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Vlasta Jankovská

Poroszlai I. (eds.), Archaeology of the Bronze and Iron Age. - Proceedings of the International Archaeological Conference, Százhalombatta, 3-7 October 1996, Archaeolingua, Budapest, 309-314. JANKOVSKÁ V., 2001, Palaeobotanic reconstruction of the environment of Únětice Culture and Middle Ages in České Budějovice - Dobrovodská stoka [in Czech], [in:] Hašek V., Nekuda R. et Unger J. (eds.), In service to archaeology III., Arch. Úst. AV ČR Brno - Arch. Úst. Nitra, Brno, 90-96. JANKOVSKÁ V., 2002, Palynology, in: Klápště J. (ed.), The

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Marco Bartoli

, Roma, 1980. Mollat M., Etudes sur l’histoire de la pauvreté. Moyen Age-XVIe siècle, 2, Paris, 1974. Muller W.P., Huguccio. The life, works, and thought of a Twelfh-Cetury jurist, Washington DC, 1994. Paglia V., Storia della povertà. La rivoluzione della carità dalle radici del cristianesimo alla chiesa di papa Francesco, Rizzoli, Milano, 2014. Patlagean E., Pauvreté économique et paauvreté sociale à Byzance, 4e-7e siècle, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, La Haye. Translated: Povertà ed emarginazione a Bisanzio, Laterza Roma

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Marta Szal, Mirosława Kupryjanowicz and Mariusz Wyczółkowski

Archaeobotany 23, 417-437. Szymański, P., 2005. Mikroregion osadniczy z okresu wplywow rzymskich w rejonie jeziora Salqt na Pojezierzu Mazurskim. Swiatowit Supplement Series P: Prehistory and Middle Ages 10. Wydawnictwo IA UW, Warszawa. Tinner, W., Conedera, M., Gobet, E., Hubschmid, P., Wehrli, M. and Ammann, B., 2000. A palaeoecological attempt to classify fire sensitivity of trees in the southern Alps. The Holocene 10, 565-574. Tinner, W., Hu, F. S., 2003. Size parameters, size-class distribution and area-number relationship

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Jürg Gassmann

GAUDENZI, Augusto: Statuti delle Società del Popolo di Bologna, Roma 1889 GIES, Frances & Joseph: Cathedral, Forge and Waterwheel - Technology and Invention in the Middle Ages, HarperPerennial - New York 1995 GILLINGHAM, John: An Age of Expansion, c. 1020-1204, in: KEEN pages 59-88 HAVERKAMP, Alfred: Medieval Germany 1056-1273, second edition (translated by Helga Braun and Richard Mortimer), Oxford University Press - Oxford 1992 HOUSLEY, Norman: European Warfare, c. 1200-1320, in: KEEN pages 113

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Antoni Jarczyk, Agata Andrzejewska and Małgorzata Woźniak

Baltic sturgeon. 2006, Abbreviation of lecture, ICAZ FRWG. 13th Fish Remains Working Group, 13th Meeting October 4-9, Program and Abstracts. ICAZ International Council for Archaeozoology, p. 6. Makowiecki D., Chosen problems from the study on animal economy in the early Middle Ages complex of settlements of Pomerania, Great Polish and Low Silesia. 2006a, in : Stan i potrzeby badań nad wczesnym średniowieczem w Polsce - 15 lat później (eds. W. Chudziak, S. Moździoch). UMK Toruń, UW Wrocław- UW Warszawa, pp. 123-150 (in Polish

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Peter Douris, Christopher Douris, Nicole Balder, Michael LaCasse, Amir Rand, Freya Tarapore, Aleskey Zhuchkan and John Handrakis

chuan. J Aging Phys Act, 2010; 18: 451-472 Cohn NB, Dustman RE, Bradford DC. Age-related decrements in stroop color test performance. J Clin Psychol, 1984; 40(5): 1244-1250 Douris P, Chinan A, Gomez M, Aw A, Steffens D, Weiss S. Fitness levels of middle aged martial art practitioners. Br J Sport Med, 2004; 38(2): 143-147 Douris PC, Elokda AS, Handrakis JP, Principal S, Rondo E, Bovell J, Coughlin WP, Mastroianni CN, Wong MJ, Zimmerman T. Martial art training enhances the glutathione antioxidant system in middle-aged adults. J Strength Cond Res

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Šarūnas Jatautis, Ieva Mitokaitė and Rimantas Jankauskas

roman Dorset using the Siler and Gompertz-Makeham models of mortality , Am. J. Phys. Anthropol., 144 , 269-85 Repetto E., A. Cancini, M. Borgognini-Tarli, 1988, Skeletal indicators of health conditions in the Bronze Age sample from Toppo Daguzzo (Basilicata, Southern Italy) , Anthropologie, XXVI , 173-82 Salvadei L., F. Ricci, G. Manzi, 2001, Porotic hyperostosis as a marker of health and nutritional conditions during childhood: Studies at the transition between imperial Rome and the Early Middle Ages , Am. J

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Regula Schmid


The designation Harnischrödel (rolls of armour) lumps together different kinds of urban inventories. They list the names of citizens and inhabitants together with the armour they owned, were compelled to acquire within their civic obligations, or were obliged to lend to able-bodied men. This contribution systematically introduces Harnischrödel of the 14th and 15th c. as important sources for the history of urban martial culture. On the basis of lists preserved in the archives of Swiss towns, it concentrates on information pertaining to the type and quality of an average urban soldier’s gear. Although the results of this analysis are only preliminary – at this point, it is not possible to produce methodologically sound statistics –, the value of the lists as sources is readily evident, as only a smattering of the once massive quantity of actual objects has survived down to the present time.

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Krzysztof Fokt

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The Pre-Raphaelite Journey into the Middle Ages

A Quest for Spiritual Experience

Zsuzsanna Ujszászi

:// (9 May 2015) Fliegal, Stephen N. 2002. “Gothic Art for the Industrial Age: The Middle Ages Revisited in the Art of the Pre-Raphaelites.” (8 May 2015) Hill, George B., ed. 1897. Letters of Dante Gabriel Rossetti to William Allingham. 1854-1870. London: T. F. Unwin. Hilliard, Nicholas. 1573-1575. Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I. Oil on canvas, 78.7 cm x 61 cm. National Museums Liverpool, UK. Hinterkopf