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Ukris Utensute

= CO2 production  VA=Alveolar minute ventilation  RR = Respiratory rate  Vt = Tidal volume  Vd = Dead space volume The equation shows that PaCO 2 is increased when: Respiratory rate has decreased. Tidal volume has decreased. Dead space has increased. The aim of the present study was to investigate weaning from a mechanical ventilator using an L-piece, which is almost identical to using a T-piece, but has no reservoir tube, as shown in Figure 1 . Figure 1 A comparison of the T-piece and an L-piece An L-piece should have less dead

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N.L. Bhirud and R.R. Gawande

milling of Hadfield steel with PVD and CVD coated inserts. Measurement , 50:19–28, April 2014. doi: 10.1016/j.measurement.2013.12.017. [25] K. Shi, D. Zhang, and J. Ren. Optimization of process parameters for surface roughness and microhardness in dry milling of magnesium alloy using Taguchi with grey relational analysis. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology , 81(1-4):645–651, 2015. doi: 10.1007/s00170-015-7218-8. [26] L.M. Maiyar, R. Ramanujam, K. Venkatesan, and J. Jerald. Optimization of machining parameters for end milling of

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South East European Journal of Economics and Business

The Journal of University of Sarajevo

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P. Le Floch-Prigent, J.-B. Gillot and J.-P Barbet

References 1. Le Floch, P. & Deloison. Y. (1983). Dissection du pied du chimpanzé et du gorille: comparaisons avec l’homme. 66ème congrès de l’Ass. Anat., Barcelone 2. Le Floch, P. & Deloison, Y. (1985). Anatomical comparison between entire feet of chimpanzee, gorilla and man (in: TOBIAS, P. éd. - Hominid évolution). New York, Liss, p.135-141 3. Le Floch, P., Jouffroy, F.K. & Laval-Jeantet, M. (1985). Orientation de l’omoplate et indices thoraciques: scannographie comparée de l’homme, du Gorille et

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K.M. Meyer-Abich

The distribution of the air flow through the porous wrapping of a cigarette is

ν (λ, l) being the density of the air flow (cm3 sec-1 cm-1) on the paper wrapping at the position l if l is the length of the porous paper wrapping between the non-porous tip and the burning cone and l is the distance of the position in question from the non-porous tip. ν (λ, l) is given in air flow per cm rather than in air flow per cm2 because of the cylindrical shape of the cigarette. I denotes the total stream at the mouth piece, a is the specific conductivity to air flow of the paper wrapping, b is the specific resistance to air flow of the tobacco rod, RG is the resistance to air flow of the burning cone [compare (1)]. The formula is derived and discussed. The dependence of the distribution of the ventilation stream on the length l and on the resistance RG is demonstrated for the case of a formerly investigated cigarette rod (1). The gradient of ν (λ, l) is

so that the density of the ventilation stream through the paper wrapping decreases almost linearly from its maximum at the tip to its minimum at the burning cone if the degree of ventilation is low, i.e. if the air flow I (λ, l) in the cigarette is not much higher at λ = 0 than at λ = l

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Tomáš Bacigál and Mária Ždímalová

), 69-79. [5] JOE, H.: Multivariate Models and Dependence Concepts. Chapman and Hall, London, 1997. [6] KLEMENT, E. P.-MESIAR, R.-PAP, E.: Triangular norms. Kluwer Acad. Publ., Dodrecht, 2000. [7] KLEMENT, E. P.-MESIAR, R.-PAP, E.: Transformations of copulas, Kybernetika 41 (2005), 425-434. [8] MCNEIL, A. J.-NEˇSLEHOV´A, J.: Multivariate Archimedean copulas, d-monotone functions and l1-norm symmetric distributions, Ann. Statist. 37 (2009), 3059-3097. [9] MENGER, K.: Statistical metrics

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Abolfazl Baghbani Arani, Amin Namdari and Hossein Nazarli

, vol. 302, pp. 1-17. DOI: CALVINO, P.A. - SANDRA’S, V.O. 2003. Quantification f environmental management effect on the yield of late sown soybean. In Field Crop Research, vol. 83, pp. 67-77. DOI: 10.1016/S0378-4290(03)00062-5 DISTELFELD, A. - CAKMAK, I. - PELEG, Z. - OZTURK, L. - YAZICI, A.M. - BUDAK, H. - SARANGA, Y. - FAHIMA, T. 2007. Multiple QTL-effects of wheat Gpc-B1 locus on grain protein and micronutrient concentrations. In Physiologia Plantarum, vol. 129, pp. 635-643. DOI: 10.1111/j.1399

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Dariusz Korzeniewski and Natalia Znojkiewicz

Rao N.: Prediction of cutting tool wear, surface roughness and vibration of work piece in boring of AISI 316 steel with artificial neural network. Measurement 51 (2014) 63-70. [5] Sortino M., Totis G., Prosperi F.: Modeling the dynamic properties of conventional and high-damping boring bars. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 34 (2013) 340-352. [6] Rubio L., Loya J.A., Miguélez M.H., Fernández-Sáez J.: Optimization of passive vibration absorbers to reduce chatter in boring. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 41 (2013) 691

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M. Bruňanská and L. G. Poddubnaya

References B akhoum , A.J.S., M iquel , J., N diaye , P.I., J ustine , J.-L., F alchi , A., B â , C.T., M archand , B., Q uilichini , Y. (2017): Advances in spermatological characters in the Digenea: review and proposal of spermatozoa models and their phylogenetic importance. Adv. Parasitol ., 98: in press. B ruňanská , M. (2010): Recent insights into spermatozoa development and ultrastructure in the Eucestoda. In: Lejeune, T., Delvaux, P. (Eds) Human spermatozoa: maturation, capacitation and abnormalities . Nova Science Publishers, Inc., New York