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Rafał Bryk, Holger Schmidt, Thomas Mull, Thomas Wagner, Ingo Ganzmann and Oliver Herbst

References [1] IAEA, Power Reactor Information System, [2] Drescher R., Wagner T. and Leyer S.: Passive BWR integral LOCA testing at Karlstein test facility INKA. VGB PowerTech, 5 (2014), 33-37. [3] Modelica website [4] OpenModelica website [5] Schaffrath A., Hicken E.F., Jaegers H. and Prasser H-M.: Operation conditions of the emergency condenser of the SWR1000. Nucl. Eng. Des. 188(1999), 3, 303

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Martin Arnold, Christoph Clauss and Tom Schierz

Co-Simulation gekoppelter dynamischer Systeme mit Anwendung in der Fahrzeugdynamik. Master Thesis, University Ulm, Faculty of Mathematics and Economics, 2002. [13] R. K¨ubler: Modulare Modellierung und Simulation mechatronischer Systeme . Fortschritt- Berichte VDI Reihe 20, Nr. 327. VDI-Verlag GmbH, D¨usseldorf, 2000. [14] R. K¨ubler, W. Schiehlen: Two methods of simulator coupling. Mathematical and Computer Modelling of Dynamical Systems , 6:93-113, 2000. [15] Modelica Association Project FMI: Functional Mockup

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Jarosław Mikielewicz and Dariusz Mikielewicz

., Astrom K. J.: Modeling of boiling pipe with two-phase flow instabilities. Modelica Workshop 2000, Lund, Sweden. Jensen J. M., Tummescheit H.: Moving boundary models for dynamic simulations of two-phase flows. In. Proc. 2nd Int. Modelica Conf., DLR, Oberpfaffenhofen 2002, Germany. Ledinegg, M.: Instability in flow during natural and forced circulation. Die-Wärme 61 (1938), 48, 891-898. Zhang T., Tong T., Chang J-Y, Peles Y., Prasher R., Jensen M. K. Wen J. T., Phelan P.: Ledinegg

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Miguel Naya, Javier Cuadrado, Daniel Dopico and Urbano Lugris

. 6891-6908, 2006. Busch M., Arnold M., Heckmann A., Dronka S.: Interfacing SIMPACK to Modelica/Dymola for Multi-Domain Vehicle System Simulations, SIMPACK News , Vol. 11, No. 2, pp. 1-3, 2007. Cardona A. and Geradin M.: Modeling of a Hydraulic Actuator in Flexible Machine Dynamics Simulation, Mechanisms and Machine Theory , Vol. 25, pp. 193-207, 1990. Bauchau O.A. and Liu H.: On the Modeling of Hydraulic Components in Rotorcraft Systems, Journal of the American Helicopter Society , Vol

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Aleksandr Blokhin, Arcadiy Nedyalkov, Lev Barakhtanov, Aleksandr Taratorkin and Abram Kropp

Technical Paper 2010-01-0370. 7. Jiang M., Zhou J., Chen W., Zhang Y., Chen L. (2011), Modeling and Simulation of AMT with MWorks, Proceedings of the 8th International Modelica Conference , 829-839. 8. Junnarkar N.R., Raibhole V.N. (2017), Development of Synchronizer Operation for integration in AMT Control Strategy, IOSR Journal of Mechanical and Civil Engineering, 6th National Conference RDME , 5, 40-45. 9. Karpukhin K.E., Kozlov A.V., Bakhmutov S.V., Terenchenko A.S. (2015), Comprehensive life cycle analysis of different types of energy

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Eleonora Carletti, Giuseppe Miccoli, Francesca Pedrielli and Giorgio Parise

code for the determination of sound power levels of pumps using sound intensity techniques: Engineering method Part 1: Pumps. 13. Kuang J., Lin A. (2002), Theoretical aspects of torque responses in spur gearing due to mesh stiffness variation, Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 17, 2, 255-271. 14. Liping C., Yan Z., Fanli Z., Jianjun Z., Xianzhao T. (2011), Modelling and simulation of gear pumps based on Modelica/MWorks, Proceedings of 8th Modelica Conference, Dresden. 15. Manring N.D., Kasaragadda S.B. (2003