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On Some Mechanical Properties and Wear Behavior of Sintered Bronze Based Composites Reinforced with Some Aluminides Microadditives

Cu-matrix composite using ball milled precursor. - Mater. Manuf. Process., vol.22, No.4, pp.516-524. [9] Dyachkova L. and Feldshtein E.E. (2013): On the properties of composites based on sintered bronze with alumina additives. - Composites B., vol.45, No.1, pp.239-247. [10] Díaz C., González-Carrasco J.L., Caruana G. and Liebich M. (1996): Ni3Al intermetallic particles as wearresistant for al-base composites processed by powder reinforcement metallurgy. - Metal. Mater. Trans. A., vol.27, No.10, pp.3259-3266. [11] Da

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The Hardening in Alloys and Composites and Its Examination with a Diffraction and Self-Consistent Model

. Clyne and P. J. Withers, An Introduction to Metal Matrix Composites . Cambridge University Press, 1993. [8] R. J. Arsenault and N. Shi, “Dislocation generation due to differences between the coefficients of thermal expansion,” Materials Science and Engineering , vol. 81, pp. 175–187, Aug. 1986. [9] R. J. Arsenault, L. Wang, and C. R. Feng, “Strengthening of composites due to microstructural changes in the matrix,” Acta Metallurgica et Materialia , vol. 39, no. 1, pp. 47–57, Jan. 1991. [10] S. B. Prabu, L. Karunamoorthy, S. Kathiresan, and B. Mohan

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Neural Network Based Simulation of Micro Creeping Fibrous Composites SiC/Al6061 for Plastic Behaviour

R eferences [1] D ragon , T. L., W. D. N ix . Geometric Factors affecting the Internal Stress Distribution and High Temperature Creep Rate of Discontinuous Fiber Reinforced Metals. Acta. Metall. Mater., 38 (1990), No. 10 , 1941-1953. [2] I smar , H., F. S chröter , F. S treicher . Inelastic Behaviour of Metal-matrix Composites reinforced with Fibres of Silicon Carbide, Alumina or Carbon: a Finite-element Analysis. Compos. Sci. Technol. , 60 (2000), No. 11 , 2129-2136. [3] K im , K. J., W. R. Y u , M. S. K im . Anisotropic Creep

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An Estimating the Effect of Process Parameters on Metal Removal Rate and Surface Roughness in WEDM of Composite Al6063/SiC/Al2O3 by Taguchi Method

References [1] N. Chawla, Y.N. Shen. Mechanical Behaviour of Particle Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites, Adv Eng Mater 2001 (3), 357 - 370 [2] K.H. Newman, S.T. Rahimifard, S. Allen. State of art in wire electrical discharge machining, International. Int J Mach Tool Manu, 2004 (44), 1247 - 1259. [3] H.P. Raturi, M. Pokhriyal, L. Prasad. Parametric effects on metal matrix composite and hybrid metal matrix composite machining through WEDM –a review, 1 st national conference on “recent advance in science and technology”, August 22

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Composites With Rubber Matrix And Ferrimagnetic Filling

REFERENCES Peters, S. T., 1998. Handbook of Composites . 2 nd ed., Chapman & Hall, London, 1998. ASM Handbook:Composities . vol. 21, USA, 2001. Meisner, B., Zilvar, V., 1987. Fyzika polymerů . Praha, 1987. Zweben, C., 1998. Composite Materials and Mechanical Design . Mechanical Engineer's Hansbook, 2 nd ed., New York, 1998. Van der Vegt, A. K., 1999. From polymers to plastic . DUP Blue Print, Netherlands, 1999. Rigibi, Z., Jilkén, L., 1983. The responce of an elastomer filled with soft ferite to mechanical and magnetic

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Comparison of various tool wear prediction methods during end milling of metal matrix composite

References [1] Bhattacharya D., Lane C., Lin J.T.,Machninability of silicon carbide reinforced aluminium metal matrix composite, Wear 181-183 (1995) 883-888 [2] Davim J.,Diamond tool performance in machining metal-matrix composites, Journal of Materials Processing Technology 128 (2002) 100-105 [3] El-Gallab M., Sklad M.,Machning of Al./SiC particulate metal matrix composites Part I: Tool performance, Journal of Materials Processing Technology 83 (1998) 151-158 [4] El-Gallab M., Sklad M

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Wear Resistance of Piston Sleeve Made of Layered Material Structure: MMC A356R, Anti-Abrasion Layer and FGM Interface

I. (2006), Wear behaviour of A356/25SiCp aluminium matrix composites sliding against automobile friction material, Wear , 261(7-8), 812-822. 5. Press W.H., Teukolsky S.A., Vetterling W.T., Flannery B.P. (1983), Numerical Recipes in Fortran , Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. 6. Sarkar A.D. (1976), Wear of metals , Pergamon Press Ltd, Oxford. 7. Skrzypek J.J., Ganczarski A.W., Rustichelli F., Egner H. (2008), Advanced materials and structures for extreme operating conditions , Springer-Verlag, Berlin-Heidelberg. 8. Suresh S

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Tribological Behavior of AA7050-ZrSiO4 Composites Synthesized by Stir Casting Technique

1 Introduction Aluminum matrix composites with enhanced properties are most desirable in the field of aerospace and automotive field [ 1 ]. Nowadays, due to various advances in the field of engineering and its applications, metal matrix composites possess several advantages. When we compare particulate reinforced MMCs with fiber strengthened MMCs, the particulate reinforced MMCs cost much lesser. Zircon strengthened composites retain better confrontation to abrasion; these are also thermal resistant and free from chemical occurrences [ 2 ]. MMCs proved that

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Experimental Evaluation of Al-Zn-Al2O3 Composite on Piston Analysis by CAE Tools

Metal Matrix Composites 2012 [13] Sieminska, B. and Jankowski, A.: Composite Alloy With Very Low Dimensional Hysteresis During Heating And Cooling For Combustion Engine Piston Institute Of Aeronautics, Warszawa, Poland. Sieminska B. Jankowski A. Composite Alloy With Very Low Dimensional Hysteresis During Heating And Cooling For Combustion Engine Piston Institute Of Aeronautics Warszawa, Poland [14] Varuzan Kevorkija Zrvk. Maribor, Slovenija Development Of Aluminum MMC Composites For Automotive Industry, Yugoslav Association For Mechanical Engineers Yame. Udc669

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Composite coatings with nickel matrix and graphene as dispersed phase

.surfcoat.2007.12.005. 27. Gul, H., Kilic, F., Aslan, S., Alp, A. & Akbulut, H. (2009). Characteristics of electro-co-deposited Ni–Al 2 O 3 nano-particle reinforced metal matrix composite (MMC) coatings. Wear 267, 976–990. DOI: 10.1016/j.wear.2008.12.022.

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