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I. Jonczy

. Lobo, P.C. Mahapatra, M. Prabhu, M. Ranjan, Steel Res. Int. 80, 709 (2009). [13] R.H. Vernon, A practical guide to rock microstructure, Cambridge 2004.

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M. Kawalec

References [1] Fraś, E. & Guzik, E. (1980). Primary microstructure of the Fe-C-V alloys. Archivess of Metallurgy. 25(4), 757-772. [2] Fraś, E. (2003). Crystallization of metals. Warsaw: WNT. [3] Fraś, E., Guzik, E., Kapturkiewicz, W. & Lopez, H. F. (1997). Carbide morphology in bulk and undirectionally solidified Fe-C-V eutectics. Materials Science and Technology. 13, 989-996. [4] Kopyciński, D. & Piasny, S. (2012). Influence of tungsten and titanium on the structure of chromium cast iron

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W. Głuchowski, Z. Rdzawski, J. Domagała-Dubiel and J. Sobota

References [1] Z. Rdzawski, W. Głuchowski, J. Stobrawa, W. Kempiński, B. Andrzejewski, Microstructure and properties of Cu-Nb and Cu-Ag nanofiber composites, Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering 15, 689-697 (2015). [2] Z.W. Wu, J.J. Liu, Y. Chen, L. Meng, Microstructure, mechanical properties and electrical conductivity of Cu-12 wt.% Fe microcomposite annealed at different temperatures, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 467, 213-218 (2009). [3] Hong, S.I., Hill, M.A., Microstructure and conductivity of Cu

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Tomasz Wejrzanowski, Wojciech Spychalski, Krzysztof Różniatowski and Krzysztof Kurzydłowski

-753. Jensen E.B. and Gundersen H.J.G. (1982). Stereological ratio estimation based on counts from integral test systems, Journal of Microscopy 125 : 51-66. Kurzydłowski K.J. and Ralph B. (1995): The Quantitative Description of the Microstructure of Materials , CRC Press, London. Spychalski W.L., Kurzydłowski K.J. and Ralph B. (2002). Computer study of inter- and intragranular surface cracks in brittle polycrystals, Materials Characterization 49 (9): 45-53. Kril C.E. and Birringer R. (1998

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P. Łukowski

References 1. P. Łukowski, “Material modification of concrete” (in Polish), SPC - Polski Cement, Cracow, 2016. 2. E. Horszczaruk, P. Brzozowski, “Bond strength of underwater repair concretes under hydrostatic pressure”, Construction and Building Materials, 72: 167-173, 2014. 3. T. Zdeb, J. Śliwiński, „The influence of selected material and technological factors on mechanical properties and microstructure of reactive powder concrete (RPC)“, Archives of Civil Engineering, LVII, 2: 227-246, 2011. 4

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J. Łabanowski and T. Olkowski

1962. BS1400:1985 Copper alloy ingot and copper alloy and high conductivity copper castings. Al-Hashem A., Raid W.: The role of microstructure of Ni-Al- bronze alloy on its cavitation corrosion behavior in natural seawater. Materials Characterization 48, 2002, 37-41.

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E. Lichańska, M. Sułowski and A. Ciaś

, 227-236 (2006). [5] P. Gac, M. Sułowski, M. Ciesielka, Własności mechaniczne i mikrostruktura spiekanych stali o zawartości 3% Mn, 3% Cr i 0,5% Mo obrabianych cieplnie, Rudy Metale Nieżelazne 57, 10, 712-717 (2012). [6] S. Cygan, M. Sułowski, M. Ciesielka, Własności mechaniczne i mikrostruktura spiekanych stali konstrukcyjnych obrabianych cieplnie, Rudy i Metale Nieżelazne 57, 9, 609-614 (2012). [7] M. Sułowski, M. Kabátová, E. Dudrová, The effect of sintering atmosphere on the microstructure, properties and fracture

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A. Klasik, M. Maj, K. Pietrzak, A. Wojciechowski and J. Sobczak

traitements Thermiques sur les propriétés mécaniques et sur la Microstructure des deux alliages composites Al-Si-Mg/SiC/10p, 1993 Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, Québec. [9] D. J. Lloyd, E. Dewing, Stability of SiC in Molten Aluminum, in D. S. Wilkinson (Ed.) Advanced Structural Materials, 71-78, Pergamon Press, New York 1989. [10] A359 Al alloy reinforced with irregularly shaped SiC particles .

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H. Paul, M. Darrieulat, N. Vanderesse, L. Lityńska and M. Miszczyk

References C. Chauvy, P. Barberis, F. Montheillet, Microstructure transformation during warm working of β-treated lamellar Zircaloy-4 within the upper α-range. Mat. Sci. Eng. A, 431 , 59-67 (2006). C. Chauvy, Traitments thermomechaniques dans le haut domaine α du Zircaloy-4 trempe-β, PhD. Thesis, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines de Saint Etienne (2005). J. Crépin, T. Bretheau, D. Caldemaison, Plastic deformation mechanisms of β-treated zirconium. Acta metall. mater. 43 , 3709

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D. Kuc and J. Gawąd

References M.A. Miodownik, A review of microstructures computer models used to simulate grain growth and recrystallization in aluminum alloys, J. of Light Metals 2 , 125-135 (2002). R. Ding, X.Z. Guo, Coupled quantitative simulation of microstructural evolution and plastic flow during dynamic recrystallization Acta Mater. 49 , 3163-3168 (2001). R.L. Goetz, Z. Seetharaman, Modelling dynamic recrystallization using cellular automata, Scripta Mater. 38 , 405-410 (1998