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Vasileios Kagklis, Anthi Karatrantou, Maria Tantoula, Chris T. Panagiotakopoulos and Vassilios S. Verykios

a networked world: New roles and responsibilities. In C. Gibson (Ed.), Distance learners in higher education (pp. 97-112). Madison: Atwood Publishing. 6. Baker, R., & Yacef, K. (2009). The state of educational data mining in 2009: A review and future visions. Journal of Educational Data Mining, 1 (1), 3–17. 7. Berland, M., Baker, R.S., & Blikstein, P. (2014). Educational data mining and learning analytics: Applications to constructionist research. Technology, Knowledge and Learning, 19 (1–2), 205–220. doi:10.1007/s10758-014-9223-7 8. Bradley

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Erman Yukselturk, Serhat Ozekes and Yalın Kılıç Türel

References 1. Allen, I.E. and Seaman, J. (2007). Online nation: Five years of growth in online learning. Needham, MA: Sloan Consortium. 2. Baker, R.S.J.D. (2010). Data Mining for Education. In B. McGaw, P. Peterson, E. Baker (eds.), International Encyclopaedia of Education (3rd edition), (pp. 112-118). Oxford, UK: Elsevier 3. Baker, R. and Siemens, G. (in press). Educational data mining and learning analytics. To appear in Sawyer, K. (ed.), Cambridge Handbook of the Learning Sciences: 2nd Edition

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Dorina Kabakchieva

References 1. Antons, C., E. Maltz. Expanding the Role of Institutional Research at Small Private Universities: A Case Study in Enrollment Management Using Data Mining. - New Directions for Institutional Research, Vol. 131 , 2006, 69-81. 2. Baker, R., K. Yacef. The State of Educational Data Mining in 2009: A Review and Future Visions. - Journal of Educational Data Mining, Vol. 1 , October 2009, Issue 1, 3-17. 3. Chapman, P., et al. CRISP-DM 1.0: Step-by-Step Data Mining Guide 2000. SPSS Inc. CRISPWP

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Maxim Galchenko, Alexander Gushchinsky, Waldemar Izdebski and Jacek Skudlarski

, Bernd Wiswedel - Studies in classification, data analysis, and knowledge organization. knime: the konstanz information miner//Springer, 2007. [4] Taiyun Wei corrplot: Visualization of a correlation matrix. R package version 0.73.//http://CRAN.Rproject. org/package=corrplot. [5] Revelle W. psych: Procedures for Personality and Psychological Research//Northwestern. [6] University, Evanston, Illinois, USA,

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Gabroveanu Mihai

7. References 1. Gabroveanu, M., Diaconescu, I. M., Extracting Semantic Annotations from Moodle Data, Proceedings of the 2nd East European Workshop on Rule-Based Applications (RuleApps 2008) at the 18th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI 2008), pp. 1-5, Patras, Greece, (2008). 2. Agrawal, R., Imielinski, T., Swami, A. N., Mining association rules between sets of items in large databases, Proceedings of the 1993 ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data, Buneman, P., Jajodia, S. eds., ACM Press, pp. 207

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ARS Medica Tomitana

The Journal of "Ovidius" University of Constanta

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Javier Abraham-Curto

, A. 2001. Generic user modeling systems. User modeling and user-adapted interaction, 11 (1), pp. 49. 5. ROMERO, C. 2010. Educational data mining: a review of the state of the art. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part B: Cybernetics, 40 (6), pp. 601. 6. ROMERO, C. and VENTURA, S. 2007. Educational data mining: A survey from 1995 to 2005. Expert Systems with Applications, 33 (1), pp. 135-146. 7. SIEMENS, G. 2010. Learning analytics and educational data mining: towards communication and

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Adrian Besimi and Visar Shehu

References 1. Agresti, A. (2010). Analysis of Ordinal Categorical Data. New Jersey: Wiley. 2. Brijesh Kumar Baradwaj, S. P. (2011). Mining Educational Data to Analyze Students Performance. International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications. 3. Cox, N. J. (2009). Speaking Stata: Creating and varying box plots. 3 (The Stata Journal). 4. Emily H. Thomas, N. G. (2004). What satisfies students? Mining Student-Opinion Data with Regression and Decision Tree Analysis. Research in Higher Education. 5. Luan, J. (2004). Data Mining and