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Denis Davydov

. - Czech Polar Reports, 6: 66-79. Davydov D., Patova E., 2018: The diversity of Cyanoprokaryota from freshwater and terrestrial habitats in the Eurasian Arctic and Hypoarctic. - Hydrobiologia, 811(1): 119-138. Dickie G., 1880: On the algae found during the Arctic Expedition. - Bot. J. Linn. Soc., 17: 6-12. Dickson L.G., 2000: Constraints to nitrogen fixation by cryptogamic crusts in a polar desert ecosystem, Devon Island, N.W.T., Canada. - Arctic, Antarctic Alpine Res., 32: 40-45. Elster J., 2002: Ecological

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Ahmad K. Hegazy, Abdelrahman A. Alatar, Jon Lovett-Doust and Hosam A. El-Adawy

., GHALI, N., 1985: On the phenology of desert species of western Mediterranean coastal region of Egypt. International Journal of Ecological and Environmental Science 9, 169-183. BORCHERT, R., 1980: Phenology and ecophysiology of tropical trees: Erythrina poeppigiana O. F. Cook. Ecology 61, 1065-1074. BORCHERT, R., 1994: Soil and stem water storage determine phenology and distribution of tropical dry forest trees. Ecology 75, 1437-1449. BOULOS, L., 1999-2005: Flora of Egypt, 1-4. Al-Hadara Publishing, Cairo

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Mamoon Allan

Press. Qian, J., Zhu, H., & Liu, Y. (2011). Investigating urban migrants’ sense of place through a multi-scalar perspective. Journal of Environmental Psychology , 31(2), 170-183. DOI: 10.1016/j.jenvp.2011.01.002 Reichel, A., Uriely, N., & Shani, A. (2008). Ecotourism and simulated attractions: tourists’ attitudes towards integrated sites in a desert area. Journal of Sustainable Tourism , 16(1), 23–41. DOI: 10.2167/jost711.0 Relph, E. C. (1976). Place and placelessness. Research in planning and design . London: Pion. Ritchie, B. R., & Crouch

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Romuald Schild and Fred Wendorf

- ates, Ho lo cene Set tle ment of the Egyp tian Sa hara. Vol ume I. The Ar chae ol ogy of Nabta Playa , pp. 609-635. Kluwer Ac a - demic/Ple num Pub lish ers, New York. Haynes C. V., Jr., Eyles C. H., Pavlish L. A., Ritchie J. C., Rybak M. 1989. Ho lo cene palaeo ec ol ogy of the east ern Sa hara: Selima Oasis. Qua ter nary Sci ence Re view 8: 109-136. Hester J. J., Hobler P. M. 1969. Pre his toric Set tle ment Pat terns in the Lib yan Desert. Uni ver sity of Utah An thro po log i cal Pa pers No. 92, Nubia Se ries 4. Uni ver sity

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Nimrod Wieler, Yoav Avni, Marcelo Rosensaft and Linda Olsvig-Whittaker

., Yoo, K., and Dietrich, W., (2015). Hillslope soils and vegetation. Geomorphology 234, 122-132. Arkin Y., Braun M., (1965). Type sections of upper Cretaceous formations in the northern Negev (southern Israel) . Israel Geological Survey, Stratigraphic sections 2a. 19 p. Ashkenazi, E., Avni, Y., Avni, G., (2012). A comprehensive characterization of ancient desert agricultural systems in the Negev Highlands of Israel. Journal of Arid Environments , 86, 55-54. Ashkenazi, E., Chen, Y., Avni, Y., Lavee, S., (2014). Fruit trees’ survival ability in an

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Paul Siladi


Ecumenism is a 20th century concept that cannot be directly transposed in the everyday reality of the Desert Fathers, but the authority of the desert ascetics is still crucial to the monastic milieu of the Orthodox Church as well as other denominations. For this very reason, the present paper intends to investigate the stories recorded in the alphabetical collection of the Egyptian Paterikon in order to understand to what extent they may actually offer a guide to the complex relations with the Other. How do these stories illustrate denominational or even religious alterity? What types of rapports can one identify therein? Rejection? Separation? Acceptance of the other’s difference? These are all legitimate questions and their significance is amplified in the context of our times – a period in which we see an increase in fundamentalist movements and tendencies, including in the Orthodox community.

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Ian Smalley, John Marshall, Kathryn Fitzsimmons, W. Brian Whalley and Samson Ngambi

References Assallay, A.M., Rogers, C.D.F. & Smalley, I.J., 1998. Silt: 2–62 μm, 9–4φ. Earth-Science Reviews 45, 61–88. Brewer, R., 1964. Fabric and Mineral Analysis of Soils . Wiley, New York, 470 pp. Brewer, R., 1968. Clay illuviation as a factor in particle-size differentiation in soil profiles. Transactions of 9 th International Congress of Soil Science 4, 489–499. Bullard, J.E. & Livingstone, I., 2009. Dust. [In:] A.J. Parsons & A.D. Abrahams (Eds): Geomorphology of Desert Environments , Springer, Dordrecht, 629

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Giora J. Kidron

References Bertoni, J., Larson, W.E., Shrader, W.D., 1958. Determination of infiltration rates on Marshall silt loam from runoff and rainfall records. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. Proc., 22, 571-575. Blackburn, W.H., 1975. Factors influencing infiltration and sediment production of semiarid range lands in Nevada. Water Resour. Res., 11, 929-937. Breckle, S.-W., Yair, A., Veste, M. (Eds.), 2008. Arid Dune Ecosystems-The Nizzana Sands in the Negev Desert. Ecological Studies 200, Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York

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Piotr Migoń and Andrew Goudie

stratigraphic problems; a case study from the Disi Sandstone (Early Ordovician) and the Kurnub Sandstone (Early Cretaceous) of Jordan. Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie, Monatshefte 4: 205-222. Debossens G., 2000. Rock bridges of the Wadi Rum desert. In: The Natural Arch and Bridge Society website; http:// [access date: 01-07-2014] Goudie A., Migon P., Allison R.J., Rosser N., 2002. Sandstone geomorphology of the Al Quwayra area of south Jordan. Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie N. F. 46: 365

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Linda Olsvig-Whittaker, Margareta Walczak, David Jobse and Bertrand Boeken

for monitoring biodiversity in protected areas of a developing country. Biodivers Conserv 9: pp. 1671-1705 Danin, A. (1983). Desert Vegetation of Israel and Sinai . Cana Publishing House, Jerusalem Evenari, M., Shanan, L., Tadmor, N. (1982). The Negev: The Challenge of a Desert . 2nd edition. Harvard University Press, Cambridge Franklin, J.F. (1993). Preserving Biodiversity: Species, Ecosystems, or Landscapes? Ecol Appl 3: pp. 202-205 Gaston, K.J. (1994). Rarity. Population and Community Biology