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James Underwood and Marta Kowalczuk-Walędziak

technology to build a community of practice: Pre-service teachers’ and digital storytelling in South Africa. International Journal of Educa­tion and Development Using Information and Communication Technology, 9(3), 17-27. Chiriac, M., Masari, G., Ostafe, L., & Seghedin, E. (2014). Teacher leadership: An alternative approach to teachers’ professional development in Romania, a paper presented in the symposium: ‘Changing teacher professionality: research and practical interventions in Europe and beyond’ at ECER 2014, Porto 2nd-5th September

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Grzegorz Zębik

: Infrastruktura i ekologia terenów wiejskich , Nr 4, Kraków: PAN, pp. 149-165. Goodwill, J. and Hendricks, S. 2002: Building Transit Oriented Development in Established Communities, Tampa: Center for Urban Transportation Research, USF. Główny Urząd Statystyczny (GUS) - Central Statistical Office of Poland (Warsaw): Jakóbczyk-Gryszkiewicz, J. 1998: Przeobrażenia strefy podmiejskiej dużych miast: studium porównawcze strefy podmiejskiej Warszawy, Łodzi

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M. Brmež, M. Ivezić and E. Raspudić

–62 [8] Bongers, T., van der Meulen, H., Korthals, G. W. (1997): Inverse relationship between the nematode maturity index and plant parasite index under enriched nutrient conditions. Appl. Soil Ecol., 6: 195–199 [9] Bongers, T., Ferris, H. (1999): Nematode community structure as a bioindicator in environmental monitoring. Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 14: 224–228 [10] Ferris, H., Matute, M. M. (2003): Structural and

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Angela Curtean-Bănăduc and Adina Nicoleta Farcaş

References 1. Abdul-Aziz O. I., Wilson B. N. and Gulliver J. S., 2010 - Two-zone model for stream and river ecosystems, Hydrobiologia, 638, 85-107. 2. Allan D. J., 1995 - Stream Ecology. Structure and function of running waters, Chapman and Hall. 3. Aura C. M., Raburu P. O., Herrmann J., 2011 - Macroinvertebrates’ community structure in Rivers Kipkaren and Sosiani, Kenya, Journal of Ecology and the Natural Environment. 3, 2, 39-46. 4 Badea L., (coord.), 1983 - Geografia României, I, Geografia Fizică, Edit

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Andrzej Kownacki

. Ecology and biogeography of the Diamesa stainboecki group. Acta Univ. Carolinae - Biologica 1-2: 95-102. Kownacki A. 1985. Effect of droughts on the invertebrate communities of high mountain streams. Verh. Internat. Verein. Limnol. 22: 2069-2072. Kownacki A. 1991. Zonal distribution and classification of the invertebrate communities in high mountain streams in South Tirol (Italy). Verh Internat. Verein. Limnol. 24: 2010-2014. Kownacka M., Kownacki A. 1972. Vertical distribution of

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A. Čerevková

seasonal changes of soil nematode community in a South Bohemian meadow. Acta Soc. Zool. Bohem., 60: 103–114 [5] Háněl, L. (2003): Recovery of soil nematode populations from cropping stress by natural secondary succession to meadow land. Appl. Soil Ecol., 22: 255–270 [6] Lišková, M., Čerevková, A. (2005): Nematode communities of river banks and adjacent meadows in the Slovak Republic. Helminthologia, 42: 223–232 [7] Renčo, M. (2002): Seasonal

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M. Galdón, V. Roca, D. Barbosa and M. Carretero

[1] Aho, J. M. (1990): Helminth communities of amphibians and reptiles: Comparative approaches to understanding patterns and processes. In Esch, G., Bush, A. and Aho, J. (Eds): Parasite communities: patterns and processes. Chapman and Hall, London [2] Barbosa, D., Desfilis, E., Carretero, M. A., Font, E. (2005): Chemical stimuli mediate species recognition in Podarcis wall lizards. Amphibia-Reptilia, 26 [3] Bush, A. O., Laferty, K. D., Loft, J. M., Shostak, A. W. (1997): Parasitology

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M. Lišková and M. Renčo

population of the soil. Agric. Tech. Circ. Bur. Pl. Ind. U.S. Dep. Agric., 1. [7] Čerevková, A. (2006): Nematode communities in three types of grassland in the Slovak Republic. Helminthologia, 43: 171–176 [8] Eppler, A. (1999): Die Fauna des Hopfens. Proceedings 51st international symposium on crop protection, Gent, Belgium. Universiteit Gent, 64: 133–147 [9] Ferris, V. R., Ferris, J. M. (1974): Inter-relationships between nematode and plant

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Grzegorz Kopij

) : Comparative analysis of breeding bird communities in two parks of Wrocław and in an adjacent Querco-Carpinetum forest. − Acta orn. 16: 117-177.

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Ioan Fotea, G. Ioan Pop, Sebastian Vaduva and Silvia Fotea

-166, (2006). 4. Nicolescu, B., Transdisciplinarity - Theory and Practice (Ed.), Hampton Press, Cresskill, NJ, USA, (2008). 5. Pop, I.G., Considerations about the Transdisciplinary Approach of the Mechatronics in the Knowledge Based Society , in Mechatronics, doctoral research, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, (2011). 6. Boland Jr, R.J., Tenkasi, R.V., Perspective making and perspective taking in communities of knowing, Organization Science , Vol. 6, No. 4, pp. 350-372, (1995). 7. Klein, Julie Thompson, Humanities, Culture, And Interdisciplinarity: The