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Eleftherios Makedonas, Sotirios Bellos and Subasat Turan

-325. Dollar D and Kraay A (2002) ‘Growth is good for the poor’, Journal of Economic Growth, 7, 195–225. Dornbusch R (1973) ‘Devaluation, money, and nontraded goods’, The American Economic Review, 63, 871–880. Downing T E (2002)‘Avoiding new poverty: mining-induced displacement and resettlement’, London: The International Institute for Environment and Development – The Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development (MMSD) project. Elbadawi I A, Ghura D and Uwujaren G (1992) ‘World Bank adjustment lending and economic performance in Sub-Saharan Africa in

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Sorin Gabriel Badea and Maria-Cristina Ştefan

Bibliography Badea G.S. (2016) Politici şi strategii macroeconomice , Bibliotheca, Târgovişte Băcescu-Cărbunaru A., Băcescu M. (2008) Dicţionar de macroeconomie , C.H.Beck, Bucharest Blanchard O. (2003) Macroeconomia, iL Mulino, Bologna Chiriţă N., Scarlat E. (1998) Politici Macroeconomice. Teorie şi aplicaţii, Economica, Bucharest Hardwick P., Langmead J., Khan B. (2002) Introducere în economia politică modernă, Polirom, Iași Manolescu G. (1997) Politici economice - concepte, instrumente, experienţe , Economica

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Herba Polonica

From Botanical to Medical Research

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P. Pal-Val, L. Pal-Val, V. Natsik, A. Davydenko and A. Rybalko

References [1] N. Kobelev, E. Kolyvanov, Y. Estrin, Temperature dependence of sound attenuation and shear modulus of ultra fine grained copper produced by equal channel angular pressing, Acta Materialia, 56, 1473-1481 (2008). [2] E.N. Vatazhuk, P.P. Pal-Val, L.N. Pal-Val, V.D. Natsik, M.A. Tikhonovsky, A.A. Kupriyanov, Low-temperature relaxation processes in a Cu-Nb nanostructured fiber composite, Low Temp. Phys. 35, 417-423 (2009). [3] I.S. Golovin, P.P. Pal-Val, L.N. Pal-Val, E.N. Vatazhuk, Y. Estrin, The

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Reylin Maciejewski and Hercules Callanta

., 1: 122-128. 4. Barrault D., B. Achou, R. Sorel (1983) Accidents et incidents survenus au cours des compétitions de judo. Symb., 15: 144-152. 5. Barsottinni D., A.E. Guimaraes, P.R. de Morais (2006) Relationship between techniques and injuries among judo practitioners. Rev. Bras. Med. Esporte, 12: 48e-51e. 6. Beis K., P. Tsaklis, W. Pieter, G. Abatzides (2001) Taekwondo competition injuries in Greek young and adult athletes. Eur. J. Sports Trauma. Relat. Res., 23: 130-136. (Abstract). 7. Caine D.J., C.G. Caine, K.J. Lindner (1996) The epidemiologic approach to

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Marek Pieszka, Piotr Gogol, Mariusz Pietras and Magdalena Pieszka

of some substituted flavonoids. Folia Microbiol., 53: 23-28. AOAC (1995). Association of Official Analytical Chemists. Official Methods of Analysis, 16th ed., Ar­lington, Virginia, USA. Beecher G.R. (2003). Overview of dietary flavonoids: nomenclature and intake. J. Nutr., 13: 3248-3254. Bojarska J.E., Czaplicki S., Zarecka K., Zadernowski R. (2006). Phenolic compounds in selected varieties of strawberry fruit (in Polish). Food Sci. Technol. Quality Suppl., 2: 20-27. Bugaut M. (1987). Occurrence

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Maciej Kostecki, Krystyna Janta-Koszuta, Katarzyna Stahl and Bartosz Łozowski

-101. Zhou, Q, Gibson, Ch.E. & Zhu, Y. (2001). Evaluation of phosphorus bioavailability in sediments of three contrasting lakes in China and the UK, Chemosphere, 42, pp. 221- 225. Recknagel F., Hosomi, M., Fukusima, T. & Kong, D.-S. (1995). Short- and long-term control of external and internal phosphorus loads in lakes - a scenario analysis, Water Research, 29, 7, pp. 1767-1779.

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J. Ray Overton

References 1. Davies, C. N., editor: Aerosol science; Academic Press, New York, 1966, p. 324. 2. Ibid., p. 215. 3. Humphrey, A., and E. Gaden: Ind. Eng. Chem. 47 (1955) 924. 4· Ibid., C. N. Davies, p. 245· 5. Ibid., C. N. Davies, p. 217. 6. Kirsh, A. A., and N. A. Fuks: Colloid }. (USSR) 30 (1968) 630.