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Igor Dakskobler and Livio Poldini


We conducted a phytosociological study of alpine grasslands with dominant Luzula alpinopilosa in the Julian and Carnic Alps. Based on a comparison with similar communities elsewhere in the Alps we described a new association Junco jacquinii-Luzuletum alpinopilosae, which we classify into the provisional alliance Doronico glacialis-Juncion jacquinii, order Festucetalia spadiceae and class Juncetea trifidi. The new association characterises moist shady grasslands in gullies and on ledges on limestone admixed with marlstone and chert, in the elevation range between 2000 and 2500 m, where the snow cover persists for extended periods. We distinguish three subassociations: -galietosum anisophyllae (the most calcareous form), -potentilletosum aureae (typical form) and -leucanthemopsietosum alpinae (acidophilic form on Werfen sandstones in the Carnic Alps, which is the most similar to the stands of the association Luzuletum alpinopilosae from the Central Alps).