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R. Przeliorz and J. Piątkowski

References [1] Medved, J., Primoz, C., Mrvar C. & Voncina M. (2009). Oxidation Resistance of Cast Magnesium Alloys. Oxidation Materials. 71, 257-270. [2] Czerwiński, F. (2004). Factors Affecting the Oxidation Nature of Magnesium Alloys. JOM. 29-31. [3] Zhang, Y., Zeng, X., Liu, L., Lu, Ch., Zhou, H., Li, Q. & Zhu Y. (2004). Effects of Yttrium on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Hot-extruded Mg92,3Zn5,8Y1,2Zr0,7 Alloys. Materials Science and Engineering. A 373, 320-327. [4] Liu, X

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P. Lichý and M. Cagala

References Drapala J. et al. (2004). Magnesium, its alloys and Mg - admixture binary system. VŠB-TU Ostrava. 172. Mordike B. L. & Ebert T. (2001). Magnesium, properties - application - potential. Materials Science A. 302 , 37-45. Roskosz S., Adamiec J. & Blotnicki M. (2007). Influence of delivery state quality on microstructure and mechanical properties of as cast AZ91 Mg alloy, Archives of Foundry Engineering. 7 (1), 143-146. Bialobrzeski A., Saja K

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B. Płonka, J. Kut, P. Korczak, M. Lech-Grega and M. Rajda

References K. Laue, H. Stenger, Extrusion. American Society for Metals, USA, 152-155 (1981). J. Michalczyk, T. Bajor, Study on the influence of temperature, velocity and shape tools on the combined process of extrusion and broaching of the deep sleeve with the bottom made of the AZ31 alloy, Archives of Metallurgy and Materials 56 , 2, 533-541 (2011). R. Ye. Lapovok, M. R. Bernett, C. H. J. Davies, Construction of extrusion limit diagram for AZ31 magnesium alloy by FE simulation

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K.N. Braszczyńska-Malik

References [1] Mordike, B.L. & Ebert, T. (2001). Magnesium propertiesapplications- potential. Materials Science and Engineering A . Vol. 302, 37÷45. [2] Wu, D.H. & Chang, M.S. (2004). Use of Taguchi method to develop a robust design for the magnesium alloy die casting process. Mater. Sc. Eng., A379 366-371. [3] El-Mahallawy, N.A, Taha, M.A., Pokora, E. & Klein F. (1998). On the influence of the process variables on the thermal conditions and properties of high pressure die-cast magnesium

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B. Plonka, K. Remsak, M. Nowak, M. Lech-Grega, P. Korczak and A. Najder

References [1] ASM Speciality Handbook, Magnesium and Magnesium Alloys, ASM International Materials Park, OH, 2004. [2] Metals Handbook Ninth Edition, Properties and Selction Nonferroue Alloys and Pure Metals, Vol. 2, Metals Park, Ohio, 1979, p.707-832. [3] R.Ye. Lapovo k, M.R. Bernett, C.H.J. Davies, J Mater Process Tech 146, 408-414 (2004). [4] L. Liu, H. Zhou, Q. Wang, Y. Zh u, W. Ding, Advanced in Technology of Materials and Materials Processing Journal 6, 158-165 (2004). [5

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J. Smolik, A. Mazurkiewicz, J. Kacprzyńska-Gołacka, M. Rydzewski, M. Szota and J. Mizera

REFERENCES [1] Y. Kojima, Magnesium alloys – 2000, Materials Science Forum 3 , 350-351 (2000). [2] J.E. Gray, B. Luan, Protective coatings on magnesium and its alloys – a critical review, Journal of Alloys and Compounda 88 , 336 (2002). [3] W.P. Innes et al., Electroplating and Electroless Plating on Magnesium and Magnesium Alloys, Modern Electroplating, Wiley-Interscience, New York (1974) 601. [4] J.B. Hajdu, E.F. Yarkosky, P.A. Cacciatore, M.H. Suplicki, Electroless nickel processes for memory disks, Processes and Devices 685 , 90

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M. Król, T. Mikuszewski, D. Kuc, T. Tański and E. Hadasik

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T. Bulzak, J. Tomczak and Z. Pater

References [1] H. Watari, Trend of research of development for magnesium alloys - Reducing the weight of structural materials in motor vehicles, Science & Technology Trends Quarterly Review 18 , 84-97 (2006). [2] H. Watari, R. Paisarn, T. Haga, K. Noda, Development of man-ufacturing process of wrought magnesium alloy sheets by twin roll casting, Journal of Achievements in Materials and Manu-facturing Engineering 20 , 447-450 (2007). [3] K. Iwanaga, H. Tashiro, H. Okamoto, K. Shimizu, Improvement of formability from room temperature to warm temperature

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Józef Kuczmaszewski, Ireneusz Zagórski and Piotr Zgórniak

References [1] Oczoś K.E., Efficient machining of magnesium alloys [in Polish], Mechanic, 7, 467–474, 2000. [2] Oczoś K.E., Extension of the magnesium alloys application range [in Polish], Mechanic, 5–6, 386–400, 2009. [3] Oczoś K.E., Kawalec A., Light metals forming [in Polish], PWN, Warsaw, 2012. [4] Grzesik W., Fundamentals of machining structural materials [in Polish], WNT, Warszawa, 2010. [5] Liubymov V., Reflections on cutting phenomenon [in Polish], Publishing House of Rzeszów University of Technology, Rzeszów, 2012

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Olga Gziut, Józef Kuczmaszewski and Ireneusz Zagórski

References [1] Górecki A., General Technology. Basics of mechanical technology , WSiP, Warsaw 2009. [2] Oczoś K.E., Extension of the magnesium alloys application range , Mechanik, 5-6, 386-400, 2009. [3] Oczoś K.E., Efficient machining of magnesium alloys , Mechanik, 7, 467-474, 2000. [4] Adamski W., Manufacturing development strategies in aviation industry , Advances in Manufacturing Science and Technology, 34, 3, 73-84, 2010. [5] Zalewski A., Optimal HSM machining strategy for improving production efficiency , Design and Engineering