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Marek Ryczek, Edyta Kruk, Magdalena Malec and Sławomir Klatka

References CARRIER D. 2003. Goodbye, Hazen; Hello, Kozeny- Carman, Technical notes. Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering(129:11), p. 1054-1056. CHAPUIS R. 2008. Predicting the Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity of Natural Soils. Geotechnical News, 26, 2: 47-50. JABRO J. 1992. Estimation of saturated conductivity of soils from particle size distribution and bulk density date. Transactions of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers,35: 557-560. KOZERSKI B. 1977. Zasady

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M. Bartlewska-Urban and T. Strzelecki

results, the bulk modulus was calculated: M = 1662, 9KPa. Based on consolidation coefficient equation (Eq.3) , using Cassagrande ( Eq.4 , Fig.5 ) and Taylor (Eq. 6, Fig. 7 ) methods, hydraulic conductivities were calculated: t 50 =193,5min; = 524,6min. The calculated k values are 1.189 × l0 -8 m/s and 1.1898×l0 -8 m/s for Cassagrande and Taylor methods respectively. Figure 6 Cassagrande estimation of Cv. Figure 7 Taylor estimation of Cv. 4 Calibration 4.1 Methodology Oedometer test results were used as

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Aurore Réfloch, Jean-Paul Gaudet, Laurent Oxarango and Yvan Rossier

du champ captant de Crépieux-Charmy. Thèse à l’Université de Grenoble, 220 p. Mertens, J., Madsen, H., Kristensen, M., Jacques, D., Feyen, J., 2005. Sensitivity of soil parameters in unsaturated zone modeling and the relation between effective, laboratory and in situ estimates. Hydrol. Process., 19, 1611–1633. Mualem, Y., 1976. A new model for predicting the hydraulic conductivity of unsaturated porous media. Water Resour. Res., 12, 513–522. Ostendorf, D.W., DeGroot, D.J., Hinlein, E.S., 2007. Unconfined aquifer response to infiltration basins

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Zofia Zięba

References Aimrun, W., Amin, M.S.M., Eltaib, S.M., 2004. Effective porosity of paddy soils as an estimation of its saturated hydraulic conductivity. Geoderma, 121, 197-203. Arasan, S., Akbulut, S., Hasiloglu, S. A., 2011. The relationship between the fractal dimension and shape properties of particles. Journal of Civil Engineering, 15, 7, 1219-1225. Bowman, E.T., Soga, K., Drummond, W., 2001. Particle shape characterisation using Fourier descriptor analysis. Geotechnique, 51, 6, 545-554. Brooks

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Karolina Villagra-Mendoza and Rainer Horn

.M., 2016. Predicting the impact of biochar additions on soil hydraulic properties. Chemosphere, 142, 136-144. Neyshabouri M.R., Alavi S.A.R.R., Rezaei H., Nazemi A.H., 2010. Estimating unsaturated hydraulic conductivity from air permeability. Proc. 19th World Congr. Soil Science: Soil Solutions for a Changing World, Australian Society of Soil Science, Brisbane, Australia. Nimmo J.R., 2004. Porosity and pore size distribution In: Encyclopedia of Soils in the Environment (Ed. D. Hillel). London, Elsevier. Obia A., Børresen T., Martinsen V., Cornelissen

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Jaromír Říha, Lubomír Petrula, Mario Hala and Zakaraya Alhasan

References Alyamani, M.S., Sen, Z., 1993. Determination of hydraulic conductivity from complete grain-size distribution. Ground Water, 31, 4, 551-555. Bear, J., 1972. Dynamics of Fluids in Porous Media. Elsevier Publishing Company, Amsterdam, 764 p. Beyer, W., 1964. On the determination of hydraulic conductivity of gravels and sands from grain-size distribution. Wasserwirtschaft Wassertechnik, 14, 165-169. (In German.) Cabalar, A.F., Akbulut, N., 2016. Evaluation of actual and estimated hydraulic

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Marcin K. Widomski, Witold Stępniewski, Rainer Horn, Andrzej Bieganowski, Lucjan Gazda, Małgorzata Franus and Małgorzata Pawłowska

**This work was financed from the budget for science as research project No. 7550/B/T02/2011/40. REFERENCES Akcana F. and Aytekin M., 2014. Impact of wetting-drying cycles on the hydraulic conductivity of liners made of lime-stabilized sand-bentonite mixtures for sanitary landfills. Environ. Earth Sci., 72, 59-66. Albrecht B. and Benson C., 2001. Effect of Desiccation on Compacted Natural Clays. J. Geotech. Geoenviron. Eng., 127(1), 67-75. Aldaeef A.A. and Rayhani M.T., 2014. Hydraulic performance of Compacted Clay Liners (CCLs) under

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Karsten Schacht and Bernd Marschner

.1029/2011WR010498/ Bhardwaj, A.K., Goldstein, D., Azenkot, A., Levy, G.J., 2007. Irrigation with treated wastewater under two different irrigation methods: Effects on hydraulic conductivity of a clay soil. Geoderma, 140, 199-206. Bond, W.J., 1998. Effluent irrigation - an environmental challenge for soil science. Aust. J. Soil Res., 36, 543-555. Brenner, A., 2012. Limitations and challenges of wastewater reuse in Israel. In: Quercia, F.F., Vidojevic, D. (Eds.): Clean Soil and Safe Water. Springer, Dordrecht

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Vincenzo Alagna, Vincenzo Bagarello, Simone Di Prima, Fabio Guaitoli, Massimo Iovino, Saskia Keesstra and Artemi Cerdà

heterogeneous small bare catchments during soil surface sealing. Water Resources Research, 42, W12405. Bagarello, V., Iovino, M., Elrick, D., 2004. A Simplified Falling-Head Technique for Rapid Determination of Field-Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity. Soil Science Society of America Journal, 68, 66. Bagarello, V., Stefano, C.D., Ferro, V., Iovino, M., Sgroi, A., 2010. Physical and hydraulic characterization of a clay soil at the plot scale. Journal of Hydrology, 387, 54–64. https

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Marketa Petrova and Jiri Mls


The process of sedimentation and subsequent gravity compression of kaolin and water suspensions was investigated experimentally. 45 batch tests were carried out and the time dependence of the height of the suspension column was measured. The one-dimensional equations of Darcian mechanics of two-phase porous media are applied to formulate the studied process mathematically. A very natural assumption makes it possible to find a solution of the forward problem for a starting period of the process. Analysis of the theoretical function and the experimental data gives hydraulic conductivity as a function of the suspension concentration. The obtained results are presented and discussed.