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Mihaela Bucatariu, Alexandra Iulia Nicolescu and Alexandru Taşnadi

References (n/a). Top Sites in Romania, Retrieved from . Andrei, T., Iacob, A.I., Stancu, S., Tușa, E. (2008). “Introduction to econometrics using EViews”, Economic Publishing House, Bucharest, pp. 49 – 83. Andrei, T., Bourbonnais, R. (2008), “Econometrics”, Economic Publishing House, Bucharest, pp. 17-74. Hoyer, W.D., Maclnnis, D.J. and Pieters, R. (2008). “Consumer Behavior”, South-Western, Sixth Edition, pp. 1 – 21. Cătoiu, I., Teodorescu, N. (1997). Consumer Behavior– Theory

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Katarzyna Kulczyńska

consumer behaviour: A Poland-Germany comparative analysis - in Polish). In: Barczyk, R. editor, Rozwój gospodarczy i rozwój przedsiębiorstw na pograniczu polsko-niemieckim w procesie integracji Polski z Unią Europejską , Poznań: Akademia Ekonomiczna, pp. 250‒315. Brańka, T., 2009: Tornio-Haparanda. A Unique Result of Neighboring Towns’ Collaboration. In: Jańczak, J. editor, Conflict and Cooperation In Divided Cities , Berlin: Logos Verlag, pp. 191‒204. Brol, R., 2004: Zgorzelec/Gorlitz - miasto transgraniczne w Unii Europejskiej

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Luigi Dumitrescu and Mircea Fuciu

References Anghelescu. C., Jula, D., Cetină, I., (1981) Dezvoltarea serviciilor pentru populație și timpul liber, București. Bessom, R., Jackson, D.W. (1975) Services Retailing - a strategic marketing approach, Journal of Retailing, no. 8 / 1975; Blois, R.J., (1974) The marketing of services an apporach, European Journal of Marketing, no. 8, p. 137; Blythe J., (2007) The essence of Consumer Behaviour, Prentice Hall Publishing, London Cătoiu, I., Teodorescu, N., (2004

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Corina Pelau, Daniela Serban and Alexandra Catalina Chinie

Individual Differences, 21(2), 303-307 Gohary, A.; Hanzaee, K.H. (2014). Personality Traits as Predictors of Shopping Motivations and Behaviors: A Canonical Correlation Analysis, Arab Economics and Business Journal, 9, 166-174 Gunter, B.; Furnham, A. (2014). Consumer Profiles (RLE Consumer Behaviour): An Introduction to Psychographics, Routledge, London, New York Haugtvedt, C.P.; Petty, R.E.; Cacioppo, J.T. (1992). Need for Cognition and Advertising: Understanding the Role of Personality Variables in Consumer Behavior

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Tanja Rihtaršič and Matjaž Rihtaršič

Literature 1. BRIKMANN, JOHANNES. (2004) Looking at consumer behavior in a moral perspective. Journal of Busineess Ethics. 51 (2), page 129–141. 2. BRITTON, J. CATHRYN (1996) Learning about »the curse« An Antropological Perspective 3. BROWNE, ANGELA W. and PHIL J. C. HARRIS, ANNA H. HOFNY-COLLINS, NICK M. PASIECZNIK, AND R. R. WALLACE. (2000). Organic Production and Ethical Trade: Definition. Practice and Links. Food Policy. 25 (1), page 69–89. 4. BYRNE, M. BARBARA. 2010. Structural equation Modeling with AMOS: Basic concepts

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Mihai Tichindelean

of Relational Benefits and Relationship Quality, Journal of Services Research, Vol. 4. Kotler, Ph., Kartajaya, H., Setiawan, I., (2010) From Products to Customers to the Human Spirit. Marketing 3.0., John Wiley & Sons, New Jersey. Kuhn T., (2008), Structura revoluțiilor științifice, Editura Humanitas. Oliver, R.L., (1997), Satisafaction: A Behavioral Perspective on the Consumer, New York: Irwin/McGraw-Hill. Oliver, R.L., (1999), Whence Consumer Loyalty?, Journal of Marketing, Vol. 63, No. 4

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Jana Švecová and Pavla Odehnalová

References AHMED, R., & RAHMAN, K. (2015). Understanding the consumer behaviour towards organic food: a study of the Bangladesh market. IOSR Journal of Business and Management , 17 (4), 49-64. DOI: 10.9790/487X-17464964 ALLEN, G. J., & ALBALA, K. (Eds.). (2007). The business of food: encyclopedia of the food and drink industries . Conn.: Greenwood Press. ISBN 03-133-3725-X AJZEN, I. (1991). The theory of planned behavior. Organizational behavior and human decision processes , 50(2), 179-211.DOI: 10.1016/0749-5978(91)90020-T AJZEN, I

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Timokhina Galina, Taylan Urkmez and Wagner Ralf

Markets & Culture 14 (3): 217-222. Bagozzi, R. P., Yi, Y. and Phillips, L. W. 1991. Assessing construct validity in organizational research. Administrative Science Quarterly: 421-458. Bos, W. and Tarnai, C. 1999. Content analysis in empirical social research. International Journal of Educational Research 31 (8): 659-671. Boachie-Mensah, F. and Boohene, R. 2012. A review of crosscultural variations in consumer behaviour and marketing strategy. International Business and Management 5 (2): 122-129. Budeva, D

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Shimon Elbaz and Adriana Zaiţ

. The role of behavioural economics in energy and climate policy. EPRG Working Paper, 1130, 1-29. doi: Poortinga, W., Steg, L., and Vlek, C., 2004. Values, Environmental Concern, and Environmental BehaviorA Study into Household Energy Use. Environment and Behavior, 36(1), 70-93. doi: Ratner, R. K., Soman, D., Zauberman, G., Ariely, D., Carmon, Z., Keller, P. A., and Kim, B. K., 2008. How behavioral decision research can enhance consumer welfare: From freedom

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Zala Žurga, Aleš Hladnik and Petra Forte Tavčer

Consumer Sciences, Winter, 41-44. [19] Nordlund, A. M., Garvill J. (2002). Value structures behind proenvironmental behaviour. Environment and Behavior 34, 740-756. [20] Blake, D. E. (2001). Contextual effects of environmental attitudes and behaviours. Environment and Behaviour 33, 708-725. [21] Tanner C. (1999). Constraints on environmental behaviour. Journal of Environmental Psychology 19, 145-157. [22] Hiller Connell K. Y. (2010). Internal and external barriers to eco-conscious apparel acquisition