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Comparison of Visual and Digital Color Measurement Methods on Anterior Natural Teeth

IA. Intrarater repeatability of shade selections with two shade guides. J Prosthet Dent, 2003;89:50-53. 6. Havwood VB, Leonard RH, Nelson CF, Brunson WD. Effectiveness, side effects and long term status of night guard vital bleaching. J Am Dent Assoc, 1994;125:1219-1226. 7. Seghi RR, Johnston WM, O’Brien WJ. Performance assesment of colorimetric devices on dental porcelains J Dent Res, 1989;68:1755-1759. 8. Goodkind RJ, Keenan KM, Schwabacher WB. A comparison of chromascan and spectrophotometric color measurements of 100 natural teeth. J Prosthet

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Digieye Application In Cotton Colour Measurement

References [1] Adamczyk P., Rutowicz J., Frydrych I., Comparative Analysis of Results Obtained from Devices: Macbeth & DigiEye, International Conference STRUTEX’2012, Liberec Czech Republic, 2012. [2] Aspland J. R., Williams S. A., The Effect of Cotton Grade on the Colour Yield of Dyed Goods, Textile Chem. Colour 23 (2), 1999, pp. 23 - 25. [3] Berns S. R., Billmeyer and Saltzman’s principles of colour technology (3 rd edition) New York, 2000, A Wiley – Interscience. [4] Buriyev R. A., Ustyugin V.E., Production, Classification and

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Examination of Natural Tooth Color Distribution Using Visual and Instrumental Shade Selection Methods

matching errors among five shade guides. J Oral Rehabil, 2009; 36:65-70. 33. Cho BH, Lim YK, Lee YK. Comparison of the color of natural teeth measured by a colorimeter and Shade Vision System. Dent Mater, 2007; 23:1307-1312. 34. Hasegawa A, Ikeda I, Kawaguchi S. Color and translucency of in vivo natural central incisors. J Prosthet Dent, 2000; 83:418-423. 35. Russell MD, Gulfraz M, Moss BW. In vivo measurement of colour changes in natural teeth. J Oral Rehabil, 2000; 27:786-792. 36. Jahangiri L, Reinhardt

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A comparison of anterior teeth color among Polish, Saudi and Taiwanese students of dentistry

. 5. Gozalo-Diaz DJ, Lindsey DT, Johnston WM, Wee AG. Measurement of color for craniofacial structures using a 45/0-degree optical configuration. J Prosthet Dent. 2007;97:45-53. 6. van der Burgt TP, ten Bosch JJ, Borsboom PC, Kortsmit WJ. A comparison of new and conventional methods for quantification of tooth color. J Prosthet Dent. 1990;63:155-62. 7. Gómez-Polo C, Gómez-Polo M, Celemín-Viñuela A, Martínez Vázquez De Parga JA. Study of the shade tabs of the toothguide 3D master through cluster analysis. Color Res Appl. 2014

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An Experiment to Prove the Effect of Low-Level Magnetic Fields Resulting from Ionospheric Changes on Humans

R eferences [1] Ferris, J. (2010). The brain generates an electric field that influences its own activity. Scientific American Mind , 21 (10). [2] Unakafov, A. (2009). Analysis and modeling of the galvanic skin response spontaneous component in the context of intelligent biofeedback systems development. Measurement Science Review , 9 (2), 36-41. [3] Surkov, V., Hayakawa, M. (2014). Ultra and Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields. Springer. [4] International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). (2009

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Photoluminescence of Neutron-Irradiated LiF Single Crystals

preliminary investigation of their spectral and spatial properties by confocal and atomic microscopies. J. Opt. A: Pure Appl. Opt. , (10), 104023. Baldacchini, G., & Montereali, R. M. (2001). New perspectives of coloured LiF for optoelectronic devices. Optical Materials, 16. Montereali, R. M., & Piccinini, M. (2002). Optical gain of F 2 colour centres in LiF confining structures realised by electron-beam lithography. Optics Communications, 209 , 201-208. Bonfigli, F., Jacquier, B., Montereali

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Supervision of measuring equipment based on risk management and ISO 9001

Warszawa. Zelenkova, M.V., Skripka V.L., 2015. Prospects for Improving Calibration Techniques using a Measurement Reduction Apparatus. Measurement Techniques, 58(5), 491–495. Zhou, C, Wang, Y, Qiao, C, Dai, W., 2016. Calibration Method of an Ultra-sonic System for Temperature Measurement . PLoS ONE 11(10), Zwinkels J.C., 1996. Colour-measuring instruments and their calibration Displays . Elsevier, 16(4), 163-171.

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Measurement strategy as a determinant of the measurement uncertainty of an optical scanner

Dimensional Metrology. Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2013 [11] Haddadi Y., Bahrami G., Isidor F., Effect of software version on the accuracy on an intraoral scanning device, International Journal of Prosthodontics, 31, 2018, 375-376. [12] Mendricky R., Analysis of measurement accuracy of contactless 3D optical scanners, Science Journal, 2015, 711-716. [13] Patil A.K., Kumar G.A., Kim T.H., Chai Y.H., Hybrid approach for alignment of a pre-processed three-dimensional point cloud, video, and CAD model using partial point cloud in retrofitting applications

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Improvement of Traceability of Widely-Defined Measurements in the Field of Humanities

.html Oelmann, H., Laeng, B. (2009). The emotional meaning of harmonic intervals. Cognitive Processing , 10 (2), 113-131. Elkin, V. (2000). Curative (Medical) Magic of Music: Harmony of Colour and Sound in Therapy of a Disease. St. Petersburg: Respeks. Wikipedia: Tonality. Taymanov, R. (1977). Calculation of the amplitude spectrum of combination waves. Non-linear distortions in receiving-amplifying devices. In Proceedings of the First All-union Symposium

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Selected Issues Concerning Degradation of Material in the Production of Injection Molded Plastic Components

REFERENCES 1. Al-Salem SM, Lettieri P, Baeyens J. (2010), Recycling and recovery routes of plastic solid waste (PSW): A review, Waste Management , 29, 2625-2643. 2. Badia J.D., Francisco V., Sigbritt K., Ribes-Greus A. (2009), Thermal analysis as a quality tool for assessing the influence of thermo-mechanical degradation on recycled poly(ethylene terephthalate), P olymer Testing , 28(2), 169–175. 3. Botos J., Murail N., Heidemeyer P., Kretschmer K., Ulmer B., Zentgraf T., Bastian M., Hochrein T. (2014), Color Measurement of Plastics

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