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Arkadiusz Szewczyk

References [1] Smulko, J., Darowicki, K., Zieliński, A. (2002). Detection of random transients caused by pitting corrosion. Electrochimica acta, 47(8), 1297−1303. [2] Kiwilszo, M., Smulko, J. (2009). Pitting corrosion characterization by electrochemical noise measurements on asymmetric electrodes. Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry, 13(11), 1681−1686. [3] Smulko, J. (2006). Methods of electrochemical noise analysis for investigation of corrosion processes. Fluctuation and Noise Letters, 6(2), R1−R9

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Stanisław Adamczak, Jerzy Bochnia and Czesław Kundera

References [1] EN ISO 6892-1:2009. Metallic materials - Tensile testing - Part 1: Method of test at room temperature. [2] Kisała, P. (2012). Metrological conditions of strain measurement optoelectronic method by the use of fibre Bragg gratings. Metrol. Meas. Syst ., 19(3), (in edition). [3] Loveday, M.S. (1999). Room Temperature Tensile Testing: A Method for Estimating Uncertainty ofMeasurement. Measurement Note CMMT (MN) 048 . Centre for Materials Measurement and Technology, National Physical

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Stanisław Adamczak, Jerzy Bochnia and Bożena Kaczmarska

., Jawahar, N., Chandrasekhar, U., (2006), Influence of layer thickness on mechanical properties in stereolithography, Rapid Prototyping Journal , Vol. 12 Issue 2, 106–113. [5] ISO, Standard 527-1 (2012), Plastics - determination of tensile properties - Part 1: General principles. [6] ISO, Standard 6892-1 (2009), Metallic materials - Tensile testing - Part 1: Method oftest at room temperature. [7] Adamczak, S., Bochnia, J., Kundera, Cz. (2012), Stress and strain measurements in static tensile tests, Metrology and Measurement Systems, No. 3, Vol. XIX, 531 -540. [8

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Jun Luo, Zhiqian Wang, Chengwu Shen, Zhuoman Wen, Shaojin Liu, Sheng Cai and Jianrong Li

References [1] Chen, B., Zhang, X., Zhang, H., He, X., Xu, M. (2014). Investigation of error separation for three dimensional profile rotary measuring system. Measurement, 47, 627-632. [2] Liu, Z., Zhu, J., Yang, L., Liu, H., Wu, J., Xue, B. (2013). A single-station multi-tasking 3D coordinate measurement method for large-scale metrology based on rotary-laser scanning. Measurement Science and Technology, 24 (10), 105004. [3] Prikhodko, I.P., Zotov, S.A., Trusov, A.A., Shkel, A.M. (2013). What is MEMS

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R. Harťanský, V. Smieško and L. Maršálka

analysis - a closed form calculation in cartesian coordinates. Journal of Electrical Engineering, 64 (5), 327-330. [4] Balanis, C.A. (1997) Antenna Theory: Analysis and Design, 2nd edition. John Wiley & Sons. [5] Slížik, J., Harťanský, R. (2013) Metrology of electromagnetic intensity measurement in near field.Quality Innovation Prosperity, 17 (1), 57-66. [6] Bittera, M., Kováč, K., Hallon, J. (2007) Measurement of semi-anechoic chamber using modified VSWR method above 1GHz. Measurement Science Review, 7 (3), 42

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P. Sovilj, M. Milovanović, D. Pejić, M. Urekar and Z. Mitrović

References [1] Teplan, M. (2002). Fundamentals of EEG measurement. Measurement Science Review, 2 (2), 1-11. [2] Bronzino, J.D. (2000). Principles of electroencephalography. In Bronzino, J.D. (ed.) Biomedical Engineering Handbook, (2nd ed.). CRC Press, 1-13. [3] Webster, J.G. (1998). Medical Instrumentation Application and Design (11th ed.). Wiley. [4] Abeles, M., Goldstein, M. (1977). Multispike train analysis. Proceedings of the IEEE, 65 (5), 762-773. [5] Winter, B.B., Webster, J

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Fabian N. Murrieta-Rico, Vitalii Petranovskii, Oleg Y. Sergiyenko, Daniel Hernandez-Balbuena and Lars Lindner

). Growth of silicalite films on pre-assembled layers of nanoscale seed crystals on piezoelectric chemical sensors. Advanced Materials , 9(7), 585–589. [9] Kirianaki, N.V., Yurish, S.Y., Shpak, N.O. (2001). Methods of dependent count for frequency measurements. Measurement , 29(1), 31–50. [10] Kalisz, J. (2003). Review of methods for time interval measurements with picosecond resolution. Metrologia , 41(1), 17. [11] Johansson, S. (2005). New frequency counting principle improves resolution. Frequency Control Symposium and Exposition . Proc. of the

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Zoltan Domotor and Vadim Batitsky

R eferences [1] Batitsky, V., Domotor, Z. (2007). When good theories make bad predictions. Synthese , 157, 79–103. [2] de Boer, J. (1994/95). On the history of quantity calculus and the international system. Metrologia 31 (6), 405–429. [3] Domotor, Z. (2008). Structure and indeterminacy in dynamical systems. In Indeterminacy: The Mapped, the Navigable, and the Uncharted . MIT Press, 171–193. [4] Domotor, Z., Batitsky, V. (2010). An algebraic-analytic framework for measurement theory. Measurement , 43 (9), 1142–1164. [5] Domotor

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Grzegorz Lentka

References [1] Sawicki, J. (1988) The Finding of the Vector of the Fundamental Harmonic by the Method of a Particular Sampling, Proc. Of 11 th IMEKO Triennial World Congress “Instrumentation for the 21 s ’ Century” , Houston, USA, Vol. Applications, 581–589. [2] Sawicki, J. (1989) The Finding of the Vector of the Third Harmonic Component by the Method of a Particular Sampling, Proc. 3 rd IMEKO TC-4 Int. Symp. on Measurement in Electrical and Electronic Power Systems , Zurich Switzerland, Sept. 20-22, 1–9. [3] Skale, S., Doleżek, V., Slemnik, M

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Zoltan Domotor

R eferences [1] Arapura, D. (2012). An introduction to etale cohomology . Lecture notes. [2] Baez, J. (2009). Torsors made easy . [3] Clifford, A. H. (1958). Totally ordered commutative semigroups. Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society , 64, 305–316. [4] Domotor, Z., Batitsky, V. (2016). An algebraic approach to unital quantities and their measurement. Measurement Science Review , 16 (3), 103–126. [5] Drobot, S. (1958). On