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Feng-hsi Liu

.), Presuppositions and discourse: Essays offered to Hans Kamp, 273-285. Bingley: Emerald Group Publishing Limited. Paul, Waltraud. 2005. Adjective modification in Mandarin Chinese and related issues. Linguistics 43. 757-793. Paul, Waltraud. 2010. Adjectives in Mandarin Chinese: The rehabilitation of a much ostracized category. In Patricia Cabredo Hofherr & Ora Matushansky (eds.), Adjectives: Formal analyses in syntax and semantics, 115–152. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Sproat, Richard & Chilin Shih. 1988. Prenominal adjectival ordering in English and Chinese. In James L. Blevins

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Victor Junnan Pan

. 2011. Sentence-final only and the interpretation of focus in Mandarin Chinese. In Louis Liu & Lauren Eby (eds.), Proceedings of the 22nd North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics ( NACCL-22 ) and the 18th annual meeting of the International Association of Chinese Linguistics ( IACL-18 ) Volume 2. 18–35. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University. Erlewine, Michael Yoshitaka. 2017. Low sentence-final particles in Mandarin Chinese and the final-over-final constraint. Journal of East Asian Linguistics 26(1). 37–75. Hsieh, Feng-fan & Rint Sybesma. 2011

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Dawei Jin

References Åqvist, L. 1975. “A new approach to the logical theory of interrogatives: Analysis and formalization”. In: Åqvist, L. (ed.), Tubinger Beitrage zur Linguistik . Tübingen: Narr. Åqvist L. 1975 “A new approach to the logical theory of interrogatives: Analysis and formalization” Åqvist L. Tubinger Beitrage zur Linguistik Tübingen Narr Badan, L. 2008. “The even -construction in Mandarin Chinese”. In: Djamouri, R., B. Meisterernst and R. Sybesma (eds.), Chinese Linguistics in Leipzig . Paris: EHESS-CRLAO., 101

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Pei-Jung Kuo

References Aissen, Judith. 2003. Differential object marking: Iconicity vs. economy. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory 213. 435-448. Badan, Linda and Francesca Del Gobbo. 2007. On the Syntax of Topic and Focus and Chinese. Ms. Università di Padova e Unviesità Ca’ Foscari, Venezia. Bošković, Željko. 2007. Agree, phases, and intervention effects. Linguistic Analysis 33. 54-96. Bender, Emily. 2000. The syntax of Mandarin BA: Reconsidering the verbal analysis. Journal of East Asian Linguistics 9

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Jing Jin

Mandarin Chinese. International Journal of Chinese Linguistics 2(1). 85-120. Jin, Jing. 2016. Hanyu [duliang duanyu+de+mingci] de zai fenlei [A subcategorization of [Measure Phrase+de+Noun] in Mandarin Chinese]. Dangdai Yuyanxue [Contemporary Linguistics] 18(2). 216-232. Kayne, Richard S. 2003. Silent years, silent hours. In Lars-Olof Delsing, Josefsson Gunlög, Halldor Armann Sigurðsson & Cecilia Falk (eds.), Grammar in focus: Festschrift for Christer Platzack, volume 2, 209-226. Lund: Wallin & Dalholm. Li, Xuping. 2011. On

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Maomao Gao

:// . (Last accessed: 28 April 2018). Huang, Wenfang–Kan, Yaoping. 1990. 新疆坎儿井的历史, 现状和今后发展 [The history, current status, and future development of qanat in Xinjiang]. 干旱区地 理 3: 33–37. Jiang, Yuen–Tong, Daoru–Li, Yijun. 1986. 郭疆霍城莫合烟 [Rolled tobacco in Huo city, Xinjiang]. 中国烟草 3: 9. Li, Xiangrui. 2002. 对新疆汉语教学的几点思考 [Some thoughts on Chinese teaching in Xinjiang]. 语言与翻译 1: 57–59. Lu, Wenli. 2011. 新疆汉语方言词汇浅论 [Discussion on Mandarin

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Hongwei Ding, Rüdiger Hoffmann and Oliver Jokisch

and productive learning of Chinese lexical tone by Dutch and English speakers , New sounds 90: Proceedings of the Amsterdam Symposium on the Acquisition of Second-Language Speech, Leather J., James A. [Eds.], pp. 72-89, University of Amsterdam. Peabody M., Seneff S., Wang C. (2004), Mandarin tone acquisition through typed interactions , Proceedings of In STIL/ICAL Symposium: NLP and Speech Technologies in Advance Language Learning Systems 2004, pp. 173-176. Rathcke T., Harrington J. (2007), The phonetics and

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XuPing Li

, Willard V., 1969. Ontological relativity and other essays. New York: Columbia University Press. Yang, Rong. 2001. Common nouns, classifiers, and quantification in Chinese. Rutgers University PhD dissertation. Zamparelli, Roberto. 2001. Definite and bare kind-denoting noun phrases. In Claire Beyssade, Reineke Bok-Bennema, Frank Drijkoningen & Paola Monachesi (eds.), Proceedings of going romance 2000. John Benjamins Publishers, Amsterdam/ Philadelphia. Zhang, Niina. 2013. Classifier structures in Mandarin Chinese. Mouton de

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Yen-Hui Audrey Li and Ting-Chi Wei

References Adams, Perng Wang. 2003. The structure of sluicing in Mandarin Chinese. Proceedings of Pennsylvania Linguistics Colloquium 27 [ PLC 27]: 1–16. Adams, Perng Wang, and Satoshi Tomioka. 2012. In Jason Merchant, and Andrew Simpson (eds.), Sluicing: Cross-linguistic perspectives , 219–247. New York, NY: Oxford University Press. Aoun, Joseph, and Y.-H. Audrey Li. 2008. In Robert Freidin, Carlos P. Otero, and Maria Luisa Zubizarreta (eds.), Foundational issues in linguistic theory: Essays in honor of Jean-Roger Vergnaud , 251

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Yangyu Sun

References Basciano, Bianca. 2010. Verbal compounding and causativity in mandarin Chinese. Verona: University of Verona dissertation. Belletti, Adriana, Naama Friedmann, Dominique Brunato & Luigi Rizzi. 2012. Does gender make a difference? Comparing the effect of gender on children’s comprehension of relative clauses in Hebrew and Italian. Lingua 122(10). 1053–1069. Bender, Emily. 2000. The syntax of mandarin bǎ: Reconsidering the verbal analysis. Journal of East Asian Linguistics 9(2). 105–145. Chappell, Hilary. 2006. From