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Josipa Domitrović and Tatjana Rukavina

References [1]. J. WENZLICK, T. SCULLONO, K.R. MASER: “High Accuracy Pavement Thickness Measurement Using Ground Penetrating Radar”, Missouri Department of Transportation Research, Development and Technology Division, February 1999. [2]. M.OŽBOLT, T. RUKAVINA, J.DOMITROVIĆ: “Comparison of pavement layer thickness measured by GPR and conventional methods”, The Baltic Journal of Road and Bridge engineering, vol.7, no.1, 2012. [3]. T. SATTENKETO: “Timo, Electrical properties of road materials and subgrade soils and

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Michal Grinč

. Hobbs C. P., Temple J A. G., Hillier M. J., 1993: Radar Inspection of Civil Engineering Structures. In: J. Bungey (ed) Proceedings of Conference on Non-Destructive Testing in Civil Engineering, 1-16 April, Liverpool, UK, 7-96. Hopman V., Beuving E., 2002: Repeatability, Reproducibility and Accuracy of GPR Measurements. In: Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on the Bearing Capacity of Roads, Railways and Airfields, Lisbon, Portugal, 24-26 June, 2002, 637-645. Jol H. M., 2009: Ground Penetrating Radar: Theory and Applications

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Pavel Pospíšil, Aleš Poláček and Luděk Kovář

References [1] DEMEK, J. Zeměpisný lexikon ČSR : Hory a nížiny. Edtion ed. Praha: Academia, 1987. 584 s. p. ISBN (váz.). [2] HUGENSCHMIDT, J. Railway track inspection using GPR. Journal of Applied Geophysics, Mar 2000, vol. 43, no. 2-4, p. 147-155. [3] KLIMŠA A KOL. ČD, DDC elektrizace trati Ostrava Svinov - Opava Východ, geotechnický průzkum pražcového podloží. In. Praha: Stavební geologie - Geotechnika, a.s., 2002. [4] LOIZOS, A., SILVAST, M. AND DIMITRELLOU, S. Railway trackbed assessment

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Luděk Kovář and Pavel Pospíšil

References [1] ABDULLAH, R.S.A.R., SHAFRI, H.Z.B.M., and Bin ROSLEE, M. Data analysis of road pavement density measurements using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). 2008 International Conference on Computer and Communication Engineering, Vols 1-3, 2008: p. 732-737. [2] BENEDETTO, A. Prediction of structural damages of road pavement using GPR. 2007 4th International Workshop on Advanced Ground Penetrating Radar, 2007: p. 270-274. [3] DEMEK, J. et al. Zeměpisný lexikon ČSR. Hory a nížiny. Prague: Academia, 1987. 584

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Fedor Edemsky, Alexei Popov and Sergey Zapunidi

Quantitative Inverse Scattering Methods for GPR Imaging," in Proceedings of 12 th International Conference on Ground Penetrating Radar , Birmingham, England, 2008. V. A. Borovikov, Diffraction on Polygons and Polyhedra. Moscow: Nauka, 1966, [In Russian]. E. A. Rudenchik, L. B. Volkomirskaya, A. E. Reznikov, and E. G. Bezrukova, "Analytical Representation of the Surface Wave Generated by Antenna at the Interface Between Two Homogeneous Media," Physics of Wave Phenomena , vol. 18, no. 2, pp. 1-9, 2010

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Magdalena Szymczyk and Piotr Szymczyk

References [1] D.J. Daniels, Ground Penetrating Radar - 2nd Edition, The Institution of Electrical Engineers, London 2004 [2] L. Dojack, Ground Penetrating Radar Theory, Data Collection, Processing, and Interpretation: A Guide for Archaeologist , 2012 [3] [4] [5] A. Iswandy, A. Serma, H. Setan, Ground penetrating radar (GPR) for subsurface mapping: preliminary result, Geoinformation Science

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A. Borecka, J. Herzig and M. Durjasz-Rybacka

References [1] KARCZEWSKI J., The outline of GPR method, AGH University of Science and Technology Press, AGH-UST, Kraków 2011, (in Polish). [2] RÓŻAŃSKI P., Opinion on the diagnosis geotechnical conditions - in the area of Pavilion IV warehouse and residential building, on plots of 574/6, 574/7 in Radziszów, 2011, (in Polish). [3] BURTAN J., Geological Map of Poland, A - with Quaternary deposits, Sheet Kraków, 1: 200 000. PIG, Warszawa 1964, (in Polish). [4] BICHLER A., BOBROWSKY P., BEST M

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Fabian Welc, Radosław Mieszkowski, Goranka Lipovac Vrkljan and Ana Konestra


In 2016 within the RED Project Roman Economy in Dalmatia: production, distribution and demand in the light of pottery workshops, 5 selected areas around the Podšilo Bay were geophysically surveyed. During the fieldworks in the Lopar protected area, located in the northeastern part of the Island of Rab a gradiometer, ground-penetrating radar (GPR) and electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) were used. The main aim of the project was to document presence of the Roman architecture in two areas of the bay’s hinterland as suggested earlier by finds of pottery and glass. Geophysical studies conducted in the Lopar area revealed presence of underground remains of ancient structures, probably from the late Roman period and connected with a ceramic production centre at the present seashore. The most interesting results were obtained for the area no. 4, the site where magnetic, georadar and ERT surveys revealed an ancient regular building at 0.4-0.6 m depth. The survey performed in the Lopar area clearly indicates that integration of different geophysical methods enables detailed and effective identification of buried archaeological structures.

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Fabian Welc, Radosław Mieszkowski, Sebastian Kowalczyk and Jerzy Trzciński

References Annan, A. P. 2001. Ground-penetrating radar, Workshop Notes'. Sensors and Software Inc. Benedetto, F., Tosti, F. 2013. GPR spectral analysis for clay content evaluation by the frequency shift method. Journal of Applied Geophysics 97: 89-96. Bristow, C. S., Jol, H.M (eds.). 2003. Ground Penetrating Radar in Sediments. Geological Society Special Publications no. 211. London. Conyers, L.B. 2004. Ground Penetrating Radar for Archaeology. Altamira Press, Walnut Creek, California

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Sylwia Tomecka-Suchoń and Henryk Marcak

References Al-fares W., Bakalowicz M., Guérin R., Dukhan M., 2002. Analysis of the karst aquifer structure of the Lamalou area (Hérault, France) with ground penetrating radar . Journal of Applied Geophysics, 51, 97-106. Annan A.P., 1999. Practical Processing of GPR Data . Sensor and Software Inc., Canada. Annan A.P., 2001. Ground Penetrating Radar . Workshop Notes, Sensore and Software Inc., Canada. Batayneh A.T., Abdelruhman A., Abueladas A., Moumani K.A., 2002. Use of ground-penetrating radar for assessment of potential sinkhole