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Zeqir Hashani, Qenan Maxhuni, Rrahman Ferizi, Almir Abdurrahmani and Xhavit Mala

. 2004: Intraspecific variability in the alkaloid metabolism of Galanthus elwesii . Phytochemistry 65(5): 579–586. Berkov, S., Bastida, J., Sidjimova, B., Viladomat, F. & Codina, C. 2008: Phytochemical differentiation of Galanthus nivalis and Galanthus elwesii (Amaryllidaceae). A case study. Biochem Syst Ecol 36(8): 638–645. Berkov, S., Bastida, J., Sidjimova, B., Viladomat, F. & Codina, C. 2011: Alkaloid diversity in Galanthus elwesii and Galanthus nivalis . Chem Biodivers 8(1): 115–130. Bishop, M., Davis A. P. & Grimshaw J. A. 2006

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Bożena Pawłowska


In the present studies, an attempt has been made to develop a method of liquid nitrogen preservation of plant explants propagated in vitro in the laboratory of the Department of Ornamental Plants, of Agricultural University in Kraków: shoot apical and axillary meristems of Rosa ‘New Dawn’, somatic embryos of snowdrops Galanthus nivalis L. and G. elwesii Hook, and gametophyte of Phlebodium aureum (L.) J. Sm. (golden polypody). After encapsulation of plant material, it was dehydrated by quick method (capsules were placed in liquid media containing 0.75 M sucrose for 18 h) or by gradual method (capsules were transferred to liquid solutions of media with increasing sucrose concentrations from 0.3 M to 1 M for consecutive 7 days). Moreover, some explants for cryopreservation were treated with the medium containing elevated sucrose level (0.25 M) for 8 weeks