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Bedform characteristics in a gravel-bed river

References Afzalimehr, H., 2010. Effect of flow non-uniformity on velocity and turbulence intensities in flow over a cobble-bed. Journal of Hydrological Processes, 24, 331-341. Afzalimehr, H., Anctil, F., 2000. Accelerating shear velocity in gravel bed channels. Hydrological Sciences Journal, 45, 113-124. Afzalimehr, H., Rennie, C.D., 2009. Determination of bed shear stress using boundary layer parameters in a gravel-bed river. Hydrological Sciences Journal, 54, 147-159. Bennett, S.J., Best, J

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Flow structure within a vegetation patch in a gravel-bed river

)0733-94292002128:7(664). Cheng, Z., Constantinescu, S.G., 2015. For field structure of turbulent shallow mixing layers between parallel streams. In: EProceedings of the 36th IAHR World Congress. IAHR, The Hague, The Netherlands. Chu, V.H., Babarutsi, S., 1988. Confinement and bed friction effects in shallow turbulent mixing layers. J. Hydraul. Eng., 114, 1257–1274. Clarke, S.J., 2002. Vegetation growth in rivers: influences upon sediment and nutrient dynamics. Prog. Phys. Geog., 26, 2, 95–106. Ghisalberti, M., Nepf, H., 2002. Mixing layers and

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Bedload Equation Analysis Using Bed Load-Material Grain Size

, Einstein and Meyer-Peter and Müller and their application to recent measurements of bedload in the rivers in Holland. Delft Hydraulics, Delft, The Netherlands. X2344/LV. Gomez, B., Church, M., 1989. An assessment of bed load sediment transport formulae for gravel bed rivers. Water Resources Research, 25(6), 1161-1186. Habersack, H.M., Laronne, J.B., 2002. Evaluation and improvement of bed load discharge formulas based on Helley- Smith sampling in an alpine gravel bed river. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 128(5), 484

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Succession and the Development of Alluvial Communities After a Flood in 1997

-366. Ellenberg, H. (1996). Vegetation Mitteleuropas mit den Alpen. 5. Stuttgart: Ulmer, p. 1096. Gilvear, D., Willby, N. (2006). Channel dynamics and geomorphic variability as controls on gravel bar vegetation; river Tummel, Scotland, Wiley InterScience 22:457-474. Grime, J. P. (1979). Plant Strategies and Vegetation Processes. Wiley. Grohmanová, L. (2008). Sukcesní vývoj nivních společenstev po povodni v roce 1997 , Závěrečná zpráva - IGA č. 2/2008. Grohmanová, L

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Turbulence characteristics of favorable pressure gradient flows in gravel-bed channel with vegetated walls

References Afzalimehr, H., 2010. Effect of non-uniformity of flow on velocity and turbulence intensities in flow over a cobble-bed. Hydrological Processes, 24, 3, 331-341. Afzalimehr, H., Rennie, C.D., 2009. Determination of bed shear stress using boundary layer parameters in a gravel-bed river. Journal of Hydrological Sciences, 54, 1, 147-159. Afzalimehr, H., Sui, J., Moghbel, R., 2010. Hydraulic parameters in channels with wall vegetation and gravel bed - field observations and experimental studies. Int. J

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- bed streams and development of adjustment functions. Report submitted to the Federal Interagency Sedimentation Project, Vicksburg, MS. Bunte, K., Abt, S.R., Potyondy, J.P., Ryan, S.E., 2004. Measurement of coarse gravel and cobble transport using a portable bedload trap. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 130: 879-893. Bunte, K., Potyond, J. P., Abt, S., 2003. Sampler size and sampling time affect measured bedload transport rates and particle sizes measured with bedload traps in gravel-bed streams. In: J. Bogen, T. Fergus, D.E. Walling

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Sedimentation style of a Pleistocene kame terrace from the Western Sudety Mountains, S Poland

, J. E., 1988. Rheologic, geomorphic and sedimentologic differentiation of water floods, hyperconcentrated flows and debris flows. [In:] V. R. Baker, R. C. Kochel & P. C. Patton (Eds): Flood geomorphology. Wiley, New York, 113-122. Forbes, D. L., 1983. Morphology and sedimentology of a sinuous gravel-bed channel system: Lower Babbage River, Youkon coastal plain, Canada. International Association of Sedimentologists Special Publication 6, 195-206. Fraser, G. S. & Cobb, J. C., 1982. Late Wisconsian proglacial

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The effects of river patterns on riparian vegetation: A comparison of anabranching and single-thread incised channels

.]: Tools in Fluvial Geomorphology (pp. 269–288). Chichester, Wiley. HUPP, C. R., OSTERKAMP, W. R. (1985): Bottomland vegetation distribution along Passage Creek, Virginia, in relation to fluvial landforms. Ecology, 66(3): 670–681. KNIGHTON, D. (1998): Fluvial Forms and Processes. A new perspective. London, Arnold. KONDOLF G. M. (1997): Hungry Water: Effects of Dams and Gravel Mining on River Channels. Environmental Management 21(4): 533–551. KRÁLOVÁ, H. (2001): Řeky pro život, revitalizace řek a péče o nivní biotopy. Brno, ZO ČSOP Veronica

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Abundance and distribution of selected breeding river-bed birds on the Drava River between Maribor and Središče ob Dravi (NE Slovenia) in 2006 and 2009, and causes of the reduction of their populations

-24. Bezzel, E., Fünfstück, H.-J. & Kirchner, J. (1995): Der Flußuferläufer Actitis hypoleucos im Werdenfelser Land 1966 bis 1994: Lebensraum, Durchzug, Brutbestand und Schutzprobleme. - Garmischer Vogelkundliche Berichte 24: 47-60. Billi, P., Hey, R. D., Thorne, C. R & Tacconi, P. (1992): Dynamics of gravel-bed rivers. - Willey, Chichester. Božič, L. (2003): Mednarodno pomembna območja za ptice v Sloveniji 2. Predlogi Posebnih zaščitenih območij (SPA) v Sloveniji. Monografija DOPPS št. 2. - Društvo za opazovanje in

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Channel migration inferred from aerial photographs, its timing and environmental consequences as responses to floods: A case study of the meandering Topľa River, Slovak Carpathians

succession dynamics in a Mediterranean river system. Ecography, 33: 1136–1148. DECREE No. 38/2005 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak Republic on prices of plots and growths for the purpose of land arrangements. DRAUT, A. E., LOGAN, J. B., MASTIN, M. C. (2011): Channel evolution on the dammed Elwha River, Washington, USA. Geomorphology, 127 71–87. ERSKINE, W., KEENE, A., BUSH, R., CHEETHAM, M., CHALMERS, A. (2012): Influence of riparian vegetation on channel widening and subsequent concentration on sand-bed stream since

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