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K. Gawdzińska

References [1] J. Sobcza k, Metal matrix composites, Institute of Foundry and Institute of Motor Transport, Cracow - Warsaw 2001. [2] T.W. Clyne, P.J. Wither s, An Introduction of Metal-Matrix Composites, Cambridge University Press, 1993. [3] J. Śleziona, Basics of composite technology, Silesian University of Technology Publishing House, Gliwice 1998. [4] Z. Konopka, Cast metal composites, Czestochowa University of Technology Publishing House, Czestochowa 2011. [5] A. Dude

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J. Wieczorek

References [1] A. Dolata-Grosz, J. Wieczorek, Tribological properties of hy-brid composites containing two carbide phases, Archives of Materials Science and Engineering 28 (3), 149-155 (2007). [2] A.J. Dolata, Centrifugal castings locally reinforced with porous Al 2 O 3 preform, Archives of Metallurgy and Materials 59 (4), 343-346 (2014). [3] J. Myalski, J. Wieczorek, A. Płachta, Physical and mechanical properties of composites with aluminum alloy matrix designed for metal forming, Solid State Phenomena 212 , 59-62 (2013). [4] J. Wieczorek, A

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K. Gawdzińska, L. Chybowski, W. Przetakiewicz and R. Laskowski

Effective FMEAs. Rev. 9.1. Reliasoft, Tucson 2012. [10] J. Sobczak, Teoretyczne i praktyczne podstawy procesu prasowania w stanie ciekłym (squeeze casting) metali nieżelaznych, Prace Instytutu Odlewnictwa nr 41, Cracow 1993. [11] A. Gatto, L. Iuliano, E. Atzeni et al., On the behaviour of reinforcements beneath the surface in turning of metal-matrix composites (MMCs), Journal of Composite Materials 50 , 18, 2487-2494 (2016). [12] A. Klasik, J. Sobczak, K. Pietrzak, Changes in properties of aluminum matrix composites reinforced with SiC particles after

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P. Kurtyka and N. Rylko

Science and Engineering A. 349 , 156-165 (2003). [16] S. Torquato, Random Heterogeneous Materials, Springer 2002. [17] R. Czapla, W. Nawalaniec, V. Mityushev, Computational Materials Science 63 , 118-126 (2012). [18] V. Mityushev, Complex Variables and Elliptic Equations 51 , N 8-11, 1033-1045 (2006). [19] V. Mityushev, P.M. Adler, ZAMM 82 , 5, 335-345 (2002). [20] I.V. Andrianov, V.V. Danishevs’kyy, A.L. Kalamkarov, Composites B: Engineering 41 , 6, 503-507 (2010). [21

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S. Sakthivelu, M. Meignanamoorthy, M. Ravichandran and P. P. Sethusundaram

1 Introduction Aluminum matrix composites with enhanced properties are most desirable in the field of aerospace and automotive field [ 1 ]. Nowadays, due to various advances in the field of engineering and its applications, metal matrix composites possess several advantages. When we compare particulate reinforced MMCs with fiber strengthened MMCs, the particulate reinforced MMCs cost much lesser. Zircon strengthened composites retain better confrontation to abrasion; these are also thermal resistant and free from chemical occurrences [ 2 ]. MMCs proved that

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A. Mamala, P. Kwaśniewski, A. Nowak, J. Grzebinoga, W. Ściężor and R. Kowal

REFERENCES [1] Y. Takezawa, M. Akatsuka, C. Farren, High thermal conductive epoxy resins with controlled high order structure, Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Properties and Applications of Dielectric Materials, Nagoya, Japan, June 1-5, 1146-1149 (2003). [2] F.F.T. Araujo, H.M. Rosenberg, The thermal conductivity of epoxy-resin/metal-powder composite materials from 1.7 to 300K, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 9 , 665-676 (1974). [3] I.A. Tsekmes, R. Kochetov, P.H.F. Morshuis, J.J. Smit, Thermal Conductivity of Polymeric

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Prasad Raturi Himanshu, Prasad Lalta, Pokhriyal Mayank and Tirth Vineet

References [1] N. Chawla, Y.N. Shen. Mechanical Behaviour of Particle Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites, Adv Eng Mater 2001 (3), 357 - 370 [2] K.H. Newman, S.T. Rahimifard, S. Allen. State of art in wire electrical discharge machining, International. Int J Mach Tool Manu, 2004 (44), 1247 - 1259. [3] H.P. Raturi, M. Pokhriyal, L. Prasad. Parametric effects on metal matrix composite and hybrid metal matrix composite machining through WEDM –a review, 1 st national conference on “recent advance in science and technology”, August 22

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M. Łągiewka and Z. Konopka

References [1] Act on Waste of 14 December 2012. Journal of Laws of 2013, item 21 with amendments. (in Polish). [2] Łągiewka, M., Konopka, Z., Zyska, A. & Nadolski, M. (2009). Initial investigations concerning the recycling of metal matrix composites reinforced with ceramic particles. Sbornik vedeckych praci Vysoke skoly Banskie - Technicke univerzity Ostrava. 52(2), 171-176. (in Polish). [3] Jackowski, J., Modrzyński, A. & Szweycer, M. (2007). Selected problems of recycling in foundries. Research Journal of Poznan University of Technology

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M. Kujawa, L. A. Dobrzański, G. Matula, M. Kremzer and B. Tomiczek

References [1] K.K. Chawla, Composite materials, Science and Engineering, New York 2012. [2] A. Hai, C. San Marchi, A. Mortensen, Metal matrix composites in industry: An introduction and a survey, New York 2003. [3] A.E. Tomiczek, R. Mech, L.A. Dobrzański, Variantion of magnetomechanical properties in giant magnetostrictive composite materials, Polym. Compos. (2015), DOI: 10.1002/pc.23640 (in press). [4] L. Rongqi, P. Fang, G. Junwei, Y. Xiaozhi, L. Shenzhuo, Z. Wenkai, Z. Xiaoling, Pressure

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M. Sangeetha and S. Prakash

). [23] K. Taskesen, K. Kutukde, Transaction of nonferrous Metals Society of China. 23, 2524-2536 (2012). [24] R. Ganesh, K. Chandrasekaran. Materials and Technology 48, 563-569 (2014). [25] Javadi, S. Mirdamadi, M. Faghisani, M. Shakhesi, Engineering and Technology 59, 16-22, (2011). [26] J.P. Davim, Machining of Metal Matrix Composites, Springer, London, ISBN: 978-0-85729-937-6, (2011). [27] A. Ashok, H.S. Maharana, A. Basu, Bulletin of Materials Science 38, 335-342, (2015). [28] L