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Gašper Rak, Marko Hočevar and Franci Steinman

REFERENCES Behlke, C.E., Pritchett, H.D., 1966. The design of supercritical channel junction. Highway Research Record, 133, 17–35. Best, J., Reid, I., 1984. Separation zone at open channel junction. J. Hydraul. Eng., 110, 11, 1588–1594. Bowers, C.E., 1950. Studies of open channel junctions. Project Report 24. Part V. Hydraulic model studies for Whiting Field Naval Air Station. University of Minnesota, St. Anthony Falls Hydraulic Laboratory, Minneapolis. Chachereau, Y., Chanson, H., 2010. Free-surface fluctuations and turbulence in

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Yongjiang Luo, Lijia Li, Jianming Peng, Kun Yin, Peng Li, Xin Gan, Letao Zhao and Wei Su

model for rotary-percussive drilling . International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences, 48 (5): 827-835. Grandjean G., Leparoux D., 2004. The potential of seismic methods for detecting cavities and buried objects: experimentation at a test site . Journal of Applied Geophysics, 56 (2): 93-106. Kosecki A., Piwakowski B., Driad-lebeau L., 2010. High resolution seismic investigation in salt mining context . Acta Geophysica, 58 (1): 15-33. Leucci G., Giorgi L.D. 2005. Integrated geophysical surveys to assess the structural conditions of a

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Tomasz Bury, Jan Składzień and Adam Fic

. [4] IAEA: Deterministic Safety Analysis for Nuclear Power Plants. Specific Safety Guide No. SSG-2, International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna 2009. [5] NEA: Validation Matrix for the Assessment of Thermal-Hydraulic Codes for VVER LOCA and Transients . Nuclear Energy Agency Report No. NEA/CSNI/R(2001)4, Paris 2001. [6] NEA: State Of the Art Report on Containment Thermalhydraulics and Hydrogen Distribution . Nuclear Energy Agency Report No. NEA/CSNI/R(99)16, Paris 1999. [7] Sehgal B.R.: Accomplishments and

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Anna Maria De Girolamo, Antonio Lo Porto, Giuseppe Pappagallo and Francesc Gallart

. Application of a hydrological-hydraulic modelling cascade in lowlands for investigating water and sediment fluxes in catchment, channel and reach. J. Hydrol. Hydromech., 61, 4, 334-346. Kirkby, M.J., Gallart, F., Kjeldsen, T.R., Irvine, B.J., Froebrich, J., Lo Porto, A., De Girolamo, A., the MIRAGE team, 2011. Classifying low flow hydrological regimes at a regional scale. Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 15, 3741-3750. Lake, P.S., 2007. Flow-generated disturbances and ecological responses: Floods and droughts. In: Wood, P.J., Hannah, D.M., Sadler, J