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Security Aspects of Migrations

&PageID=42 . Pristupljeno 13. prosinca 2017. HUNTIGTON, P. S. (1997), Sukob civilizacija i preustroj svjetskog poretka . Zagreb: Izvor d.o.o. JACKSON, J. A. (1986), Migration, Aspects of Modern Sociology . London/New York: Longman JRS (2017), Jesuit Refugee Service – Isusovačka služba za izbjeglice. < >. Pristupljeno 23. prosinca 2017. JURAK, D. (2016), “Wolfgang Bauer: Preko mora: Sirijci bježe u Europu, reportaža”. < http

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Modern interregional migration: evidence from Japan and Poland

1 Introduction The history of Polish economy differs strongly from that of Japanese economy. However, data-based analyses prove that in both countries, there is a relationship between the level of income inequalities and migration toward capital zones and, similarly, there is a relationship between income inequalities movement and gross domestic product (GDP) growth rates. This paper aims to present the approach proposed by Crozet [2004] to migration modeling considering the New Economic Geography (NEG) theory. The two countries were chosen to test the

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Impact of Internal Migration on Population Redistribution in Slovenia

References 1. Bell, M., Blake, M., Boyle, P., Duke-Williams, O., Rees, P., Stillwell, J., Hugo, G. (2002), “Cross-national comparison of internal migration: Issues and measures”, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A (Statistics in Society), Vol. 165, No. 3, pp. 435-464. 2. Bell, M., Charles-Edwards, E., Kupiszewska, D., Kupiszewski, M., Stillwell, J., Zhu, Y. (2015), “Internal migration and development: Comparing migration intensities around the world”, Population and Development Review, Vol. 41, No. 1, pp. 33-58. 3. Bernard, A

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Long-Term Trends in International Migration: Lessons from Macroeconomic Model

References Angrist, J. (1995). The economic returns to schooling in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. American Economic Review, 85(5), 1065-1087. Arslan, C., Dumont, J.-C., Kone, Z., Moullan, Y., Ozden, C., Parsons, C.R., Xenogiani, T. (2015). A new prole of migrants in the aftermath of the recent economic crisis. OECD Social, Employment and Migration Working Papers, 160, OECD Publishing. Bertoli, S., Fernandez-Huertas Moraga, J. (2013). Multilateral resistance to migration. Journal of Development Economics, 102(C

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Is Migration Good for an Economy? A Survey of the Main Economic Effects

References [1] Altonji J.G., Card D., The effects of immigration on the labor market outcomes of less-skilled natives, In: Abowd J.M., Freeman R.B. (Eds.), Immigration, trade and the labor market, University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 201-234, 1991. [2] Bhagwati J.N., International migration of the highly skilled: economics, ethics and taxes, Third World Quarterly, 1, 17-30, 1979. [3] Bodvarsson Ö.B., Van den Berg H., The economics of immigration - theory and policy, Springer- Verlag New York, New York, 2013

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Threats and Risks Generated by Illegal Migration Flows and Their Control

References 1. Massey, Doug S. et al. “Theories of International Migration: A Review and Appraisal”, Population and Development Review, vol. 19, no. 3, (1993): 431-466. 2. Data are provided by the National Institute of Statistics. 3. Ibidem. Aelenei Victor, The Law of State Border, volume I, Bucharest: Pro Universitaria Publishing House, 2006. Albu Alexandru D., International Migration of Work Force, Bucharest: Science and Encyclopedic Publishing House, 1976

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Migration of Relational Databases to NoSQL - Methods of Analysis

. Gomes, P. F. L. (2011). Migração de aplicações legadas para bases de dados NoSQL. Universidade do Minho. Manyika, J., Chui, M., Brown, B., Bughin, J., Dobbs, R., Roxburgh, C., & Byers, A. H. (2011). Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity. Retrieved January 9, 2016, from MongoDB. (2015). RDBMS to MongoDB Migration Guide. A MongoDB White Paper, 16. Moniruzzaman, A. B. M

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Internal Return Migration in Rural of Vietnam: Reasons and Consequences

Reference Amcoff, J., & Niedomysl, T. (2015). Is the Tied Returnee Male or Female? The Trailing Spouse Thesis Reconsidered. Population, Space and Place, 21 (8), 872-881. doi: Bélanger, D., & Linh, T. G. (2011). The impact of transnational migration on gender and marriage in sending communities of Vietnam. Current Sociology, 59 (1), 59-77. Bezu, S., & Holden, S. (2014). Are rural youth in Ethiopia abandoning agriculture? World Development, 64 , 259-272. Binh, N. T. T. (2016). The Dynamics of Return

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Mobility and the assimilation of immigrants: Variationsin migration patterns of Ukrainians and Vietnamesein the Czech Republic

References ALBA, R., NEE, V. (1999): Rethinking Assimilation Theory for New Era of Immigration, In: Hirschmann, C., Kasinitz P., DeWind J. [eds.]: The Handbook of International Migration: The American Experience. Russel Sage Foundation, New York. ALBA, R., FONER, N. (2015): Strangers no More. Princeton University Press. ANDRESSON, R. (2012): Understanding Ethnic Minorities’ Settlement and Geographical Mobility Patterns in Sweden Using Longitudinal Data. In: Finney, N., Catney, G. [eds.]: Minority Internal Migration in Europe. Ashgate, Burlington

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The Wave of Migration in Europe as a Cause of Terrorist Threat

References [1] After: K. Białek, Migracje na świecie (Migration in the World), [23.03.2016] [2] , [23.03.2016] [3] Ibid. [4] , [23.03.2016] [5] , [23.03.2016] [6] Cf. , [23.03.2016] [7] A. Staszczyk, Skutki migracji dla bezpieczeństwa wewnętrznego (Migration Consequences for Internal Security

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