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Foreign Direct Investment And Poverty Reduction

and poverty reduction: East Asia versus Latin America, ʻReview of World Economicsʼ, no. 146 (4). Hung T.T. (1999), Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Poverty Reduction in Vietnam, IDS Program, GRIPS. Israel A.O. (2014), Impact of foreign direct investment on poverty reduction in Nigeria, ʻJournal of Economics and Sustainable Developmentʼ, no. 5(20). Jalilian H. and Weiss J. (2002), Foreign direct investment and poverty in the ASEAN region, ʻASEAN Economic Bulletinʼ, no. 19(3). Kemeny T. (2010), Does

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Does Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Contribute to Poverty Reduction? Empirical Evidence from Central European and Western Balkan Countries

References Aaron, C., 1999. The contribution of FDI to poverty alleviation . Paper presented at the FIAS conference in Singapore. . Arabyat, Y. A., 2017. The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Poverty Reduction in the Developing Countries. International Finance and Banking, 4 (2), 92-111. Baltagi, B. H., 2005. Econometric Analysis of Panel Data (3rd ed. ed.). New York: John Wiley & Sons Inc. Blomström, M., Kokko, A., and Globerman, S., 2001. The determinants of host

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The Dynamics of Extreme Poverty in Developing Countries

Millennium Development Goals. [Online]Available at: [Accessed 15 May 2015]. 10. Mahembe, E., 2014. Foreign direct investment inflows and economic growth in SADC countries: a panel data approach, Pretoria: Masters Dissertation, University of South Africa. 11. Milanovic, B., 1995. Poverty, inequality, and social policy in transition economies, Washington DC: World Bank; Policy Research Working Paper Number 1530. 12. Perkins, D. H., Radelet, S., Lindauer, D. L. & Block, S. A., 2013. Economics of development

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Implications of De-Industrialization for Poverty and Income-Inequality in Pakistan

”, in A. Harrison (Ed.), Globalization and Poverty . University of Chicago Press for NBER. Feenstra, R. and G. Hanson (1997), “Foreign Direct Investment and Relative Wages: Evidence from Mexico’s Maquila-doras”, Journal of International Economics , 42 (3): 371–393. Fields, G. S. (1989), “Changes in Poverty and Inequality in Developing Countries”, World Bank Research Observer , World Bank Group, 4(2): 167-85 Fosu, A. (2010), “Growth, Inequality and Poverty Reduction in Developing Countries: Recent Global Evidence”, Background Paper for Global

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Social Aspects of Transnational Corporations’ Activities in the New EU Member States

and Corporate Social Responsibility , Harvard Business Review, HBR.ORG, December 2006 Scharpf, F. W. (2002), The European Social Model: Coping with the Challenges of Diversity , ‘Journal of Common Market Studies’, No. 40 UNCTAD 1994, World Investment Report. Transnational Corporations, Employment and the Workplace, New York and Geneva UNCTAD 1999, World Investment Report. Foreign Direct Investment and the Challenge of Development, New York and Geneva UNCTAD (2001), Social Responsibility, UNCTAD

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Postcolonial Sub-Saharan State and Contemporary General Business Environment. Selected Issues

. Nsouli, S.M. (ed.) (2004). The New Partnership for Africa’s Development. Macroeconomics, institutions and poverty. IMF. Pigato, M. (2001). The foreign direct investment environment in Africa. Africa Region Working Paper Series No. 15, April. Porter, M.E. (2001). Porter o konkurencji. Warszawa: PWE. Prasad, A. (ed.) (2003). Postcolonial theory and organizational analysis Palgrave. New York: Macmillan. Ramachandran, V., Gelb, A. and Eifert, B. (2009). Africa’s private sector. What’s wrong with the business

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Sources of Economic Growth in the Southern African Development Community: Its Likely Impact on Povery and Employment

, S. (1991). Some Tests of Specification for Panel Data: Monte Carlo Evidence and an Application to Employment Equations. Review of Economic Studies, 58 , 277-297. 8. Arellano, M., and Bover, O. (1995). Another Look at Instrumental Variables Estimation of Error Components Models. Journal of Econometrics, 68 , 29-51. 9. Arrow, K.J. (1962). “The Ecoomic Implications of Learning by Doing,” Review of Economic Studies. 29: 155-173. 10. Balasubramanyam, V.N., Salisu, M. and Sapsford, D. (1996), “Foreign direct investment and growth in EP and IS

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Labor Share in National Income: Implications in the Baltic Countries

). The Personal and the Factor Distributions of Income in a Cross-Section of Countries, Journal of Development Studies , Taylor & Francis Journals, vol. 43(5), pages 812-829. 1–32. DOI: 10.1080/00220380701384406 DECREUSE, B., and MAAREK, P. (2007). Foreign Direct Investment and the Labor Share in Developing Countries. Retrieved ( ). DIWAN, I. (2001). Debt as Sweat : Labor, Financial Crises, and the Globalization of Capital. The World Bank

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An Analysis of the Determinants of Systemic Banking Crises in Southeast European Countries

). “Foreign Direct Investment into Transition Economies: Are the Balkans Different?”, LSE “Europe in Question” Discussion Paper Series No 64/2013 15. Fabris, N. & Galić, J. (2015). “Essay on Saving and Consumption”. Podgorica: Journal of Central Banking Theory and Practice, Vol 4, No 3, pp. 123-136. 16. Frankel, J. A. & Saravelos, G. (2010). “Are Leading Indicators of Financial Crises Useful for Assessing Country Vulnerability? Evidence From the 2008-09 Global Crisis”. National Bureau of Economic Research, Working Paper No 16047. 17. Gujarati, D. N. (2004

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Government Spending and Inclusive-Growth Relationship in Nigeria: An Empirical Investigation

. Kolawole, B.O. & Odubunmi, S.A. (2015). Government capital expenditure, foreign direct investment and economic growth relationship in Nigeria, Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 6 (4S3), 444-453. Doi:10.5901/mjss.2015.v6n4s3p444 Kolawole, B.O., Omobitan, O.A. & Yaqub, J.O. (2015). Poverty, inequality and rising growth in Nigeria: Further empirical evidence. International Journal of Economics and Finance, 7(2), 51-62. Kormendi, R. & Meguire, P. (1985). “Macroeconomic determinants of growth: Cross-country evidence”. Journal

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