by a best friend and family members during school years as well as adverse childhood experiences are associated with smoking in adulthood. DATA AND DESIGN - We have analysed the responses of Finnish working-aged respondents in 1998 (N=25901) and 2003 (N=20773) to questions on the smoking status of friends and family members during school years as well as their answers on a six-item scale of childhood adversities. A case-control study design was used to compare current cigarette smokers (1998 and 2003) to non-smokers (1998 and 2003). RESULTS - If a best friend during school years was a smoker, the subject’s odds ratio (OR) of being a smoker in adulthood was 4.43 among females and 3.91 among males compared to those with a non-smoking best friend in multivariate models adjusted for smoking by family members during school years and by six childhood adversities. These associations did not differ by age. Smoking in adulthood was associated with childhood adversities, most strongly with parental divorce or separation during the subjects’ school years. CONCLUSION - Smoking by a best friend and parental divorce or separation during school years appears to be a strong factor of smoking in later life.

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At-risk and problem gambling among Finnish youth: The examination of risky alcohol consumption, tobacco smoking, mental health and loneliness as gender-specific correlates Black, D. W., Shaw, M., McCormick, B., & Allen, J. (2013). Pathological gambling: Relationship to obesity, self-reported chronic medical conditions, poor lifestyle choices, and impaired quality of life. Comprehensive Psychiatry, 54, 97-104. Blaszczynski, A., & Nower, L. (2002). A Pathways Model of problem and pathological gambling. Addiction, 97(5), 487-499. Blinn-Pike, L., Worthy, S. L., & Jonkman, J. N. (2010). Adolescent gambling: A review of an emerging field of research

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Swiss Journal of Sociology
Revue Suisse de sociologie/ Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Soziologie
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Book Reviews

References Crenshaw, K 1991, ‘Mapping the margins: intersectionality, identity politics, and violence against women of color’, Stanford Law Review, vol. 43, no. 6, pp. 1241-1299. Davis, AY 1983, Women, race & class , Vintage, New York. Hooks, B 1984, Feminist theory from margin to center , South End, Boston. Hübinette, T & Lundström, C 2014, ‘Three phases of hegemonic whiteness: understanding racial temporalities in Sweden’, Social Identities, vol. 20, no. 6, pp. 423-437. Mohanty, CT, Russo, A & Torres, L 1991, Third world

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Containing Otherness Through Rational Detection: Feminine Characters in Arthur Conan Doyle

References Alfar, C. L. 2003. Fantasies of Female Evil: The Dynamics of Gender and Power in Shakespearean Tragedy. Newark: University of Delaware Press. Clausson, N. ‘The Case of the Anormalous Narrative: Gothic “Surmise” and Trigonometric “Proof” in Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Musgrave Ritual’ in Victorian Newsletter . Spring 2005, Issue 107. Doyle, A. C. 1994. The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes . W. W. Robson (ed.). Oxford: Oxford University Press. Doyle, A. C. 1915. The Hound of the

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The Post-Literary Era, Leonardo’s Paradigm From Comparative Cultural Studies to Post-literary Study. Gilles Deleuze and Central-European Thought. Post-literature.

References Bohm, D. (1992). Thought as a System . London: Routledge. Chomsky, N. (1991). Problems of Knowledge and Freedom . New York: Pantheon Books. Codrescu, A. (2001). interview by Lidia Vianu, . Connor, S. (1999). Cultura postmoderna . O introducere in teoriile contemporane. Trad. Mihaela Oniga. Bucuresti: Meridiane, Bucuresti. Curci, Luca: Deleuze, G., Guattari, F. (1998). Ce este filosofia? . Trad. Magdalena Marculescu-Cojocea. Targoviste : Editura Pandora. Foarta, S

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Financing As One Of The Key Success Factors Of Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises

References Abrams, R. (2004) Six-Week Start-Up, Planning Shop, Palo Alto, 33 Accounting Concepts and Conventions, Accounting Word, On line: Brodsky, N. (2009) Our Irrational Fear of Numbers, Inc., 33 Davis, E. (1988) Dodging the Bullet, Venture, 78 Drucker, P. F. (1992) Inovacije i poduzetnistvo. [Innovation and entrepreneurship] Globus. Zagreb, 122 Gaunsel, B.B. (2005) Toward a

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An exploratory prospective study of young people’s drinking during a holiday

.E. & Morgan, N. & Maggs, J.L. & Lefkowitz, E.S. (2011): ‘I got your back’: friends’ understandings regarding college student spring break behavior. Journal of Youth and Adolescence 40 (1): 108-120 Rabe-Hesketh, S. & Skrondal, A. & Pickles, A. (2004): GLLAMM Manual. Berkeley: University of California StataCorp (2003): Intercooled Stata 8.0 for Windows. College Station: Stata Corporation Tutenges, S. & Hesse, M. (2008): Patterns of binge drinking at an international nightlife resort. Alcohol & Alcoholism 43 (5): 595

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