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Oyekanmi Babatimehin, Oludotun Oladele Olagundoye and Matthew Rotimi Afolabi

Research, Abuja. pp. 271–283. Babatimehin, O., Ayanlade, A., Babatimehin, M., and Yusuf, J.O., 2011: Geo-Political Patterns of Healthcare Facilities in Kogi State, Nigeria. In: The Open Geography Journal Vol. 4. pp. 141–147. Bentham Science Publishers, UAE. DOI: 10.2174/1874923201104010141. Babatimehin, O. and Ayeni, O.O., 2012: Geographical Analysis of Location and Patterns of Flow to HIV/AIDS Response Sites in Selected States of Southwest. In: Akinlo A., et al. (eds.) Challenges of Socio-economic Development in Nigeria at 50: Issues and Policy Options

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Grzegorz Górski, Grzegorz Litak, Romuald Mosdorf and Andrzej Rysak

REFERENCES 1. Anjos G.R., Borhani N., Mangiavacchi N., Thome J. R. (2014), A 3D moving mesh Finite Element Method for two-phase flows, Journal of Computational Physics , 270, 366–377. 2. Ansari M.R., Azadi R. (2016), Effect of diameter and axial location on upward gas-liquid two-phase flow patterns in intermediate-scale vertical tubes, Annals of Nuclear Energy , 94, 530–540. 3. Borowiec M., Rysak A., Betts D.H., Bowen C.R., Kim H.A., Litak G. (2014), Complex response of a bistable laminated plate: Multiscale entropy analysis, European

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Zhiqiang Sun and Hui Gong

References [1] Rouhani, S.Z., Sohal, M.S. (1983). Two-phase flow patterns: a review of research results. Prog. Nucl. Energy , 11(3), 219-259. [2] Ramskill, N. P., Wang, M. (2011). Boolean logic analysis for flow regime recognition of gas-liquid horizontal flow. Meas. Sci. Technol. , 22(10), 104016. [3] Baker, O. (1954). Simultaneous flow of oil and gas. Oil Gas J. , 53(2), 185-195. [4] Cheng, L., Ribatski, G., Thome, J.R. (2008). Two-phase flow patterns and flow-pattern maps

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Romuald Mosdorf and Grzegorz Górski

References 1. Chen L., Tian Y.S., Karayiannis T.G. (2006), The effect of tube diameter on vertical two-phase flow regimes in small tubes, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, vol. 49, 4220-4230. 2. Faszczewski M., Górski G., Mosdorf R. (2012), Applying recurrence plots to identify borders between two-phase flow patterns in vertical circular mini channel, Acta Mechanica et Automatica, Vol. 6, No.1, 31-36. 3. Jin N.D., X.B. Nie, Y.Y. Ren, Liu X. B.(2003), Characterization of oil/water two-phase flow

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Zhiqiang Sun, Shuai Shao and Hui Gong

References [1] Rouhani, S.Z., Sohal, M.S. (1983). Two-phase flow patterns: A review of research results. Progress in Nuclear Energy , 11 (3), 219-259. [2] Cheng, L., Ribatski, G., Thome, J.R. (2008). Twophase flow patterns and flow-pattern maps: Fundamentals and applications. Applied Mechanics Reviews , 61 (1), 050802. [3] Sun, Z. (2010). Mass flow measurement of gas-liquid bubble flow with the combined use of a Venturi tube and a vortex flowmeter. Measurement Science and Technology , 21 (5), 055403

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Juraj Bebej, Tomáš Orfánus, Marián Homolák, Meni Ben-Hur, Viliam Pichler and Jozef Capuliak

–738. Capuliak, J., Homolák, M., Aschenbrenner, Š., Ahmed, Y.A.R., Královič, R., 2008. Influence of litter on initial water transport in soil under forest stand. In: Šír, M., Tesař, M., Lichner, Ľ. (Eds.): Hydrologie malého povodí. ČVTS, Prague, pp. 59–66. Capuliak, J., Pichler, V., Flühler, H., Pichlerová, M., Homolák, M., 2010. Beech forest density control on the dominant water flow types in Andic soils. Vadose Zone J., 9, 747–756. Droogers, P., Stein, A., Bouma, J., de Boer, G., 1998. Parameters for describing soil macroporosity derived from staining patterns

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Gašper Rak, Marko Hočevar and Franci Steinman

, Heidelberg, Berlin. Mignot, E., Riviere, N., Perkins, R., Paquier, A., 2008. Flow patterns in a four-branch junction with supercritical flow. J. Hydraul. Eng., 134, 6, 701–713. Murzyn, F., Chanson, H., 2008. Experimental assessment of scale effects affecting two-phase flow properties in hydraulic jumps. Exp. Fluids., 45, 3, 513–521. Murzyn, F., Chanson, H., 2009. Free-surface fluctuations in hydraulic jumps: Experimental observations. Exp. Therm. Fluid Sci., 33, 7, 1055–1064. Peakall, J., Warburton, J., 1996. Surface tension in small hydraulic river

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Surachai Ponglopisit, Tharangrut Hanprasertpong, Alan Geater, Chusana Petpichetchian, Ounjai Kor-anantakula, Roengsak Leetanaporn, Thitima Suntharasaj, Chitkasaem Suwanrath, Ninlapa Pruksanusak, Savitree Pranpanus and Walailak Jitpiboon

Doppler ultrasonography is a modality that has been used for assessment of fetal hemodynamics. The ultrasonography is represented as both qualitative findings and quantitative parameters. The qualitative findings describe the pattern of blood flow such as present, absent and reverse flow, whereas the quantitative parameters are considered as Doppler indices such as the systolic-to-diastolic ratio (S/D), pulsatility index (PI), and resistance index (RI). The kidney is an important organ for intrauterine fetal life. Several reports have described the adaptation

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J. Gonzalez-Trejo, C.A. Real-Ramirez, R. Miranda-Tello, F. Rivera-Perez and F. Cervantes-de-la-Torre

). [7] B.Z. Shen, H.F. Shen, B.C. Liu, ISIJ Int. 47 , 427-432 (2007). [8] B.Z. Shen, H.F. Shen, B.C. Liu, Ironmak Steelmak. 36 , 33-38 (2009). [9] H.F. Shen, B.Z. Shen, B.C. Liu, Steel Res. Int. 78 , 531-535 (2007). [10] R. Miranda, M.A. Barron, J. Barreto, L. Hoyos, J. Gonzalez, ISIJ Int. 45 , 1626-1635 (2005). [11] R.D. Dauby, H. Pierre, AIST Transactions 8 , 152-160 (2011). [12] T.M.J. Kalter, S. Kenjeres, C.R. Kleijn, International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow 2012). [13] Y. Chen, L. Zhang, S. Yang, J. Li, JOM 64 , 1080

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Atsushi Nakanishi, N. Tomaru, H. Yoshimaru, T. Kawahara, T. Manabe and S. Yamamoto

): Exclusion of paternity: the current state of the art. Am J Hum Genet 26: 477-488. CHASE, M. R., C. MOLLER, R. KESSELI and K. S. BAWA (1996): Distant gene flow in tropical trees. Nature 383: 398-399. DOW, B. D. and M. V. ASHLEY (1996): Microsatellite analysis of seed dispersal and parentage of saplings in bur oak, Quercus macrocarpa. Mol Ecol 5: 615-627. DOW, B. D. and M. V. ASHLEY (1998): High levels of gene flow in bur oak revealed by paternity analysis using microsatellites. Journal of Heredity 89: 62