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M. Brožek

. Scientific Conference Engineering for Rural Development, Jelgava, Latvia, 236-241. Brožek M, Nováková A (2011): Influence of storage on briquettes mechanical properties. In.: Ecology and farming technologies: Agro-engineering approaches. Saint-Petersburg- Pavlovsk, Russian, 225-232. Brožek M, Nováková A (2013): Briquettes from recovered paper and board. In.: Proc. 12th Internat. Scientific Conference Engineering for Rural Development, Jelgava, Latvia, 488-493. Brožek M, Nováková A, Kolářová M (2012): Quality evaluation of

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E. Lichańska, M. Sułowski and A. Ciaś

behaviour of Cr-Mn low-alloyed sintered steel, p. 47. Fractography 2012 International Conference, book of abstract. [8] M. Sułowski, P. Matusiewicz, Comparison of mechanical properties of Mn-Cr-Mo steels sintered in different conditions, Solid State Phenomena 197, 33-40 (2013). [9] M. Sułowski, M. Kabátová, E. Dudrová, Microstructure and properties of Cr-Mn alloyed sintered steel, Powder Metallurgy Progress 12, 2, 71-83 (2012). [10] K. Przybyłowicz, Metaloznawstwo, Wydawnictwa Naukowo- Techniczne, Warszawa, 1992- 1999

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I. Sulima, G. Boczkal and P. Palka

Cu-TiB2 nanocomposites prepared by combustion synthesis and spark-plasma sintering, Materials Science Forum 534-536, 2, 1517-1520 (2007). [10] D.H. Kwon, D.N. Thuy, X.H. Khoa, J-W. Kum, P-P. Choi, J-S Kim, Y-S. Kwo, Mechanical, electrical and wear properties of Cu- -TiB2 nanocomposites fabricated by MA-SHS and SPS, Journal of Ceramic Processing Research 7, 3, 275-279 (2006). [11] S. Yamanaka, R. Gonda, A. Kawasaki, H. Sakamoto, Y. Mekuchi, M. Kuno, T. Tsukada, Fabrication and thermal properties of carbon nanotube/nickel composite by

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Tomasz Oniszczuk, Agnieszka Wójtowicz, Leszek Moácicki, Marcin Mitrus, Karol Kupryaniuk, Andrzej Kusz and Grzegorz Bartnik

REFERENCES Averous L. and Boquillon N., 2004. Biocomposites based on plasticized starch: thermal and mechanical behaviours. Carbohydrate Polymers, 56, 111-122. Camire M.E., Camire A., and Krumhar K., 1990. Chemical and nutritional changes in foods during extrusion. Food Sci. Nutrition, 29, 35-57. Canché-Escamilla G., Canché-Canché M., Duarte-Aranda S., Cáceres-Farfán M., and Borges-Argáez R., 2011. Mechanical properties and biodegradation of thermoplastic starches obtained from grafted starches with acrylics. Carbohydrate Polymers, 86, 1501

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S. Sobieszczyk

electrical field. Mater Sci. Eng. A., 287 (2000), 171-177. Charriere E., Lemaitre J., Zysset Ph.: Hydroxyapatite cement scaffolds with controlled macroporosity: fabrication protocol and mechanical properties. Biomaterials, 24 (2003), 809-817. Borisov A. A., De Luca L., Merzhanov A.: Self-propagating high-temperature synthesis. Combustion Science & Technology Book Series, vol.5, New York (2002). Lopez-Heredia M. A., Sohier J., Gaillard C., Quillard S., Dorget M., Layrolle P.: Rapid prototyped

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Kamil Kornaus, Agnieszka Gubernat, Dariusz Zientara, Paweł Rutkowski and Ludosław Stobierski

, M., Osendi, M.I. & Miranzo, P. (2013). Synthesis of conducting graphene/Si 3 N 4 composites by spark plasma sintering. Carbon 57, 425–432. DOI: 10.1016/j.carbon.2013.02.015. 10. Fan, Y., Estili, M., Igarashi, G., Jiang, W. & Kawasaki, A. (2014). The effect of homogeneously dispersed few-layer graphene on microstructure and mechanical properties of Al 2 O 3 nanocomposites. J. Eur. Soc. Ceram. 34(2), 443–451. DOI: 10.1016/j.jeurceramsoc.2013.08.035. 11. Liu, J., Yan, H., Reece, M.J. & Jiang, K. (2012). Toughening of zirconia/alumina composites by the

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G. Golański, I. Pietryka, J. Jasak, J. Słania, P. Urbańczyk and P. Wieczorek

References 1. Jasiński A.: Extented operational time of domestic power units - chances and threats [in Polish], Energetyka, 3 (2013), 551-556. 2. Dobrzański J.: Materials science interpretation of the life of steels for power plants [in Polish], Open Access Library, 3, 2011. 3. Dziuba - Kałuża M., Dobrzański J., Zieliński A.: Mechanical properties of Cr-Mo and Cr-Mo-V low-alloy steel welded joints after long-term service under creep conditions, Arch. Mater. Sc. Eng., 63 (2013), 5-12. 4

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Olutayo A. Adeleye, Mbang N. Femi-Oyewo and Michael A. Odeniyi

References 1. Adeleye O.A., Femi-Oyewo M.N., Odeniyi M.A.: The effect of processing variables on the mechanical and release properties of tramadol matrix tablets incorporating Cissus populnea gum as controlled release excipients. Poly. Med., 44(4), 209, 2014. 2. Adeleye A.O., Odeniyi M.A., Jaiyeoba K.T.: The influence of cissus gum on the mechanical and release properties of paracetamol tablets - a factorial analysis. J. Basic and Appl. Pharm. Sci., 31(2), 131, 2010. 3. Adeleye A.O., Odeniyi M.A., Jaiyeoba K. T

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S. Księżarek, W. Kazana, L. Ciura, K. Marszowski and M. Woch

References S. Księżarek i in.-Patent PL 167385. S. Księżarek, B. Besztak, W. Kazana, Iron-copper bimetallic wires manufactured by mechanical cladding, Conf. Proced., Melt to Wire & Cable Production, Kraków 22/23.06.1994. W. Kazana, S. Księżarek, B. Besztak, Sprawozdanie IMN nr 5987/02 (niepubl). W. Kazana, S. Księżarek, L. Ciura, B. Besztak, Sprawozdanie IMN nr 6151/04 (niepubl). W. Kazana, S. Księżarek, L. Ciura, B. Besztak

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T. Giętka and T. Szykowny

References Pietrowski S. (1997). Nodular cast iron of bainitic ferrite structure with austenite or bainitic structure. Archives of Materials Science. 18 (4), 253-273 (in Polish). Guzik S. E. (2003). Austempered cast iron as a modern constructional material. Inżynieria Materiałowa. 6 , 677-680 (in Polish). Dymski S. (1999). Formation of the microstructure and the mechanical properties of ductile cast iron during ishotermal bainitic transformation. Dissertations no. 95, Section