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Who Gets in and Why? The Swedish Experience with Demand Driven Labour Migration – Some Preliminary Results

, Birds of passage: Migrant labor and industrial societies, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge and New York Regine, P 2011, Labour Migration Management as Multidimensional Border-drawing: A Comparative Interpretive Policy Analysis in the EU, University of Bath: Department of Social and Policy Sciences Quirico, M 2012, Labour migration governance in contemporary Europe. The case of Sweden, Fieri Working papers, Torino, Italy Ruhs, M 2011, Openness, Skills and Rights: An Empirical analysis of labour immigration

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Marriage Migration and the Labour Market

’, Ethnic and Racial Studies, vol. 15, pp. 436-456. Soede, A, Vrooman, C, Ferraresi, PM & Segre, G 2004, Unequal welfare states: distributive consequences of population ageing in six European countries, The Hague: Social and Cultural Planning Office. Soysal, L 2003, ‘Labor to culture: writing Turkish migration to Europe’, South Atlantic Quarterly, vol. 102, no. 2/3, pp. 491-507. Stark, O 1991, The migration of labour, Blackwell, Cambridge and Oxford. Statistics Belgium

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“The Most Open System Among OECD Countries” Swedish Regulation of Labour Migration

from: [Published on 30.11.2010]. European Commission (2005): Policy plan on legal migration. Communication from the Commission. COM (2005) 669 final, 21 December 2005. Fudge, J 2012, ‘Precarious migrant status and precarious employment: the paradox of International Rights for Migrant Workers’, Comparative Labor Law and Policy Journal, vol. 34, no. 1, pp. 101-137, DOI: Fudge, J 2014, ‘Making Claims for Migrant Workers: Human Rights and Citizenship‘. Citizenship Studies 18:1, 29-45. Government

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International labour migration in European rural regions - the example of Saarland, Germany

population. Unpublished report. Leipzig: Institut für Länderkunde. Pries, L. (2003). Transnationalismus, Migration und Inkorporation. Herausforderungen an raum- und Sozialwissenschaften. Geographische Revue 2, 23-39. Rainer, R. & Siedler, T. (2008). Social networks in determining migration and labour market outcomes: Evidence from the German Reunification. In ISER Working Papers, No. 36/2008. Statistische Ämter der Großregion (2008, ed.). Saar-Lor-Lux-Rheinland-Pfalz-Wallonie - Statistiques

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Labor Migration in Indonesia and the Health of Children Left Behind

1 Introduction Economic research on labor migration in the developing world has traditionally focused on the role played by the remittances of overseas migrant labor in the sending country’s economy (for a survey of the empirical literature on remittances, see Adams (2011) ). In the last decade, more attention has been paid to migration for work and its effects on the socioeconomic outcomes of sending households, thanks in large part to the increased availability of household survey data from developing countries. This study contributes to this particular

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International Labour Migration. A Present-Day Phenomenon Using the Example of Slovakia

: Ľudská tvár globalizácie, 2009. p. 7, the summary in the original work - International Migration: The human face of globalisation. Paríž: OECD, 2009. 174 p. KOTVANOVÁ, A.- SZÉP, A. Migrácia a Rómovia. Historické, sociálne a politické súvislosti. Bratislava: Slovenský inštitút medzinárodných štúdií, 2002. 100 p. MIHÁLY, G. - DIVINSKÝ, B. Nové trendy a prognóza pracovnej migrácie v Slovenskej republike do roku 2020 s výhľadom do roku 2050. Bratislava: TREXIMA, 2011. 101 p. ŠIŠKOVÁ, T. Menšiny a migranti v Českej republice

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Ensuring Freedom of Labor in Ukraine in the Context of Labor Emigration

BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. Basok, Tanya, and Martha Luz, Rojas Wiesner, “Precarious legality: regularizing Central American migrants in Mexico.” Ethnic and Racial Studies Vol. Spec. (2017): 1–20 // DOI: 10,1080/01419870.2017.1291983. 2. Brunarska, Zuzanna. “Ukraińscy migranci zarobkowi w Polsce – dlaczego tak trudno ich policzyć?” (Ukrainian Labour Migrants in Poland. Why is it so Difficult to Count Them?). Studia BAS Nr. 4(40) (2014): 155–174. 3. Castañer, Ana María Aragonés, Uberto Salgado Nieto. “La migración laboral México-Estados Unidos a veinte

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Labour Relations and Labour Structures in Mediterranean Capitalism. Caporalato and Romanian Migration in the Southern Italian Agriculture

Ethnicity, Journal of Communication Inquiry, vol.10 (3). Mara, I., (2012). Surveying Romanian Migrants in Italy Before and After the EU Accession: Migration Plans, Labour Market Features and Social Inclusion. Research Report for The Vienna Institute for International and Economic Studies, 378 (July). Mingione, E. and Quassoli, F. (2000). The participation of immigrants in the underground economy in Italy. In R. King, G. Lazaridis, C. Tsardanidis (Eds.). Eldorado or Fortress? Migration in Southern Europe. London: Macmillan Press. Perrotta, D. (2015

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Latvian Migrants’ Circular or Permanent Migration to Norway:
Economic and Social Factors

, ‘Migration experience of the Baltic countries in the context of the economic crisis’ in Labour migration, EU enlargement and the great recession, ed. M Hazans, Springer, Berlin pp. 297-344. Hazans, M & Philips K 2011, ‘The post-enlargement migration experience in the Baltic labor markets’. IZA Discussion Paper Series (No. 5878) . Kley, S 2011, ‘Explaining the stages of migration within a life-course framework’, European Sociological Review, vol. 27, no.4, pp. 469-486, DOI:10.1093/esr/jcq020. Krisjane, Z, Apsite-Berina, E & Berzins M 2016

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Do Legal Barriers Really Protect the Labor Markets? Empirical Evidence of Polish Migrants after 2004

References Borjas, G.J. (1989), Economic Theory and International Migration, International Migration Review, 23 (3), pp. 457-485. Consolidated Version of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union art. 45, 2008 O.J. C 115/47. Directive 2004/38/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 April 2004. Drinkwater, S. et al. (2009), Poles Apart? EU Enlargement and the Labour Market Outcomes of Immigrants in the United Kingdom, International Migration, 47 (1), pp. 161

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