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T. Cichowicz, M. Drozdowski, M. Frankiewicz, G. Pawlak, F. Rytwinski and J. Wasilewski

, A.J. Parkes, S. Petrovic, and E.K. Burke, “HyFlex: a benchmark framework for cross-domain heuristic search”, Eur. Conf. on EvolutionaryComputation in Combinatorial Optimisation (EvoCOP 2012) , Lecture Notes on Computing Science 7245, 136-147 (2012). [10] M.Hyde and G. Ochoa, “ASAP Default Hyper-heuristics”, (2011). [11] D.T. Pham, A. Ghanbarzadeh, E. Koc, S. Otri, S. Rahim, and M.Zaidi, “The bees algorithm”, Manufacturing EngineeringCentre , Cardiff University, Cardiff, 2005

Open access

Zoi-Despoina Tzima, Nikolaos Economides, Christos Gogos and Ioannis Kolokouris

, Qian W, Abtin H, Gao Y, Haapasalo M. Fatigue testing of controlled memory wire nickel-titanium rotary instruments. J Endod, 2011;37:997–1001. 5. Zinelis S, Eliades T, Eliades G. A metallurgical characterization of ten endodontic Ni-Ti instruments: assessing the clinical relevance of shape memory and superelastic properties of Ni-Ti endodontic instruments. Int Endod J, 2010;43:125–134. 6. Peters OA, Gluskin AK, Weiss RA, Han JT. An in vitro assessment of the physical properties of novel Hyflex nickel-titanium rotary instruments. Int Endod J, 2012

Open access

Lampros Intzes, Zoi-Despoina Tzima and Christos Gogos

instruments. J Endod, 2011;37:997-100. 12. Zhao D, Shen Y, Peng B, Haapasalo M. Micro-computed tomography evaluation of the preparation of mesiobuccal root canals in maxillary first molars with Hyflex CM, Twisted Files, and K3 instruments. J Endod, 2013;39:385-388. 13. Plotino G, Testraelli L, Al-Sudani D, Pongione G, Grande NM, Gambarini G. Fatigue resistance of rotary instruments manufactured using different nickel-titanium alloys: a comparative study. Odontology, 2014;102:31-35. 14. Peters OA, Gluskin AK, Weiss RA, Han JT. An in vitro assessment of the