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Russian Vision of the EU in its Interactions with the Neighbourhood

Other’ in A. Gerrits et al. (eds.) The European Union and Russia: Perceptions and Interest in the Shaping of Relations, The Hague: Clingendael Institute, pp. 5-14. Gibson, J. J. (1959), ‘Perception as a Function of Stimulation,’ in S. Koch (ed.) Psychology: a Study of a Science, New York: McGraw-Hill, pp. 456-501. Gomart, T. (2008), EU-Russia Relations: Toward a Way out of Depression, Paris & Brussels: CSIS & IFRI. Retrieved from [accessed 25 Apr 2011] Greenhill, B

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The EU Integration Discourse in the Energy Relations with Russia

References AALTO, P. ed., 2008. The EU-Russian Energy Dialogue: Europe’s Future Energy Security. Ashgate: University of Tampere. ISBN 978-0-7546-4808-6. ADLER, E. 1997. Seizing the Middle Ground: Constructivism in World Politics. European Journal of International Relations. vol. 3, no., pp. 319-363. BAGHAD, G. 2006. Europe´s Energy Security: Challenges and Oportunities. International Affairs. vol. 82, no. 5, pp. 961 - 975. BELIKOVA, M. A.2013. Razvitie otnošenij meždu Rossijej i Evosojuzom v

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Vilnius eastern partnership summit: milestone in EU-Russia relations – not just for Ukraine

References Astrov, V., Havlik, P. and Pindyuk, O. (2012). Trade Integration in the CIS: Alternate Options, Economic Effects and Policy Implications for Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine, wiiw Research Report 381, Vienna: Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies, wiiw. Dabrowski, M. and Taran, S. (2012). The Free Trade Agreement between the EU and Ukraine: Conceptual Background, Economic Context and Potential Impact, CASE Network Studies and Analyses, No. 437. Dreyer, I. (2012). What economic

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Geopolitics Taking the Signature from the Russian-Estonian Border Treaty (2005)

-110. -- (2006), ‘Eesti-Vene piirileping Euroopa Liidu ja Venemaa suhete kontekstis,’ [Estonia-Russia border treaty in the context of EU-Russia relations] Acta Societatis Martensis , no. 2, pp. 233-239. Masaki, H. (2005), “Putin’s Diplomatic Victory in Tokio: Regional Perspective on Russia-Japan Relations,” The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus . Retrieved from [accessed Oct 2013] Nutt, M. (2011), Eesti parlamendi pädevuse kujunemine ja rakendamine välissuhtluses , [Development of

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Ukraine – Dependence Instead of Neutrality

References Gibas-Krzak D., Ukraina między Rosją a Polską [Ukraine between Russia and Poland], Toruń 2005. Kost P., Ukraina wobec Unii Europejskiej 1991-2010 [Ukraine towards the European Union 1991-2010], Toruń 2012. Olszański T., Historia Ukrainy w XX wieku [The History of Ukraine in the 20th Century], Warszawa 1994. Polska i Ukraina w procesach bezpieczeństwa europejskiego [Poland and Ukraine in the Processes of European Security], ed. W. Gizicki, Lublin 2007. Rosja. Ukraina

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Russia between China and the European Union: Friends or Foes?

), ‘Strongmen Still Cast a Long Shadow in China,’ New York Times , 14 Nov 2012. Weitz, R. (2007), ‘China and Russia Hand in Hand: Will it Work?’ Global Asia , vol. 2. - (2008), China-Russia Security Relations : Strategic Parallelism Without Partnership or Passion? Carlisle, PA: Strategic Studies Institute. Xin, C. (2012), ‘The financial crisis and EU-China trade interdependency,’ New Europe , 2 Sep 2012. Retrieved from [accessed Oct 2012

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European Normative Power During Ukrainian-Russian Conflict

Role of the EU . European Community Studies Association, Biennial Conference (2001) // 12. Manners, Ian. “The Concept of Normative power in World Politics.” DIIS BRIEF (May 2009): 1–19. 13. Mälksoo, Lauri. Russian Approaches to International Law . Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015. 14. Nicolaidis, Kalypso, and Robert Howse. “This is my EUtopia ...’: Narrative as Power.” Journal of Common Market Studies Vol. 40, No. 4 (2002): 767–792. 15. Skolimowska, Anna. “The European Union as a ‘Normative Power’ in International Relations

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The Changes of Russia’s Business Strategies and their Influences on Mutual Foreign Trade with the EU during the Economic Crisis

, K. (2011). Position of the Slovak Republic in the Relations between the European Union and the Russian Federation in the Energy Sector. The Warsaw East European Review, 1, 59-76. Eurostat. (2012). Foreign trade EU with Russia. Retrieved October 11, 2012, from Glinkina, S. (2011). Rusko a : partnerstvo pre modernizáciu. In Medzinárodná konferencia za okrúhlym stolom: Dopady krízy v strednej a východnej Európe, 26 May 2011. Bratislava: Národohospodárska fakulta EU. Grinberg, R. (2010

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The Construction of Crisis: The ‘internal‑identitarian’ nexus in Russian‑European relations and its significance beyond the Ukraine crisis

information’, Intersection (2 June): available at (10 June 2015). Casier, Tom (2006): Putin’s Policy Towards the West: Reflections on the Nature of Russian Foreign Policy. International Politics 43: 384-401. Casier, Tom (2007): The clash of integration processes? The shadow effect of the enlarged EU on its Eastern neighbours, in K. Malfliet, L. Verpoest & E. Vinokurov, eds., The CIS, the EU and Russia. The challenges of integration, 73-94, London: Palgrave

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The European Union’s Activity in Regard to the Conflict in Ukraine before the 2014 Presidential Election

or Government on Ukraine. Brussels 6 March 2014 . Web. 8 may 2014 < > EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. “Guide to the Association Agreement.” Web. 31 January 2013 < > Fact Sheet EU-Ukraine Relations Brussels, 29 April 2014, 140429/04. Web. 1 May 2014 < ,1.05.2014> Goldgeier J., The ‘Russia Reset’ Was Already

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